41st Annual Benefit— November 12th
Building Bridges, Not Barriers: Redefining Security

At a time when our nation will still be reeling from the recent election, as the world battles pandemic, climate catastrophe, and widespread war, we must all bring a critical and creative eye to rethink what security really entails.

Thursday, November 12th, 2020


We are thrilled to have a progressive champion, U.S. Congressman Ro Khanna, who  serves on the Budget, Oversight and Reform, and Armed Services committees, share  his thoughts with us at this critical juncture. At a time when our nation struggles to  find comity & leadership, and the world battles pandemic, climate catastrophe, and  endless conflict, we must all bring a critical and creative eye to rethink what true  security entails. No matter the outcome of November’s election, we, as proponents  of justice and peace, can not afford to sit on the sidelines. With nearly uncontested  bipartisan support of the Pentagon’s $690 billion budget and plans to spend a trillion  dollars on modernizing the US nuclear arsenal over the next thirty years, we must be  prepared to call for bold steps to Redefine Security. 

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Congressman Ro Khanna represents California’s 17th Congressional District, located in the heart of  Silicon Valley, and is serving in his second term. In his past two years in congress, he has been an outspoken leader on progressive foreign policy. He led the bipartisan 

efforts to reassert congressional authority over war and peace through the Yemen and Iran war powers resolutions. Rep. Khanna is first vice chair of the Congressional Progressive 

Caucus and also serves as an Assistant Whip for the Democratic Caucus. He served in President Obama’s administration as Deputy Assistant Secretary at the U.S. Department of Commerce. Rep. Khanna believes that the US should be a leader on human rights and democracy  through diplomacy, economic aid, and cultural influences. He believes that over-employment of war and force often backfire, do not keep us safe, nor promote democratic ideals. He seeks to continue promoting the idea that our current aggressive tactics are not effective, and our nation needs a progressive approach to foreign policy. 


Catherine Buntin, MS., MPH., is a retired Public Health Nurse. Catherine joined the  North Suburban Peace Initiative in 2002  as we went to war in Iraq. She developed speaking materials on the effects of Depleted Uranium Weapons by the U.S. military. She worked with colleagues at UIC to coordinate anti-war programs for health professionals on the effects of the war and the moral imperative for resistance. In 2014, she joined The People’s Lobby, a local organization that focuses on poverty, racism and incarceration. She is co-chair of the CAPA Climate Group, a committee focused on  the mitigation of climate warming. Catherine  promotes seniors collaborating with millennials to resist policies that threaten global security, quality of life and policy issues related to civil liberties. She says, “What  keeps me motivated is a focus on the needs of the children of tomorrow!  They deserve our time and persistence to protect the laws, democracy,  and ecology we have been so fortunate to inherit!”

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Andy and Rich Amend,
Bill and Cele Arnold,
Hon. Daniel Biss,
Martha Cray,
Rep. Robyn Gabel,
James Gibbs,
Jack and Maureen Kelly,
Jerry and Jackie Kendall,
Richard Nordstrom,
Michael Peshkin,
Bob and Maryanne Savard,
Larry Suffredin & Gloria Callaci,
Phyllis Tholin,
Dilnaz Waraich

Thursday, November 12th

6:00  Program Begins
6:15  Digital Cocktail Conversation
6:45  Keynote followed by Q&A
7:15  Breakout Rooms
7:30  Event Concludes


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