Since 2015, the Saudi led, and US and UK assisted, campign in Yemen has reached epic proportions of genocide. The US arms supply have directly contributed to the indiscriminate blockading and airstrikes of Yemeni civilians which has led to mass starvation and disease – with 130 children dying daily. CAPA works with lawmakers and organizations across the country to end our weapons sales and pressure Saudi Arabia to cease. 


$1.2 trillion over 30 years for an aging nuclear arsenal. Over 50% of US yearly Discretionary Budget for an over-sized military.Meanwhile schools, healthcare and our infrastructure crumble and our intellectual and economic advantage slip by the day. Join CAPA to end US foreign policy’s reliance on an over-budgeted military and Cold War era nuclear weapons program.


As ocean levels increase, swaths of the planet dry up, and extreme storms batter population centers, the danger and possibility of conflict around the world rises. CAPA recognizes the relation between climate change and the future of peace. Urgent action must be taken to address, adapt to, and fight the effects of climate change. 


Dependency on a militaristic foreign policy and a disregard for our impact on the climate will hurt future generations the most. CAPA works to empower the next wave of leaders by providing them the necessary tools and resources that will allow them to challenge the status quo.