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 Saturday, May 22nd from 11:00— 11:45am CST

Activism 101 with Danaka Katovich

Danaka Katovich, CODEPINK’s Yemen Campaign and Youth Outreach Coordinator will be speaking on the basics of organizing. She will cover one on one meetings, setting demands, setting goals, and coalition building.

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Unarmed Civilian Protection Tactics with Nonviolent Peaceforce

Marna Anderson, the Director of Nonviolent Peaceforce USA, will be speaking about using unarmed civilian protection methods in the U.S. and abroad and how we can reimagine safety and security. 

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Kelly Curry

Building A Local Peace Economy with Kelly Curry: Grounding Ourselves Through This Tumult

Fortifying our activism and inner strength through the intensity of uncertain and tumultuous times. What’s building a Local Peace Economy have to do with it?!”
Grassroots Discussion on the importance of our own personal inner grounding as we endeavor to grow & nurture community resources that call in love, hope, freedom, healing and equity as we deal with the ongoing tyrannies of colonization, White Supremacy & War Economy.

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Lobby Visit Training

Legislators regularly tell us that meetings with constituents have the biggest impact on the actions they take in office. Lobby meetings should be a regular part of strategic advocacy, and experienced lobbyists, Hassan El Tayyab of FCNL, and Lizzie Turner of CAPA, are here to help you learn the ins and outs to prepare for your own lobby meetings! We’ll review how to set-up and plan for your lobby meeting and give attendees the chance to role-play their lobby meeting.

 In this training, we’ll be role-playing an ask for a 10% cut to the Pentagon budget. You can use this training to prepare for a meeting with your legislators to make that same request, or you can utilize the skills you learn to plan and execute a lobby meeting on a different topic.

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Building Coalition and Solidarity: Projects and Practices of the Women’s Center and WGS at DePaul

In this session, members of the Women’s Center and WGS Department will share values, ideas and strategies we draw from as we seek to build relationships that support accountability, coalition, and solidarity for social change and transformation. We will focus on building through and across the power lines created by capitalism, white supremacy, heteropatriarchy and heteronormativity, imperialism, ableism and other systems of oppression and violence.

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Education Not Militarization – Defend Indigenous Schools in the Philippines! 

Nine out of ten Lumad (Indigenous) children in the Philippines have no access to education. To address this need, the Save Our Schools (SOS) Network helped establish schools that make free and accessible education a reality for Indigenous communities – teaching subjects such as language, history, math, agriculture, and the right to their ancestral lands.
Yet, the Philippine government sees these schools as a threat. Philippine President Duterte continues to call for the closure, destruction, and bombing of the schools. Over 200 Lumad schools have been forcibly closed under his regime, and countless Indigenous leaders were assassinated by government forces. $550 million U.S. tax dollars funds this bloodshed in the Philippines. 

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 Sunday, May 23rd from 11:10— 11:55am CST 

Kingian Nonviolence Principles with Chicago’s Addie Wyatt Center

The mission of the Addie Wyatt Center for Nonviolence Training (AWC) is to engage and empower communities with the philosophy and methodology of Kingian Nonviolence, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s approach to nonviolent conflict reconciliation. Learn from their skilled team of facilitators about Kinginan Nonviolence Principles at this breakout!

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Beautiful Trouble Strategic Campaign Design Workshop 

This workshop will be a high-level overview of the makings of effective, creative campaigns. We will focus on exploring a suite of tools for campaign development – all available for further exploration in the free, online Beautiful Trouble Toolbox.

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Department of Peacebuilding Campaign Presentation

How we strive to co-create the beloved community in our teams advocating for a cabinet-level Department of Peacebuilding–transforming ourselves, our communities and our government toward a culture of peace.

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Creating Organizing Spaces that Don’t Lead to Burnout Panel

The topic of burnout has become a growing point of conversation, especially in the pandemic world. We often see self care lists that include things like mediation, taking time-off, saying no— all important things, but also all things that put the burden of doing something to prevent burnout on those that are often overworked. It’s time for organizations and leaders to start asking themselves what they can be doing to create an environment that doesn’t lead to burnout. 


  • Kathleen DillonPh.D. Student and Instructor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Disability Activist, Community Organizer
  • Ebony DeBerry— Community Organizer for Education with One Northside, mom to teen son Caleb, an organizer in his own right, lifelong Rogers Park resident, former CPS teacher and youth worker, restorative healing conversations practitioner, devoted to the development and leadership capacity of Women of Color in my community.
  • Leah Bae— Co-Founder of The Burnout Project
  • Nancy Bartekian— Founder of SWANA Chicago  

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Menu for Breakout session #3

 Sunday, May 23rd from 12:00— 12:45pm CST 

Activism Through Pop Culture with Frank Dorrel, the publisher of Addicted to War, and Emily Dorrel, CODEPINK’s Social Media and Communications Director

This breakout room will focus on distilling and disseminating challenging and complex information to be accessible to a wide range of audiences. Frank will discuss his work publishing the illustrated expose, Addicted to War, and how he’s sought to get it into homes and classrooms across the US and the world. He’ll also discuss his compilation film, What I’ve Learned About US Foreign Policy, and his work compiling and curating works from great activists as a tool for teaching foreign policy. Emily will discuss her work as CODEPINK’s social media communications director, and the methods through which she presents foreign policy issues in an engaging, concise, and easily digestible way for social media audiences.

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PARC media

Community Organizing Workshop with Vincent Emanuele of PARC- Politics Art Roots Culture

Politics is about power. And right now, ordinary people have very little. Over the past four years, Vincent Emanuele has been organizing in Michigan City, Indiana, a deindustrialized city that’s been ravaged by Neoliberal economic policies, the War on Drugs, and over-policing. In 2017, Vince and Sergio Kochergin opened P.A.R.C. | Politics Art Roots Culture, a community center and organizing space that’s hosted hundreds of events ranging from political organizing workshops and live music performances to poetry readings, felony expungement workshops, soup kitchens, documentary film screenings, community barbeques, art installations, and much more. Vince will talk about the methods and approaches they use in Michigan City, Indiana. 

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Moving Beyond an Us vs Them Perspective with Peace Journalist Robert C Koehler

In this breakout, Robert will address questions such as— what is Restorative Justice? What is a peace circle? How do they fit into a transcendent future? He will review excerpts from his work “Power With, Power Over”; talk about his book project, which is about moving, at an institutional as well as a personal level, beyond a belief in domination, violence and punishment to connection, empathy and healing; then open things up to a Q&A discussion.

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kathy kelly

Kathy Kelly on Why We Need to Ban Killer Drones 

Kathy Kelly will talk about experiences living in lands where weaponized drones fire at civilians who also experience trauma because of constant drone surveillance. Noting increasing use of drones by police and military groups in the U.S., this breakout session will consider campaigns for an international treaty to ban weaponized drones and also prohibit police and military use of drone surveillance.

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CAPA’s Defund the Pentagon Campaign Presentation

CAPA is advocating for a 10% cut to the bloated military budget for next year’s National Defense Authorization Act. Join this breakout to learn why we need to defund the Pentagon, learn about the campaign, and how you can get involved!

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