Laugh While It's Still Legal

Friday, April 26 - (Doors open at 6:15pm) MacLeish Hall, Lake Street Church, Evanston IL, 60201

We invite you to join us to

Laugh While It’s Still Legal

Satire and Social Commentary 

Featuring Tom Neilson
with Lynn Waldron 

Awards and Accolades
– 2007/09 Winner, South FL & Kerrville Folk Festivals
– 2015 UN Nelson Mandela Award for Lifetime Achievement in Peace & Justice, nomination
– 2017 Arab American Women Award
– 2018, 15, 11, Great Labor Arts Awards
– 2019 IMA, Song of the Year
– 2021 JPF CD of the Year

“Tom’s global sophistication put into performance art is extraordinary.” – Kathy Hersh, Miami Friends

“If you haven’t heard Tom’s slant on social justice and current events, you are missing a treat!” – Amarillo UU

“Does a great job of reminding people of what is really important & the power of folk music to say it.” – WLRN, Miami, FL


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