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Repost from Summer 2018

As I’m sure you know, 73 years ago, with the ok from Harry Truman 2 silver rockets were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In a flash of light Japan and the world changed forever. With your support, we are sending our Policy and Organizing Director Hassan El-Tayyab to Hiroshima and Nagasaki to represent CAPA and Peace Action. He has been asked to give speeches at Gensuiken’s International Symposium happening 8/1 through 8/9.

On behalf of CAPA’s members and the members of Peace Action all over the country, Hassan will say what President Obama did not when he had the chance two years ago at Hiroshima. We are sorry for the terrible choices that led to this humanitarian disaster. We are sorry for the hundred of thousands that died and for those that still suffer. We are sorry our country has never formally apologized for this tragedy. In his speech Hassan will also give the attendees at the conference an update about the American political landscape, American nuclear policy, our 2018 nuclear posture review, denuclearization in North East Asia, and what the peace movement in America is doing. Check our social media pages and our website for updates on his trip and a live stream of his speech.

Our work as peace activists is to make sure that nuclear weapons are never used in force again. CAPA will never stop working at it as long as our doors are open. If you could, please support our nuclear abolition work and Hassan’s trip to Japan by becoming a monthly sustainer at $20.18 per month or by making a one-time donation of $218.Thanks so much for the time and thanks for helping us make the world a safer and more peaceful place!

  • The CAPA Board

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