May 1st, 2024 – 6p – Get Out the Vote effort at Evanston Public Library 

Join Chicago Area Peace Action (CAPA) for a Get Out the Vote writing workshop on May 1st at Evanston Public Library! We will get out our pens and show you how to join the efforts of our partners VoteForward and Indivisible in writing letters and postcards to voters in battleground states — think Michigan and Wisconsin.

We’ll write together all summer and mail out in October. Join our team of writers. Bring a pen and bring a friend!

Wed., May 1st, 6-8PM, Evanston Public Library, Falcon Room (3rd floor)

April 26th, 2024 – 7p – MacLeish Hall, Lake Street Church
Peace Concert “Laugh While It’s Still Legal” 

Satire and Social Commentary with Tom Neilson

Click here for more details

April 20th, 2024: Earth Day Fest 

Join CAPA and friends as we celebrate Earth Day Fest, from 12 to 3 p.m. on Saturday, April 20th, 2024. As the Ecology Center is undergoing renovations, the event will occur at Ingraham Park, 2100 Ridge Ave., behind the Morton Civic Center.

CAPA Climate Group members will have a table where we offer information about passing the Earth Bill, and get petition signatures for climate demands to the Biden Administration.

This is the first Earth Day Fest, and the City of Evanston Parks and Recreation Department with support from Public Works and the Office of Sustainability welcomes you to attend this free event. There will be games, activities, resources, tree plantings and volunteer opportunities! The event will also feature food trucks, Earth-friendly resources and more than 15 local ecology groups.

See you there!

April 19th, 2024: Global Climate Strike 

Our communities, our planet, and our futures are being menaced by oil and gas corporations and the decisions made by elected leaders that prop them up. But it doesn’t have to be this way, another world is possible. We deserve a world free from fossil fuels. This is our chance, and Biden’s opportunity, to break free from fossil fuels and build an equitable and safe future for all. We demand bold climate action for a livable future.

We are coming together, across the globe, to fight back against the fossil fuel industry and its enablers. Together, we are unstoppable as we build and imagine a fossil fuel-free world. We must End the Era of Fossil Fuels in a just and equitable way. Are you in?

From April 19-22, thousands of young people will take part in multiple national days of actions – led by groups including Sunrise Movement, Fridays for Future USA, Campus Climate Network, Reclaim Earth Day, and The Youth vs Fossil Fuels Coalition  – calling on President Biden and other decision makers to declare a Climate Emergency and End Fossil Fuels. Find more information here.

April 17th, 2024: “No War on Iran” Rally! 

Join us on Wednesday, April 17th at 5:30 PM for a rally and speakout in Chicago’s Federal Plaza, with a possible march to the Ogilvie Transportation Center, which shares a building with the Israeli Consulate. 

We will demand that there be no further escalation toward a full Israeli or full U.S. war with Iran – which could escalate to an uncontrollable regional war leading to immeasurable human suffering, the distinct possibility of a global economic crash, and a vastly increased likelhood of species annihiliation via nuclear war. 

    • WHEN:     Wednesday, April 17th, 2024 at 5:30 PM Central 
    • WHERE:   Federal Plaza, 230 South Dearborn, Chicago

The rally will demand a suspension of military aid to Israel and will stress conscientiously pursuing deescalation and peace, as all people of conscience must now compel the Israel and U.S. governments to deescalate. 

This will be an event of PSL-Chicago and About Face: Veterans Against War (formerly Iraq Veterans for Peace), alongside CAPA, the ANSWER Coalition, the National Iranian American Council, American Muslims for Palestine and a growing list of endorsing organizations. We will demand an end of military aid to Israel and a restoration of humanitarian aid to the region.

See you at 5:30 P.M. tomorrow on Federal Plaza!

April 6th, 2024: Peace Summit “Solidarity and Sustainability Toward a Peaceful Future” 

With the unfolding of the current genocide in Palestine and increased violence in Congo, it is clear now more than ever that we need to unite in solidarity to fight violance across the globe. As we lead this battle, we must ensure that every step we take towards a peaceful world is sustainabile and just so we can protect humanity and our environment in this current climate crisis. We must also protect and uplift refugees, who have been affected both by war and by climate change, to ensure our future is as equitable as possible.

As a means to help build this movement and inpsire more peace activists to rise up, Chicago Area Peace Action’s Student Network is hosting their annual Peace Summit. The Peace summit will highlight the role we play in global conflict and shine a light on what we can do locally to support the movement. Attendees of the Peace Summit can expect to hear from various panels of student speakers, experience cultural performances, and attend breakout sessions led by young activists who are greatly contributing to the movement.

Register and find more information here

Join us at the Evanston Public Library Thursday, April 4th at 6:00 P.M. for “Out of the Rubble: Gaza Now and Beyond,” a discussion featuring Dr. John Kahler of MedGlobal and Jonah Karsh of IfNotNow, with Jerome McDonnell moderating.  Dr. Kahler will share insights from his work with MedGlobal, an organization which has been sending teams of doctors to Gaza during the current crisis. Jonah Karsh will share the work of IfNotNow in organizing for ceasefire, justice, and an end to occupation and apartheid. Both will contemplate how to bring a lasting ceasefire in Gaza – and how to move forward after the killing stops.

 MedGlobal‘s field teams support local health programs around the globe at times of war or natural disasters. IfNotNow is a movement of American Jews organizing to end U.S. support for the Israeli government’s system of apartheid. This event is cosponsored by CAPA, The Peace and Justice Committee of Lake Street Church, and MedGlobal. 

John Kahler, MD is a co-founder of MedGlobal. His interest in global health and his participation in humanitarian work around the world, from Mexico to Haiti to Tanzania, has spanned more than 25 years. 


Jonah Karsh is a lead organizer with IfNotNow Chicago. He has been deeply involved in organizing for democracy and human rights in Israel/Palestine and has served on the national board of J Street.


 Jerome McDonnell hosted the program Worldview on WBEZ for years, bringing in experts to discuss international news from a local perspective. The show heavily featured arts, activism, and social movements in Chicago.


Be part of this conversation with us on April 4th. Light refreshments will also be provided at the event. We hope to see you there!



March 28th-April 1st, 2024: International Uranium Film Festival

Nuclear disarmament advocates–check out the International Uranium Film Festival in Chicago–March 28th-April 1st!

Multiple locations ● 16 films, 16 +hours ● First time: Best Young Filmmaker Award – $1,000 ● (some locations limited seating; EventBrite registration required) ●

The Schedule: film listings and descriptions at

      • Thur. 3/28, 6-9 p.m.: Loyola Univ. Damen Theater, 6511 N. Sheridan
        Road, Lake Shore Campus, Chicago. Special showing: On the Beach
      • Fri. 3/29, 6-9 p.m.: Haymarket House, 800 West Buena Ave.,
        Chicago (limited seating, EventBrite reservation req’d.)
      • Sat. 3/30, noon to 8 p.m.: Univ. of Chicago International House, 1414
        East 59th Street, Chicago
      • Sun. 3/31, 4:30 p.m. matinee: Music Box Theater, 3733 N. Southport
        Ave., Chicago. Special showing: BUILDING BOMBS
      • Mon. 4/1, 2-8 p.m., Evanston Public Library, 1703 Orrington Ave.,
        Evanston (limited seating, EventBrite reservation req’d.)

Coming to Chicago (birthplace of the Nuclear Age) in its 13th year, the International Uranium Film Festival presents films about nuclear power and weapons; nuclear victims and environmental justice; and the risks of radioactivity, from uranium mining to nuclear waste. From
Hiroshima, the Manhattan Project, Fukushima and everything in between, where Oppenheimer dared not go, these films shed overdue light on all nuclear issues, past, present and future!
@uraniumfilm @uraniumfilmfestival



March 27th, 2024: From Palestine to the Philippines: Stop U.S.-Backed Bombing and Build a Just Peace!

While Palestine, the Philippines, and the US are geographically distant, the relationships between their governments are characterized by a common thread of military aid and weapons sales, human rights violations, negligent governments, widespread vilification of activists and civil society institutions, as well as the weaponization of civilian life as a tactic to maintain control.

This webinar aims to educate the public about the human rights violations in both Occupied Palestine and the Philippines, highlight the role of the US in enabling violence, the roots of the conflict, and opportunities to engage and oppose the continuing harm being carried out.

This webinar is being hosted by ICHRP-US & faith communities including: Pax Christi USA, Pax Christi International, Western Methodist Justice Movement, & ecumenical partners.


February 27th, 2024: Gaza in Crisis – A Discussion with Dr. Zaher Sahloul and Sr. Thaer Ahmad of MedGlobal

When: Tuesday, Feb 27th at 7pm Central
Lake Street Church, 1450 Chicago Ave (Courtyard Entrance) Evanston, IL 60201

On February 27th Dr. Zaher Sahloul and Dr. Thaer Ahmad of MedGlobal, will be our guest speakers. Both are recently returned from Gaza where they were deployed in January 2024 for 2 weeks at hospitals and clinics across the Gaza strip and they will discuss their first-hand experience of the medical crisis unfolding in Palestine. Both Doctors are professors at University of Illinois Chicago (UIC).

MedGlobal field teams support local health programs around the globe at times of war or natural disasters. Its growing teams and partner organizations are supported by a diverse number of selfless volunteer medical professionals of all specialties from 27 countries who embrace its mission.

Dr. Zaher Sahloul is President and cofounder of MedGlobal. Dr. Sahloul was awarded Chicagoan of the year in 2016, and Gandhi Award for Peace in 2020 among many other awards for his humanitarian work.

Thaer Ahmad, MD is a board certified emergency medicine physician who serves as Asst. Program Director for Advocate Christ’s Emergency Medicine Residency Program and Global Health Director for its emergency department.

Jerome McDonnell hosted Worldview on WBEZ for years, bringing in experts to discuss international news from a local perspective, and drawing local connections. The show heavily featured arts, activism, and social movements in Chicago.

This presentation is being cosponsored by: Chicago Area Peace Action, (CAPA), The Peace and Justice Committee of Lake Street Church, Muslim Community Center of Chicago, Second Baptist Church of Evanston and MedGlobal.


February 22nd, 2024: Meet Kina Collins, Pro-Peace Congressional Candidate for IL-7

When: Thursday, Feb 22nd at 6pm Central
Online (Zoom)

Whether you live in Illinois’s 7th District or not, perhaps you have friends in this district. Or perhaps you are available to join our CAPA Peace Voter 2024 committee members who will work to elect Kina Collins as the best progressive candidate of the several running this election cycle in this district. We are looking for new energy in the House of Representatives… someone who will be a strong voice for the climate and peace issues of today. Please email us at if you would like to canvas or phonebank with us for Kina Collins… and register to meet Kina at the zoom event below!

It’s easy to forget that in just a few short weeks, primary elections will be taking place in most of the country. While it may feel exhausting sometimes to keep up with the races, this election can be a bellwether moment for us to prioritize peace in foreign policy. This primary season, Peace Action has been endorsing candidates who believe in justice and human rights abroad, who believe in a ceasefire in Gaza, and who believe that the US military-industrial complex should no longer dictate where our funding priorities lay. One such candidate is Kina Collins, who is running for Illinois’ 7th district.

At 6:00 pm Central, Kina will again join us for a conversation about today’s most pressing foreign policy issues. She spoke to us during her 2022 campaign but wanted to come back to address all the foreign policy issues that have arisen since then. She felt that those running for Congress owed it to voters to share their positions on Gaza, Ukraine, and more.



February 20th, 2024: Chicago Rally for Julian Assange

WHEN: Tuesday, Feb 20th at 4pm Chicago Rally and Press Conference “Drop the charges against Julian Assange”

Join our rally on Michigan Avenue near the Chicago Tribune Building (435 Michigan Ave.).  We need as many supporters as possible to hold banners and pass out flyers. Share the link above.

At 4:30 pm speakers will discuss the day’s court proceedings, the significance of the case for press freedom in this country, as well as highlighting the critical role Julian Assange and WikiLeaks has played in exposing U.S. war crimes and misdeeds. Cities across the U.S. are holding similar rallies.

Current sponsors include AssangeDefenseChicago, Black Alliance for Peace, Chicago Area Peace Action, CodePink, and JISOOR. Please email if you would like to suggest other orgs.



Call your representative!! Urge that they support H.Res.934, currently with the House Judiciary Committee. H .Res.934 – “Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that regular journalistic activities are protected under the First Amendment, and that the United States ought to drop all charges against and attempts to extradite Julian Assange.”

Flyers and Bannering: Contact Stansfield Smith ( for literature and details of bannering opportunities. 

Social Media: Join the AssangeDefenseChicago facebook group and share content on your own social media. Now is the time to create as much coverage as possible.

“Free Julian Assange!” 📢📢📢🎥🎥🎥🪧🪧🪧


February 19th, 2024: 24-hour Livestream Event

WHEN: Monday, Feb 19th, starting at 2:30 A.M. CT: 

The 24hr Countdown to Day X Webcast! (make sure to hit the notify bell)

The 24 hour webcast begins at 2:30 A.M. CT streaming on the YouTube channels @StellaAssange and @AssangeDefense.  In this countdown, the Assange Defense team will be providing a complete overview of what Julian Assange is facing at the two-day public hearing that starts on the 20th at 2:30 A.M. CT. It will then be going live from outside the Royal Courts of Justice in London.

This webcast will include pre-recorded messages of support from leading voices in the U.S and around the world.  Chicago voices are well represented.



Call your representative!! Urge that they support H.Res.934, currently with the House Judiciary Committee. H .Res.934 – “Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that regular journalistic activities are protected under the First Amendment, and that the United States ought to drop all charges against and attempts to extradite Julian Assange.”

Flyers and Bannering: Contact Stansfield Smith ( for literature and details of bannering opportunities. 

Social Media: Join the AssangeDefenseChicago facebook group and share content on your own social media. Now is the time to create as much coverage as possible.

“Free Julian Assange!” 📢📢📢🎥🎥🎥🪧🪧🪧


February 15th, 2024: Freedom of the Press Foundation Event

WHEN: Thursday, Feb 15th at 11:30 A.M. CT

Click here to register!

The Freedom of the Press Foundation is holding a virtual discussion explaining how the Assange prosecution endangers all journalists. Speakers include:

    •  – U.S. Rep. Jim McGovern, D-Mass
    •  – Cindy Cohn, executive director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation
    •  – Carrie DeCell, senior staff attorney at the Knight First Amendment Institute 
    •  – Trevor Timm, executive director of Freedom of the Press Foundation 
    •  – Ben Wizner, director of the ACLU’s Speech, Privacy, and Technology Project.

Followed by the world premiere of a Freedom of the Press Foundation (FPF) video urging the Biden administration to drop this dangerous prosecution.



Call your representative!! Urge that they support H.Res.934, currently with the House Judiciary Committee. H .Res.934 – “Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that regular journalistic activities are protected under the First Amendment, and that the United States ought to drop all charges against and attempts to extradite Julian Assange.”

Flyers and Bannering: Contact Stansfield Smith ( for literature and details of bannering opportunities. 

Social Media: Join the AssangeDefenseChicago facebook group and share content on your own social media. Now is the time to create as much coverage as possible.

“Free Julian Assange!” 📢📢📢🎥🎥🎥🪧🪧🪧


February 13th, 2024: “Occupation of the American Mind” Documentary and Discussion

WHEN: Tuesday, Feb. 13th @ 7 PM

WHERE: Lake Street Church, Parlor Room, 1450 Chicago Ave (Courtyard Entrance), Evanston IL, 60201

CAPA believes it is time to have a larger discussion of the seven decades of Israeli Occupation and consider how the U.S. could arrive at a position of fairness toward both Iraeli and Palestinian lives and their equal need for freedom, safety and prosperity. The U.S. should immediately become a non partial broker working alongside other brokers in the Middle East for an acceptable solution for both peoples.

On Tuesday, February 13th, we are coordinating with the Peace and Justice Committee of Lake Street Church in Evanston to show the film, “Occupation of the American Mind: Israel’s Public Relations War in the United States.” As the film’s webpage states:

Polling shows strong global opposition to Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian land, and mounting outrage over Israel’s ongoing slaughter of unarmed Palestinian civilians who are fighting for their rights. Nevertheless, public sympathy and support for Israel within the US continues to hold strong.

“The Occupation of the American Mind” zeroes in on this critical exception, breaking down the devastatingly effective public relations war that Israel and right-wing pro-Israel advocacy groups have been waging for decades in the US. Narrated by Roger Waters and featuring leading observers of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, the film explores how the Israeli government, the US government, and the pro-Israel lobby have joined forces, often with very different motives and interests, to shape American media coverage of the conflict in Israel’s favor.

The result is a stunning look at how — and why — American media coverage of the conflict regularly minimizes the occupation, vilifies critics of Israeli policy, and dehumanizes the Palestinian people.

January 27th:  Stop Endless Wars – Great Lakes Regional Gathering II


Join United for Peace and Justice, Cleveland Peace Action, Chicago Area Peace Action, and friends for the next Great Lakes Regional Gathering online, to discuss ways forward to a culture of peace and justice.

Food costs too high… no good jobs… even more prisons… cops out of control… endless war… and on it goes. All are links in a chain. Don’t let the chains of the system keep you down! 

The Great Lakes Regional Gathering held in March 2023 was informative and energizing. There’s certainly a lot going on in our area and a lot that needs to happen.

Our problems are connected. So are the solutions.  Let’s get together to discuss next steps for 2024!

Please join us online on  Jan 27, 2024, from 1 -3PM CT.


January 15th:  Nonviolent Action, Unarmed Civilian Protection – A Way Forward to Justice & Peace

Featuring Charles Johnson, Organizing Director with Chicago Area Peace Action
When: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Monday, January 15, 2024, 7:00-8:30 pm Central Time

Where: Online


There is another way, a better way, and a more effective way. The nonviolent way can achieve results, resolve conflicts, reach understanding, and help to heal.

In this session, participants will learn about the nonviolent alternative known as Unarmed Civilian Protection, a way to provide safety and security, and achieve peace. We will be introduced to the techniques, success stories, and economies of Unarmed Civilian Protection– a practice which is transforming models of safety in U.S. communities and in conflicts around the world. We will also be able to participate in role-playing situations, and receive resources to learn more!

Charles Johnson is a co-founding member of Nonviolent Peaceforce’s Chicago chapter. He has received certification in Unarmed Civilian Protection (UCP) studies through the UN/Merrimack College, and has trained in UCP with Nonviolent Peaceforce, DC Peace Team, Meta Peace Team, and others.

“The question is no longer between violence and non-violence, it is between non-violence and non-existence.” ~Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

January 13th: Reducing the Threat of Nuclear War 2024

When: Saturday, Jan. 13th, 2024 @ 1-4:30 PM CST
Where: Online

We are in a period of unusual danger and difficulty: The Russia/Ukraine conflict has sharply increased the danger of nuclear war; The tragic Israel/Gaza Conflict threatens to expand; The Pentagon budget is higher than ever and still going up; Cold Warriors in high places are beating the drums of war toward Russia and China; Within the US right wing forces are working to weaken voting rights and representative democracy. This annual Conference is an effort to find social, economic and political paths away from the war economy and toward peace and nuclear disarmament. The Breakouts provide small focused working groups to plan steps forward.



1:00: Welcome: MLK Jr and our tasks- Jonathan King (MIT and Mass Peace Action)

1:05: Dangers: Chair Susan Mirsky (Mass Peace Action)

    1. Nuclear Winter – Alan Robock (Rutgers University)
    2. Folly of Replacing ICBMs- David Borris (Chicago Area Peace Action)
    3. Dangers from Ukraine/Russia Conflict – Medea Benjamin (CODEPINK)
    4. Dangers from Israel/Gaza Conflict – Trita Parsi (Quincy Institute)

2:00: Unsustainable Costs: Chair Dave Pack – (PeaceWorks Kansas City)

    1. Nuclear Weapons Budgets – Lindsay Koshgarian (Institute for Policy Studies)
    2. Human Costs of the War Economy – Shailly Gupta Barnes (Kairos Center & Poor Peoples Campaign)

2:30: Congressional Battlegrounds:

    1. Supporting the Congressional Progressive Caucus – Larry Cohen (Our Revolution national Chair)
    2. Prospects for Change in the House – Rep. Ro Khanna

3:00: Breakouts: [List Below]

4:00: Major Grassroots Campaigns: Chair Cole Harrison (Mass Peace Action)

    1. Poor Peoples Campaign 40 Weeks of Moral/Political Action – Rev. Savina Martin (Mass Poor Peoples Campaign)
    2. Back from the Brink – Dr. Ira Helfand (Physicians for Social Responsibility)
    3. Fund HealthCare Not Warfare – Jonathan King (Mass Peace Action)
    4. Ceasefire Now! – Marcy Winograd (CODEPINK).


A). Building Local Back from the Brink Campaigns – Dave Pack (Kansas City Peaceworks); Jeremy Love (PSR); Jackie Cabasso (Mayors for Peace).

B). Building Progressive State Political Coalitions – Martha Karchere (Our Revolution MA); Russell Freedman (Progressive Dems of America); State Rep. Mike Connolly (Massachusetts); Roger Quindell (Milwaukee Veterans for Peace); Cynthia Silva Parker (M-APoor Peoples Campaign).

C). Campus Organizing and Nuclear Disarmament Curricula – Prof. Steve Slaner (Northern Essex Community College); Prof. Gary Goldstein (Tufts Univ); Prof. Stewart Prager (Physicists Coalition); Prof. ?Ceasar McDowell (MIT Urban Studies); Lynne Hall (Mass Peace Action).

D). Defending the Squad and Building the Progressive Caucus – Amanda Nichols (Our Revolution); Larry Cohen (Our Revolution); Andrew King (Citizens for Public Schools).

E). Opposing Militarism At Home – Nancy Goldner (Racial Justice Actin Group, Mass Peace Action); Keith Harvey (AFSC); Gerry Gorman (Chicago Area Peace Action).

F). Direct Actions including Divestment –Susan Mirsky, Peter Bergel (Salem, Oregon); David Swanson (World Beyond War).

G). Following up on the TPNW Conference – Joe Gerson (CPPDCS); Cherrill Spencer (WILPF); Kevin Martin (National Peace Action); State Rep. Lindsay Sabadosa (Mass).

H). Joining the Ceasefire Now MovementRaytheon, Gaza, and Nuclear Weapons – Paul Shannon (AFSC); Jasmine Owens (Win Without War); Hayat Imam (MAPA); Glen Cote (Mass Peace Action); Aaron Shakow (Harvard Medical School)

I). New Dangers from Tactical Nuclear Weapons – Richard Krushnic (Mass Peace Action), Dan Shaw (Newton Dialogues on Peace and War); Elaine Scarry (Harvard Univ).

J). Pressing for Ceasefire in Ukraine – Medea Benjamin (CodePINK); Jackie Dee King (Mass Peace Action); John Ratliff (Mass Senior Action); Brian Garvey (Mass Peace Action).

K). Promoting State Legislation – Bonnie Gorman (Veterans for Peace, MAPA), State Rep Carol Doherty (Massachusetts); Kathleen Hamill (Warheads to Windmills).

L). Relations with Catholic Organizations – Peter Metz (Mass Peace Action); Mike Moran (Pax Christi); Claire Schaeffer-Duffy (Catholic Worker).

M). Rotary Clubs and Related Civic Organizations – Fran Jeffries (Rotary International); Ann Frisch (Rotary International); Kathie Malley-Morrison (Mass Peace Action).

N). Warheads to Windmills – Timmon Wallis (Nuclear Ban, US); Vickie Elson (Nuclear Ban, US); John MacDougall (

O). Working with Communities of Faith –John Bach (Cambridge Quakers), Rev. Savina Martin (Poor Peoples Campaign); Nicholas Colluras (MIT Chaplains); Cathy Murphy (Minnesota Peace Project).

P). Working with Nurses and Public Health orgs –Sandy Eaton (MassCARE); Catherine DeLorey (Fund Healthcare not Warfare); Dr. Bob Gould (Am Public Health Assn Peace Caucus); Jonathan King (Mass Peace Action); Mateo Krumholz (University of Minnesota).

Co-sponsors: Campaign for Peace, Disarmament and Common Security; Chicago Area Peace Action; CodePINK; Institute for People’s Engagement; Kansas City Peaceworks; Massachusetts Peace Action; MIT Faculty Newsletter; MIT Radius; National Our Revolution; Peace Action Maine; Warheads to Windmills.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed individuals can change the world. In fact, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
– Margaret Mead  

December 2023: CAPA Year End Appeal

There is no denying that 2023 has been a challenging year for organizations and activists, like those of us at CAPA, who expend human capital and the green kind to causes of peace and planet.

We accept that our endeavor to advance diplomacy and to advance solutions for a more just and sustainable world require long-term effort and are often generational in scope.

Whether it is in the realm of peace or planet, it is incumbent on each of us to do what we can for the sake of all life on earth and for the earth herself.

Sustain CAPA’s Work!

The Israel-Hamas war has strained relationships and friendships within our communities and the humanitarian catastrophe and unimaginable suffering of the residents of Gaza grows more dire with every passing day.

The Russia-Ukraine war, though not as frequently on the front page, continues to divide the peace movement and the suffering on both sides of the conflict worsens with the winter.

The recent COP28 climate summit which took place in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) brought new international commitments to address the climate crisis, attain renewable energy goals, and slow the planet’s record warming–but it also brought increased skepticism by activists who have heard these same promises go unfulfilled before, and who noted the presence of some 1,300 fossil fuel lobbyists at the summit. And the harmful growth of the Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) industry has only continued to expand under the Biden Administration.

And yet – if not for us, and scores of organizations like ours – there would be NO voice to counter the dominant narrative that the first impulse for resolving differences ought to be lethal force or to counter the military arms manufacturers and fossil fuel lobbies that undermine our efforts on peace, diplomacy and the climate crisis to gain further profits for their shareholders.

Will you give now to help work for the world we believe is possible?

You can read the CAPA Board’s Year End Message here!

December 8th  – Picket for Gaza at Boeing Building!

Weapons made and sold by the Boeing corporation are used by Israel’s government on the civilian population of Gaza, where tens of thousands are being killed. Join CAPA in collaboration with PSL Chicago, Palestinian Assembly for Liberation, and friends for a picket at the Boeing Building in Chicago to call out this corporation which is profiting from death and destruction. 

We will be making noise, drumming, displaying banners and art, and speaking out to interrupt business as usual and call attention to Boeing’s crimes against humanity. Weapons companies must realize that there will be no peace for them as long as their products are being used to kill and harm. 📢📢📢

WHEN: Friday, Dec. 8th, 2023 @ 4:30 PM
WHERE: 100 North Riverside Plaza, Chicago

December 7th : Chicago Chanukah for Ceasefire in Gaza

We need a ceasefire now, an end to the siege on Gaza, freedom for all being held captive, and a commitment to equality, justice, and lasting peace for everyone. Join IfNotNow Chicago to light Chanukah candles, mourn for the dead, and “rededicate ourselves to fighting like hell for the living.” 🕯️🕯️🕯️

IfNotNow are a movement of American Jews organizing to end U.S. support for Israel’s apartheid system and demand equality, justice, and a thriving future for all Palestinians and Israelis.  

WHEN: Thursday, Dec. 7th, 2023, 7 – 8:30 PM
WHERE: Welles Park, 2333 W Sunnyside Ave, Chicago, IL 60625

CLICK here to RSVP

December 1st  – CAPA LOYOLA, SJP Loyola, and Dissenters present: United for Palestine Fundraiser and Gathering

CAPA LOYOLA, Students for Justice in Palestine Loyola, and Dissenters Loyola invite you to “United for Palestine,” a fundraiser and gathering on Loyola’s Edgewater campus, on Friday, Dec. 1st, 2023. Join with community members and activists in solidarity to call for the safety and rights of Palestinians in light of the current genocide brought by Israel’s government (with U.S. government support) in Gaza. All proceeds go to the Palestine Red Crescent Society.

WHEN: Dec. 1st, 2023, 6 PM

WHERE: Loyola Univ., Damen Student Center, Multipurpose Room: 6511 N. Sheridan Rd., Chicago, IL 60626

November 16th  – Protest the American Petroleum Institute

CAPA is joining a coalition of activists and organizations in Chicago to protest the American Petroleum Institute (API) conference this Thursday, November 16th at 4:30PM. This is an opportunity to allow more Chicago residents to make connections between the extreme weather and flooding we experienced this summer and the need to combat the global climate crisis!

API is a lobbying organization for oil and gas companies such as BP, Shell, Chevron, Exxon Mobil, and many more. The front group plays a crucial role in maintaining profits for and preventing the regulation of the fossil fuel companies most culpable for the global climate crisis. API should not be allowed to host their conference in Chicago unopposed!

We will be gathering to tell the oil and gas industry that the fossil fuel era must end! Here are the details:

Our Demands 

    • Tell Hyatt to cancel API’s Chicago conference – No more support for fossil fuel criminals. 
    • Tell Big Oil and Gas to stop developing new fossil fuel projects and wind down existing infrastructure. 
    • Make Big Oil pay for their crimes and fund a just transition to a clean energy future. 
    • Create clean energy jobs, build sustainable housing, develop better public transit, and retrofit schools with green technology. 

Date, Time, Location

    • Thursday, November 16th 
    • 4PM: Meet up at Cermak and Prairie (near the Hyatt) 
    • 4:30PM: March together for rally and presser on public property at Hyatt Regency McCormick Place (2233 S Martin Luther King Dr, Chicago IL 60616)


November 13th: “Silent Fallout” Film Preview

WHEN: November 13th at 6PM
WHERE: Lake Street Church (607 Lake Street, Evanston IL 60201)

A group of Nagasaki atom-bomb survivors will visit Evanston’s Lake Street Church on Monday evening, November 13th, to discuss a new documentary film, “Silent Fallout,” which describes the ongoing effects of atomic radiation – even today – in the United States and around the world.

The documentary, which has not yet been released to the general public, examines the impact of hundreds of atomic tests, first at Los Alamos and then across the globe, in sending radioactive materials into our atmosphere. It focuses particularly on an unusual study of 320,000 baby teeth in the St. Louis area. Another focus is the continuing but invisible presence of air-borne radiation. As the film’s director, Hideaki Ito says, “We have chosen to live in radiation.” 

The film’s assistant producer, Rieko Tomomatsu, will be in attendance to make comments and answer questions. 

The event includes a light meal and is open to the public. We will show the film in the church’s parlor, followed by discussions with the Nagasaki delegation. It is sponsored by Chicago Area Peace Action, Lake Street Church, and DePaul University


November 12th: Armistice Day, the Chicago Lawyer Who Banned War, and Why Wars Keep Happening

WHEN: November 12th at 1:30pm
WHERE: Sulzer Regional Library (4455 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago IL 60625)

Join CAPA, Veterans for Peace, and the new Illinois chapter of World BEYOND War for a speaking event with David Swanson to commemorate Armistice Day, learn about the Chicago lawyer who banned war, and discuss why wars happen. 

We are excited to have Swanson speak on this topic to the general public and to welcome veterans as our special guests. Veterans will respond to the talk and Swanson will also respond to Q&As.

David Swanson is an author, activist, journalist, and radio host. He is executive director of World BEYOND War and campaign coordinator for Swanson’s books include War Is A Lie and When the World Outlawed War. He blogs at and He hosts Talk World Radio. He is a Nobel Peace Prize Nominee. Swanson was awarded the 2018 Peace Prize by the U.S. Peace Memorial Foundation. He was also awarded a Beacon of Peace Award by the Eisenhower Chapter of Veterans for Peace in 2011, and the Dorothy Eldridge Peacemaker Award by New Jersey Peace Action in 2022.

November 8th: China: Confrontation or Cooperation?

WHEN: November 8th from 5pm to 7pm 
WHERE: Great Room, Northwestern University (600 Haven Street Evanston, IL 60208)

Are we on the road to war with China? Can the U.S. work with China to address climate change before it’s too late? Is Chinese economic growth and political influence a threat to the United States?

Join us for “China: Confrontation or Cooperation?” as we address these questions, and talk about the opportunities that exist to build a more stable relationship between the U.S. and China. Panelists include Jake Werner, Ian Hurd, and Melissa Macauley

Attendees are invited to join us for refreshments and socializing starting at 5pm CT. The event will begin at 6pm CT.

This event is co-sponsored by the Weinberg College Center for International and Area Studies at Northwestern University, Chicago Area Peace Action, and the Quincy Institute.



November 4th: Evanston – All Out for Palestine!

WHEN: Sat., November 4th, 2023 at 1pm 
WHERE: Fountain Square, 1601 Sherman Ave, Evanston, IL 60201

Join CAPA this Saturday, Nov. 4th at 1 PM with partners ESPCAR (Every Single Person Committed to Anti-Racism), Students for Justice in Palestine-Northwestern University, and Jewish Voice for Peace — as we rally for ceasefire in Gaza, humanitarian aid, and an end to occupation! 

Palestine’s civilian population in Gaza is dying in massive numbers due to bombing by Israel’s Defense Forces. People are being told to evacuate, then the evacuation routes are bombed. Hospitals and public spaces for civilians are being systematically attacked. Electricity, food, water, and other essentials are cut off in an even more intense continuation of the decades-long blockade of Gaza.

These actions do not bring anyone safety, and can only bring more death and destruction. Despite U.S. polls showing widespread support of ceasefire, most U.S. government officials support sending even more weapons to Israel’s Defense Forces. People everywhere are rising up to call for change and demand ceasefire NOW!

This local action is occurring in solidarity with a historic National March on DC for Palestine, the largest ever such gathering in the U.S.:

     ⬇        ⬇        ⬇        ⬇        ⬇        ⬇        ⬇        ⬇        ⬇        ⬇        ⬇        ⬇        ⬇        ⬇

Join people across the world in this moment to call out for ceasefire in Gaza, humanitarian aid, and an end to occupation!

October 29th: Climate Hope Event!

WHEN: October 29th from 2pm to 4pm 
WHERE: Arrington Lagoon Picnic Shelter (1647 Sheridan Road Evanston, IL 60201)

If you’re having feelings about climate change—whether it’s despair, anxiety, or something else— come find community and inspiration at our first Climate Hope event! This family friendly, all-ages event will have art, music, games, and more. Hear directly from people and organizations in the community that are facing climate change through fashion, youth advocacy, composting, and more!

Do you have climate art that you want to share? We welcome your pictures, songs, and readings at our open mic which will start at 3pm. If you have eco-actions or activities that community members can participate in please bring them.




October 24th: The Ukraine, Israel-Palestine Wars

WHEN: October 24th from 6pm to 7pm 
SPEAKERS: Anatol Lieven and Phyllis Bennis

Initially conceived as a webinar about the Ukraine War, its geopolitical impacts, and possibilities for peace, the similarly murderous and geopolitical earthquake of this October Gaza War has led us to change our title and format. Anatol Lieven, of the Quincy Institute, and Phyllis Bennis, of the Institute for Policy Studies, will update us on these wars’ development, diplomacy, increasingly interrelated geopolitical implications, and possible paths to greater peace and justice.

Please plan to join us for this virtual webinar, spread the word as you can, and do all that you can for peace and justice!


October 21st: Chicago Marches for Palestine

Join the Chicago Coalition for Justice in Palestine and other partners on Saturday, October 21st to march in solidarity with Palestine — to stop the U.S.-backed genocide which Israel’s government is carrying out as we speak. Join our calls for a ceasefire now and end to the occupation!

October 7th: Forum with Elmer “Ka Bong” Labog

Join us on Saturday, October 7th for a labor forum with Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) organizer, Elmer “Ka Bong” Labog. Ka Bong is the Chairperson of KMU, an independent and democratic labor center promoting genuine and anti-imperialist trade unionism. He has been a labor organizer since the 1970’s under Marcos Sr’s Martial law and he continues to organize to this day as attacks on workers and unions in the Philippines worsens. 

WHEN: October 7th from 1pm to 4pm
WHERE: United Electrical Workers Hall, 37 S Ashland.

This forum will also be a fundraiser to support the speaking tour and to directly support organizers in the Philippines!


October 7th: Let Cuba Live!

Join CAPA and friends in person on October 7th for an inspiring session with activists demanding: “Let Cuba Live”! – organized by the Chicago Liberation Center, Party for Socialism and Liberation, Cuba-Venezuela Solidarity Committee, Chicago Cuba Coalition, and Chicago ALBA.

WHEN: October 7th from 6pm to 9pm
WHERE: United Electrical Workers Hall, 37 S Ashland.

Hear young people from multiple organizations speak about their recent trips to Cuba. They will be sharing eye-witness accounts of the dire situation the country faces due to being put on the State Sponsor of Terrorism List by the United States. We will have petitions to sign to get them off the list and to Break the Blockade. The goal is to get 1,000,000 people to sign and present them to the White House on December 8th!



OCTOBER 5TH, 2023: ……. CAPA’s 44TH ANNUAL BENEFIT: “Threats to Democracy: How We Rise Up and Resist”! (<–CLICK HERE for full event description and recording)

After 3 years of gathering online for our all-important fall fundraiser, Chicago Area Peace Action’s annual main event is back, live and in person! 🎊 🎊 📢 📢  Join us on Thursday, October 5th, at 6:00 P.M. to attend this gala event as we reunite with old friends, meet stimulating new ones, and explore a deeply fundamental issue that affects Americans of all ages, incomes, ethnicities and political leanings.
Join esteemed panelists Congresswoman Delia Ramirez (IL-3), professor and author Paul Street, journalist and D.C. Coordinator of Black Alliance for Peace Jacqueline Luqman, and moderator, Executive Director of The Peoples Lobby, Will Tanzman, as they share their unique perspectives on resisting threats to democracy!    

As we witness the rollbacks of protections embedded in the landmark Voting Rights Act, the attacks on LGBTQ rights, and the fascist assault on freedom of thought in our public schools and libraries, we are deeply concerned whether or not this 236-year-old experiment in constitutional democracy can survive. We are now less than 20 years away from the most significant demographic shift in U.S. history, when the U.S. becomes a minority-majority nation. Will we live up to the ideal of “with liberty and justice for all” and truly mean all, not just the privileged few with the right skin color?

CAPA‘s issues of nuclear abolition, preventing catastrophic climate disruption, and shifting resources away from the war machine and to the good of people and planet are inextricably linked to our overall worldview of the pursuit of MLK’s Beloved Community. As imperfect as this United States remains, it still holds the tools to live up to the rhetorical ambition of its founding creed – if only we have the courage and commitment to fight for that vision. 

In addition to our panel, we will enjoy a delicious dinner catered by Curt’s Cafe 🌮🌮🍽️🍽️ and celebrate the important work of CAPA’s Student Network, our Climate and Foreign Policy Working Groups, and invite attendees to share their passions and insights among fellow peacebuilders. See you there! 



September 24th – October 8th, 2023: Banner Drops for Peace in Ukraine!

On sunny days from September 24th through October 8th, Chicago Area Peace Action will be organizing highway banner drops around the city behind the messages: “Our War Money Kills Ukraine – Not One Penny More” and “Biden: No-One Wins When this War Goes Nuclear.” We will provide our expertise and four 20-foot banners which we’ll need teams of volunteers to hang, monitor and then remove on weekday AM and PM rush hour shifts when the weather promises to be clement, and possibly also on weekend shifts from noon-3pm. We’d like this to be the start of an ongoing banner campaign until the war is over, and only a part of Chicago’s response to the overlapping national weeks of action that have been called to protest the proxy NATO-Russia war in Ukraine (and of course the grave accompanying risk of nuclear war) by Roots Action and the Peace in Ukraine Coalition.

We’ll be monitoring the weather and contacting our volunteers approx. three days ahead in hope of organizing shifts on the most clement bannering days! Weekday shifts will be AM Rush 7-10am and PM Rush 4-7pm, while weekend shifts will be noon – 3pm.

If you’re interested in participating, SIGN UP HERE!


SEPTEMBER 23rd, 2023: Never Again, Never Forget! – 51st Anniversary of Martial Law in the Philippines

Join us for a demonstration to remember the victims and survivors of military rule in the Philippines under the Marcos Sr. regime and beyond. Hosted by Malaya Chicago, Anakbayan, and Chicago Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines. 

SEPTEMBER 16th, 2023: NO 2 APEC Info Session at Edgewater Library!

💥 No To APEC! People Over Profit! 💥  — Learn about the No 2 APEC (APEC = Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation) campaign to resist disastrous U.S.-led neoliberal trade policies in the Asia-Pacific region. Find out about the resistance to APEC and the mass mobilization which will be culminating this November! 

WHEN: Sat. Sept 16th, 2023 from 2-4 P.M.
WHERE: Edgewater Library, 6000 N Broadway, Chicago IL 60660

Click here to RSVP!–>  📔📔📔🖊️🖊️🖊️

SEPTEMBER 15th, 2023: “End Fossil Fuels” Chicago Action!

Join CAPA with Fridays for Future Chicago, Climate Youth Coalition Chicago, 350 Chicago, and more, on September 15th from 4-6 P.M., as we take to the streets to End the Era of Fossil Fuels. This youth-led, intergenerational action is part of the regional actions supporting the March to End Fossil Fuels in New York City on September 17th. 

Our action will include stops at key locations to bring attention to groups supporting fossil fuel usage: Kluczynski Federal Building to demand President Biden declare a Climate Emergency/End the Fossil Fuel Era; Chase Bank to demand an end to fossil fuel financing; and the Army Corps of Engineers office to call for an end to fossil fuel infrastructure. We’ll incorporate music and a variety of voices into our action, and we hope you’ll join us!  🌍 🌍 🌍 🌍🌍

    • WHEN: Friday, Sept. 15th, 2023, 4:00-6:00 P.M.
    • WHERE: Starting at 310 S State St, Chicago, IL 60604 US

Click here to RSVP!–>

SEPTEMBER 13-17th, 2023: The Golden Rule Ship Arrives in Chicago! 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

The Golden Rule sailboat of Veterans for Peace has been sailing for the past year, taking anti-nuclear messages to nearly 100 cities along the Mississippi River, in Cuba, up the East Coast, and along the Great Lakes, with Chicago as its last port. The crew will be making presentations and connecting with local community members throughout the week of Sept. 13-17th. Join us in solidarity for nuclear disarmament, ending U.S. militarism, and supporting peace and justice! See the schedule of events below! (Click here for printable version)  

Wed., Sept. 13th:

    • 🎤 – 10:30 A.M.: Press Conference – Montrose Harbor, 601 W Montrose Ave, Chicago, IL 60613.
    • 🧺 – 12 NOON: Picnic in Park; Montrose Harbor “Moonrise” area.
    • 📽️ – 6-8:30 P.M.: Golden Rule Presentation: Oak Park Library, 834 Lake St, Oak Park, IL 60301. 

 Thu., Sept. 14th:

    • 📽️ – 4:30-5:30 P.M.: Golden Rule Presentation: School of the Art Institute, 112 S Michigan Ave, Chicago IL, 60603.
    • 📽️ – 7-8:30 P.M.: Golden Rule Presentation: Lake Street Church, 607 Lake St, Evanston, IL 60201.

 Fri., Sept. 15th:

    • 🏛️ – 9-10 A.M.: Golden Rule Presentation: National Teachers Academy CPS, 55 W Cermak Rd, Chicago, IL, 60616. 
    • ⛵ – 12-3 P.M.: Golden Rule Boat Tours. 601 W Montrose Ave, Chicago, IL 60613. (Pier in front of Corinthian Yacht Club – call Kiko at 808-895-3743 on arrival)
    • 🌍 – 4-6 P.M.: Golden Rule Crew joins the Chicago Global Climate Strike March: Pritzker Park, 310 S. State Street, Chicago.

Sat., Sept. 16th:

    • ⛵ – 9 A.M.-12 Noon: Golden Rule Boat Tours. 601 W Montrose Ave, Chicago, IL 60613. (Pier in front of Corinthian Yacht Club – call Kiko at 808-895-3743 on arrival)
    • 🏛️ – 1 P.M.: Golden Rule Crew visits National Veterans Museum, 4041 N Milwaukee Ave 2nd floor, Chicago, IL 60641. 

Sun., Sept. 17th:

    • 🪘 – 11 A.M.-1 P.M.: “End the Nuclear Age” Peace Gathering @ Henry Moore Sculpture, Univ. of Chicago, 5625 S Ellis Ave, Chicago, IL.  
    • 🍕 – 6-9 P.M.: Farewell Reception, NEIS Conference Room, 3411 W. Diversey, Chicago. Pizza and beverages provided, $10 suggested donation (no one turned away). RSVP:!

Endorsing orgs: ANSWER Coalition, Black Alliance for Peace Chicago, Chicago Area Peace Action, Nuclear Energy Information Service, Veterans for Peace/ Golden Rule



AUGUST 27th, 2023: Museum of Science and Industry: BETTER WITHOUT BOEING!

Join CAPA in solidarity with the Dissenters’ Boeing Arms Genocide (BAG) campaign for an anti-militarism field day😎⛳️☀️🍧🪁🥇outside the Museum of Science and Industry on Sunday, August 27th 1-4 PM!  — The MSI is a space for learning, but also a site of violence — the MSI has taken money from war profiteer Boeing and displays Boeing machines inside.

Join BAG in exposing this complicity, and talking to neighbors about anti-militarist, liberated futures! We’ll have community-building games and activities that are kid-friendly🎨, including coloring pages, skits, and workshops to expand our imaginations.

And don’t forget to CLICK HERE TO SIGN THE “No Boeing Drones”  PETITION! 
#MSIBetterWithoutBoeing #BoeingArmsGenocide!

***** CAPA is Growing… and we need your help! *****

With the generous support of an all-volunteer board, the energy brought by various working groups, and a single paid staff position – our Organizing and Advocacy Director – a post currently occupied by the intrepid Charles Johnson, CAPA has provided invaluable information on the many challenges inherent in our struggle to achieve a more peaceful and equitable society.

We have grown our CAPA board this year, bringing on 6 new committed members. They represent a broad cross section of talent and lived experience. This board growth positions us well for increased activity, but if we are to continue to amplify your voice in the public square, it is clear that we now must augment our staff capacity.  We will be hiring an assistant to the Organizing and Advocacy Director and are currently interviewing for this new part-time position.

We are launching a special-purpose fundraising campaign with a modest goal of $15,000 to fund the first year of this all-important position. We are so very fortunate to have a small group of generous supporters offering a matching grant of $7,500 to help us get to this goal quickly. Thus, every single dollar you contribute to the campaign will be DOUBLED by their generous matching grant. Please consider one of the following donation levels:

    • Never Doubt that A Small Group of Committed Individuals…- $1000
    • Building a Mighty Movement – $500
    • If You Water Them, They Will Grow – $250
    • Planting Seeds of Peace – $100
    • My Uniquely Personal Level of Support – $

Please click here to help us Grow!


AUGUST 19th, 2023: Malaya Chicago Presents: “Makabayang Sining Para Sa Inang Bayan – People’s Art for the Motherland”

Makabayang Sining Para Sa Inang Bayan – People’s Art for the Motherland! Join CAPA in solidarity with Malaya Chicago for an art show about the struggles and aspirations of the Filipino people. We will highlight the issues of forced migration, human rights, sovereignty, and democracy in our homeland. Our art show is a fundraiser to send Malaya members to the @malayamovement National Assembly in New York, Sept 16-18. We will accept sliding scale donations at the door.

WHEN: August 19, 2023 – Program: 1pm, Exhibit: 10am-7pm
WHERE: Counterfit collective, 1333 W 18th St, Chicago, IL, 

Featured artists: Ashley Dequilla, Elisha-Rio Pineda Apilado, Michael Oliveros, Marilou Mariko Carrera, Cristiano Jay Smason, Andi Muriel
& More!

Art on flyer by @andi_makes


Thank you to our many registrants and sponsors of the event listed below, “China: Confrontation or Cooperation,” originally planned for August 9th. We are temporarily postponing this event – please stay tuned for updates as we look to reconvene this important conversation soon!




Worried about all the talk of war with China…?
So Are We.
Join CAPA on August 9th together with co-hosts Code Pink and Quincy Institute, and co-sponsors ANSWER Coalition, Black Alliance for Peace, and Party for Socialism and Liberation, as we explore the most potentially destabilizing foreign policy question facing the world today! The U.S.-China relationship is important for the well-being of both countries, and for the Chicago area. The U.S. and China share many goals, like addressing climate change and public health crises.
Despite this, the relationship between the two countries has grown increasingly tense. Congress established a committee to boost competition with China. A Chinese surveillance balloon entered U.S. airspace, and the U.S. shot it down. Nancy Pelosi took a controversial trip to Taiwan, and China retaliated by stepping up its military exercises. These events and others have led many worry that a new Cold War—or worse —is on its way.
We’ll discuss what’s going on between China and the United States, and how communities like ours can work to encourage diplomacy and cooperative engagement—and to avoid the horrors of war. This timely and important discussion will feature:
Jake Werner – a Research Fellow at the Quincy Institute. He researches the emergence of great power conflict between the US and China and develops policies to rebuild constructive economic relations.
Jodie Evans – co-founder of CODEPINK and founder of the campaign China Is Not Our Enemy. She has traveled to China 10 times in the last 4 years. Jodie is primarily focused on sharing a global vision for peace and social justice.
Steve Kranig – an executive with over 25 years of experience in the logistics and supply chain industry. He works with both imports and exports from the United States to world markets with a heavy focus on China.
See you on August 9th!
“China: Confrontation or Cooperation?”
WHEN: Wednesday, August 9th, 2023 — Doors open 6pm CT
WHERE: (IN PERSON EVENT) — Chicago Temple, 77 W. Washington St, Chicago, IL, 60602


Join us as we mourn the 78th anniversary of the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Japanese civilians and the birth of a terrible new age in the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Today’s nuclear weapons are immeasurably more deadly and threaten near-complete human extinction if ever used. As we observe the apocalyptically reckless rhetoric and strategies emerging from our nation’s capital, we are compelled to ask, “Did the nuclear detonations of 1945 teach an important lesson of warning, or were they but a prelude to another disastrous stumble into the Fog of War?”

The tipping points are all around us: Our nation’s inability or refusal to bring the proxy war in Ukraine (an escalating conflict with a nuclear-armed rival) to a negotiated resolution; Our swift ramp-up to an unwinnable war with nuclear-armed China in the South China Sea; U.S. Senators compounding the past’s disastrous errors with demands for a Pacific version of NATO. Our nation sleep-walks a path that leads toward an unthinkable nuclear confrontation – unless we wake it up.

Join us on August 5 as we rally both to remember our past and warn of a future whose grim likelihood barely catches the gaze of mainstream media or government. If we are to shift the discourse, it must be from the bottom up: Blinded by self interest and the immense profits of military dominance, our leaders will not see until we make them.

We look forward to seeing you on the 5th of August.

Speakers include:


Yuki Miyamoto, DePaul University nuclear ethics professor and daughter of an atomic bomb survivor



Kathy Kelly, Board President, World BEYOND War, and multiple Nobel Peace Prize nominee



Jupiter Brown of Party for Socialism & Liberation Chicago



Laura Hein, Professor of Japanese History and former History Dept. Chair, Northwestern University



Michael Lynn, National Board Member of Peace Action



    • When: Saturday, August 5th, 2023 – 11 A.M. CT
    • Where:⛲⛲Fountain Square, 1601 Sherman Ave, Evanston IL, 60202
    • Cosponsored by: ANSWER Coalition, Black Alliance for Peace, Buddhist Peace Fellowship, Chicago Area Peace Action, Chicago Committee Against War & Racism, Fox Valley Citizens for Peace and Justice, Neighbors for Peace, Party for Socialism & Liberation, World BEYOND War


CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!     🕊️🕊️🌱🌱💧💧🌏🌏

This online intergenerational Q&A panel discussion, hosted by Citizens for Global Solutions (CGS), Youth Fusion, and World Federalist Movement – Institute for Global Policy (WFM-IGP), will consider how progress on environmental protection is hampered by armed conflict, nuclear threats, and the massive diversion of resources into weapons and war. We will explore the potential of common security and global governance to foster cooperation to more effectively address climate, peace, and disarmament issues.

Session I: Region: Americas/Europe/Africa/Middle East
Date: July 13, 2023, Time: 11:00 AM -12:30 PM CST

UPDATE: This event has been postponed until further notice — please stay tuned for additional updates. Thank you for your solidarity with the people of Jenin!

JULY 7TH, 2023: Jenin Resists – Chicago Protest in Solidarity with Palestine

In the first week of July, 2023, Israel attacked the Palestinian refugee camp on Jenin. At least 12 Palestinians have been murdered during the raid and hundreds have been wounded. In response to the violence, thousands of Palestinians were evacuated from Jenin, and resistance groups in the camp began a defensive campaign.

Palestinians across historic Palestine showed solidarity with multiple forms of resistance. The occupying force has left homes, streets, hospitals, religious sites, and general infrastructure in Jenin demolished — but the residents have not been beaten. Celebrations of their resistance are occurring right now across Palestine as Israel retreats. Long live the resistance!

Join the Chicago Coalition for Justice in Palestine on Friday at 2pm outside the Israeli Consulate – 500 W Madison St, Chicago, IL 60661. Stand in solidarity with the people of Jenin and demand an end to US aid to Israel’s military.

  • WHEN:      Friday, July 7th, 2023 at 2:00 P.M. CT
  • WHERE:     500 W. Madison St., Chicago, IL, 60661

JULY 3RD, 2023: Free Julian Assange — Assange Defense Chicago, CAPA, PSL, and partners drop 6 Banners in Chicago!

On July 3rd, 2023, Julian Assange’s birthday, Chicago activists hung banners to declare that “Journalism is not a crime” —

Julian Assange is still being silenced and imprisoned for revealing U.S. war crimes. Join the call to free Julian Assange and call out U.S. crimes of war, capitalism, and hegemony!

#FreeAssange #FreeAssangeNOW

JUNE 28TH, 2023: Dr. Seth Darling Presents: “The Climate Crisis: WATT’s Next for Energy?”

CLICK HERE TO RSVP!       🌱🌱💧💧🌱🌱💧💧

Join CAPA for this presentation by Dr. Seth Darling of Argonne National Laboratory! The presentation will explore strategies to address carbon emissions, including:
    • 🌱 Adapting: Strategies involving resilient infrastructure and urban planning to help communities withstand and recover from extreme weather events.
    • 🌱 Geoengineering: Innovative technologies which respond to Earth’s systems, and consideration of strategies to remove CO2 from the atmosphere.
    • 🌱 Decarbonization: Transitions to a low-carbon economy through renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, and sustainable transportation.

Bring your climate-justice curiosity and experience as we consider various scientific and technical approaches; participants are encouraged to share their top ideas, questions, and concerns in the discussion to follow! 

  • WHEN:     Wednesday, June 28th, 2023 from 6:30 – 8:00 P.M.
  • WHERE:   Evanston Public Library – Community Room, 1703 Orrington Ave., Evanston IL, 60202

JUNE 9TH, 2023: End the Era of Fossil Fuels! – Street Action

CLICK HERE TO RSVP!         🎵🎵🎨🎨📢📢🎵🎵🎨🎨📢📢

Join CAPA in coalition with 350 Chicago, Fridays for Future, People vs Fossil Fuels, and more as part of a nation-wide week of action to demand the Biden administration end the era of fossil fuels!
Pres. Biden has approved new oil and gas projects from Alaska to the Gulf of Mexico. Frontline communities & global scientists have been abundantly clear – we cannot avoid the very worst impacts of the climate crisis if we continue fossil fuel development. Join us as we use art, music, movement, and raise our voices with specific, doable demands of our elected leaders!

WHEN:     June 9th, 2023 at 11:00 AM.

WHERE:   230 S. Dearborn, Chicago, IL 60602 US

JUNE 4TH, 2023: 4th Annual Love Memorial

Please show some love on JUNE 4TH 2023 as Nita’s Love Train hosts the 4th Annual Love Memorial. Nita’s message:

“!! Between September 11th 2022 and TODAY! 97 black and brown youth , aged 0-24 years old, have lost their lives to violence or tragedy in Chicago! Please join us on June 4th, 2023 (THIS SUNDAY) WE WILL REMEMBER ALL OF THEM ! We will say their names, light candles remember them, release lanterns, and even drop a few tears!

“Also, I will be giving out free love and baby supplies so if your nearby and need some FREE diapers, baby formula , wipes, etc please stop by.❤️ Share this when you see it, especially if you love someone who’s name is on this list, even if you can’t come your share is support! If I’ve forgotten a name , please excuse me I research myself ,and inbox me the name so I can add it.”

@nitaslovetrain @gkmc18 @herchicago @ronniemanworld


JUNE 3RD, 2023: People’s Hearing on Police Crimes and the Injustice System!


Gather with us in solidarity with the Chicago Alliance Against Racist & Political Repression for a “People’s Hearing on Police Crimes and the Injustice System” — Saturday, June 3rd, 2023, 3pm at Gorham Methodist Church!

We will hear testimony from people affected by police crimes and connect with efforts in our local communities to demand justice. This is an important opportunity to continue the struggle for justice in this new stage where we now have directly elected District Councils and a Mayor accountable to the movement.

This is the fourth such hearing that CAARPR has organized, to amplify voices of survivors and families at the heart of the movement for community control of the police and the Campaign to Free Incarcerated Survivors of Police Torture (CFIST). Join as as we share directly with District Council members and organize to take action in our districts. We hope to see you there on June 3rd!

When:       Saturday, June 3rd, 2023 from 3-7 P.M. CDT
Where:     Gorham Methodist Church, 5600 S. Indiana Ave., Chicago IL, 60637

MAY 24TH, 2023: Peace in Ukraine – Petition Delivery  to Legislators!

CLICK HERE to read the petition

Join CAPA and partners for this action led by CODEPINK, to hold legislators accountable for pursuing diplomacy and stopping warfare in Ukraine and around the world. Join us in delivering this petition to legislators in the Chicago area on May 24th, 2023!

Contact to join us!

CLICK HERE FOR INFO on this nationwide action!

MAY 11TH, 2023: Peace in Ukraine Teach-in!

Hosted by CAPA, Black Alliance for Peace, CODEPINK, Party for Socialism & Liberation, and partners. Join us for an in-depth discussion where all are welcome to share and learn together. Featuring presentations on the history of the conflict, the role of African nations, options for ceasefire and negotiations, and more. We will have pizza, drinks, and conversation. See you there!


 WHEN:  –  (CDT)

 WHERE: Lincoln Park Presbyterian Church
600 W Fullerton Pkwy, Chicago, IL 60614, U.S.

MAY 10TH, 2023: Divest Chicago from the War Machine – Open Meeting at Spoke & Bird Cafe!


Join the Divest Chicago from the War Machine coalition for an in-person open meeting to learn more about the history of the campaign, what we’re currently working on, and how you can plug in! This meeting will be on the back patio of Spoke & Bird Cafe, South Loop – 205 E 18th St, Chicago, IL 60616. *Please wear a mask.
Light refreshments will be provided, and the cafe has great food, coffee, and other beverages. Everyone is welcome to join!


MAY 3RD, 2023: WORLD PRESS FREEDOM DAY!  🎥🎥🎞️🎞️📰📰📢📢   

JOIN CAPA and co-sponsors Assange Defense Chicago and CODEPINK for “PRESS FREEDOM, JOURNALISTS, AND WHISTLEBLOWERS”: an online panel discussion on how our right to expose the truth and express political dissent is under attack in the U.S.

    • WHEN: Wednesday, May 3rd, 2023, 7:00pm to 8:30pm CDT

The United Nations has designated Wednesday, May 3rd as World Press Freedom Day. This presents an opportunity to focus attention on the current perilous state of press freedom and freedom of expression in the U.S. as exemplified by the continued persecution of Julian Assange, and also by the recent indictment of members of the Uhuru Movement for their political activity and speech.

We have brought together a panel of speakers uniquely qualified to discuss these critically important issues affecting the future of our democracy. The Panel:

    • Kevin Gosztola, journalist and author of “Guilty of Journalism; The Political Case against Julian Assange”
    • Jamie Kalven, journalist, founder of the Chicago-based Invisible Institute, and co-author of “A Worthy tradition: Freedom of Speech in America”
    • Leonard Goodman, lawyer, columnist, adjunct law professor at DePaul University Chicago, and founder of the Leonard C. Goodman Institute for Investigative Reporting.
    • The moderator for the event will be Michael Klonsky, a longtime Chicago political activist, host of the podcast “Hitting Left Radio”, and writer of “Mike Klonsky’s Edu/POL” on Substack.

See you on Wednesday, May 3rd for this timely event!

APRIL 22ND, 2023: Breaking the Chains Through Verses of Freedom

JOIN CAPA and friends for this event hosted by IL-CHEP to provoke thought and stimulate interest in the plight of mass incarceration in the U.S. and the need for higher education in prison programs to combat recidivism and build minds resulting in transitioning from imprisonment to being a productive member of society.


5:30-6:30 PMResource fair to provide additional information to the general public, advocates and system impacted people with reentry support organizations and resources.

6:30-8:00 PMSpoken Word Artists & Performance

8:00-9:30 PMOpen Mic

–Drinks and appetizers will be served–

See you on April 22nd!


JOIN CAPA and friends in support of the campaign to free Julian Assange!                                                                                                                                  🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️📰📰📰📰📰📢📢📢📢📢📢

Don’t miss the chance to attend the exclusive screening of the movie 𝙄𝙩𝙝𝙖𝙠𝙖 about Julian’s family’s search for justice followed by an in-person Q&A with renowned Chicago human rights lawyer, Flint Taylor, and Julian Assange’s father (John Shipton) and brother (Gabriel Shipton). Click here to watch the trailer.

    • WHEN: Thursday, April 6th @7:30pm
    • WHERE: The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, 3519 N Clark St. Suite C301 Chicago

Click here to buy your tickets!

Tickets are on sale now! Get your tickets early for this historic event.

CAPA Student-Led Peace Summit 2023
“Fighting the War Machine: in Chicago and Beyond”

Throughout this past year’s news cycle, one of the major events commonly covered has been the war in Ukraine. Although it may have been the most highlighted, this conflict is just one of many ongoing violent catastrophes around the globe. From Palestine to Yemen, from El Salvador to right here in Chicago, the international war machine continues to destroy people’s lives.

Such militarism is often framed as “just” and “necessary,” while communities around the world know it is anything but. This is why Chicago Area Peace Action’s Student Network is hosting a peace summit that will help organize, empower and educate activists from all backgrounds and experience levels so we can band together and demand global peace!

Planned workshops include: 

      • Chicago Youth Organizing Against Violence and War
      • Ending War on Palestine
      • Ending War on Yemen
      • Ending the War in Ukraine
      • Uniting the Left, Locally and Globally
      • And more! Check out our full Peace Summit page here!!



Join CAPA Climate Group and partners for a National Day of Action on March 21, 2023 – 3.21.23! Together we demand banks stop funding climate chaos. 📢📢💃🏾💃🏾💃💃🪧🪧🎵🎵


    • WHEN:     Tuesday, March 21, 2023, 11am – 1pm CDT
    • WHERE:   10 S Dearborn St, Chicago, IL 60603 

Over the past year, thousands have taken the Banking on Our Future pledge to close our accounts, cut up our credit cards, and boycott Bank of America, Chase, Citibank, and Wells Fargo if they don’t move their investments out of fossil fuels. On 3.21.23, we gather to show the strength of our movement!

You don’t need to be a cardholder to participate––we need people of all backgrounds and means to make visible the connection between cash and carbon. Bring your friends, energy, and creativity!


SATURDAY, MARCH 18TH, 11 A.M. CENTRAL @ THE WRIGLEY BLDG, 400-410 Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611 

Click here to register!

Join CAPA in solidarity with CODEPINK, ANSWER Coalition, the People’s Forum, and friends in Chicago to protest on the 20th anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq. The demonstrations will make connections between the human and financial toll of U.S. militarism at home and abroad. Key demands include:

      • End the $100 Billion in arms shipments to Ukraine
      • End NATO
      • Stop the permanent war economy that funnels trillions of dollars away from jobs, education and health care
      • Negotiations now! The people of the U.S. are not interested in the possibility of nuclear war nor the Pentagon’s policy of “weakening Russia.”
      • No to war with China!

See you on March 18th!  📢📢🪧🪧📢📢🪧🪧📢📢🪧🪧📢📢🪧🪧


JOIN CAPA LOYOLA and the Feminist Forum on Thursday, March 16th for an in-person Build a Blanket event!

All blankets will be donated for the use of Chicago residents at shelter facilities throughout the city.

    • WHEN:      Thursday, March 16th, 2023, from 4-6 P.M. CT 
    • WHERE:    206 Cuneo Hall; 6430 N Kenmore Ave, Chicago, IL 60626

Learn how to create a blanket with us as we gather to prioritize community care, as part of a larger discussion on resources for all and housing as a human right. See you on Thursday March 16th!

Join CAPA in solidarity with CODEPINK on International Women’s Day 2023 as we come together to discuss the core values and missions of a feminist foreign policy, what we as feminists need to do in the ongoing rise of violence, hatred and environmental crisis and how we can engage locally and globally to stand in solidarity with one another. 


We will have a series of webinars throughout the day to engage online with our local and global communities. By registering for this event, you will get a link to all three webinars!

1.) Morning Webinar 9am PST/11am CST/12pm EST – IWD Kick off, discussing what events are happening, online actions and any tool kits to use for the day, speeches from global voices

2.) Midday webinar 2pm PST/4pm CST/5pm EST – online action we can do together during the webinar, speeches from global voices

3.) End of day webinar 6pm PST/8pm CST/9pm EST- reflections from the day, with live reflections and recorded speeches from national voices, plug ongoing actions and events to continue to follow!


    • When:      Friday March 3, 2023, from 2-4 P.M. Central
    • Where:     610-30 W Adams St, Chicago, IL 60606 US


On March 3rd, at 2 PM Central, environmental activist organizations from the upper Midwest will be joining forces at the next Global Climate Strike in downtown Chicago! Organized by Fridays for Future Chicago and others.

Join us to demand an end to Fossil Fuel Financing at BP Headquarters at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Building and at the Chase Tower! We will be starting at Heritage Green Park and ending at the Kluczynski Federal Building, with an amazing lineup of speakers, activities, and environment-oriented music playlists to energize our voices calling for change.

See you in the streets!



Join us in celebrating a historic step forward for public safety in Chicago: the election of police district councils which will give our communities control over how and to what extent policing occurs. Due to years of organizing by local groups like Chicago Alliance for Racist & Political Repression and others, ECPS-backed candidates won in a majority of districts! 

The Empowering Communities for Public Safety (ECPS) ordinance that created the councils and the Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability (CCPSA) follows a decade of organizing spurred by the 2012 killing of 22-year-old Rekia Boyd by Dante Servin, an off-duty police detective. Years of struggle followed, culminating in the creation of ELECTED, not appointed, police district councils. In all, 66 community members are elected, with 3 members from each of 22 police districts.

Many who organize for peace and justice believe these police district council elections are a watershed moment for systems of public safety in the U.S. Long-time Chicago organizer Frank Chapman states in this Fightback News article: “The district council elections in February 2023 will make the greatest democratic advance in the right of the people to determine their own public safety based on their long-standing quest for freedom, justice, and equality.”

So help us celebrate this moment, and follow the work of the new police district councils to transform community safety in Chicago!

CAPA is excited to raise awareness of a historic step forward for public safety in Chicago: the election of police district councils which will give our communities control over how and to what extent policing occurs. As explained in this Chicago Reader article:

“After decades of struggle by thousands of people who organized, marched, petitioned, prayed, and collectively clamored for the right to have a say in how their communities are policed, on February 28th, voters will elect 66 people to serve on police district councils across the city.

“The battle for community control of the police has been waged for more than a half-century. Deputy chairman Fred Hampton and the Black Panther Party sparked the first push in the late 1960s. In the decades since, organizers have won incremental concessions, leading to [policing oversight boards]. None of the people serving on them were democratically elected. The police district councils will be elected. Three councilors will serve in each of the city’s 22 police districts for four-year terms.”

The Empowering Communities for Public Safety (ECPS) ordinance that created the councils and the CCPSA is the result of a decade of organizing spurred by the 2012 killing of 22-year-old Rekia Boyd by Dante Servin, an off-duty police detective. Years of struggle followed, leading to modest gains. The Chicago Reader explains further:

“Everything changed in 2020, as protests of the murder of George Floyd by then-Minneapolis officer Derek Chauvin swept the nation. In Chicago and elsewhere, the rebellions (and the police response to them) turned into a long, hot summer. In its midst, the Grassroots Alliance for Police Accountability and the Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression formed a coalition, Empowering Communities for Public Safety.

“With thousands of ordinary people at its back and in the streets, the coalition negotiated the language of the ECPS ordinance with the mayor. It passed in 2021.”

Many movement leaders believe these elections are a watershed moment for systems of public safety in the U.S. Long-time Chicago organizer Frank Chapman states in this Fightback News article: “The district council elections in February 2023 will make the greatest democratic advance in the right of the people to determine their own public safety based on their long-standing quest for freedom, justice, and equality.”

Early voting begins on Thursday, January 26th at the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners supersite, and on Monday, February 13th in all 50 wards.  Jump to police district council candidates here.   Make sure you and your networks are tuned in to this moment of transformation!


Marking the one-year anniversary of the current war in Ukraine, on Feb. 24th, join with others in the Defuse Nuclear War coalition to call on the United States to LEAD WITH DIPLOMACY instead of escalation to end the war.  Defuse Nuclear War co-sponsors and organizers are participating today in cities across the U.S., taking action in person, on line, and on the phone. CAPA and local partners are calling for online messages and a massive phone call-in to Congresspeople today. Please see the actions below!


💻……Action #1: SEND MESSAGE – Tell Congress to investigate the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipeline.

💻……Action #2: SEND MESSAGE – Tell Congress to lead with diplomacy, not escalation.

💻……Action #3: SEND MESSAGE – Tell Congress to invest in people, not nuclear weapons.

📱……Action #4: CALL – Call Congress requesting a public statement in support of a ceasefire and peace negotiations:

          •  Congressional Switchboard: (202) 224-3121

Sample script: “My name is ______ and I’m calling from zip code __ to request you issue a public statement in support of a ceasefire and peace negotiations to end the war in Ukraine. Please vote no on more weapons to escalate the war. I would like to receive a response on whether or not you plan to release a public statement. Please reach me at my phone number, ______. Thank you.”

WHY AND HOW TO END THE WAR IN UKRAINE — February 15th, online, 7-8:30 P.M. Central 



Please join us online on Wednesday, February 15th, 2023 at 7 P.M. Central, for a webinar and discussion, “Why and How to End the War in Ukraine” – organized by Chicago Area Peace Action and co-sponsored by Black Alliance for Peace, Chicago Alliance Against Racist & Political Repression, Chicago Area Peace Action DePaul, Chicago Committee Against War & Racism, CODEPINK, Independent Progressive Alliance, Jewish Voice for Peace, Massachusetts Peace Action, North Carolina Peace Action, Party for Socialism and Liberation, RootsAction, and World BEYOND War.

Featuring presentations by Marcy Winograd of CODEPINK, Jacqueline Luqman of Black Agenda Report, and retired Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, we will focus specifically on the WHY and HOW of ending this war. 

Hundreds of thousands dead, countless more wounded, millions displaced, and Ukraine – the “breadbasket” of Europe and the world – ravaged by a senseless and needless war, yet our elected political leaders in the U.S, aided and abetted by a compliant mainstream media and a feckless Congress, pursue an evermore dangerous escalation in a conflict where no one wins and everybody loses.

The invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces a year ago shocked the world, but the roots of the conflict go back years.  The US/NATO and Russia face-off over Ukraine has produced an ongoing disaster that has global ramifications risking, at worst, a nuclear Armageddon, while currently causing shortages of food, fuel and other basics throughout the region and beyond. An immediate stop to the supply of arms, a ceasefire, and negotiations based on realistic expectations by all sides could be the multipart plan to bring peace to Ukraine and the European continent.

Furthermore, we need to bring an end to the unrelenting geopolitical brinkmanship and pursuit of global hegemony.  We need to stop spending trillions on weapons of war and on U.S. military forces stationed around the globe.  We need an urgent pivot toward tackling the existential problems of climate change, environmental degradation, and the economic inequality prevailing in populations in our own country and around the world.

It is up to US, all of us who believe in peace, justice, and equality, to unite and demand that this war end!

See you on February 15th!


Register Here!

JOIN CAPA in attending an educational event online, Wednesday, February 8th, 2023 at 6 P.M. central: “It’s Time to Build a Supranational System of Governance: An Indispensable Foundation for Peace, featuring Sovaida Ma’ani Ewing and hosted by Peace Action New York State and Upper Hudson Peace Action!

Against the backdrop of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, escalating great power tension, and the growing climate crisis, there exists an enduring vision and roadmap for global justice and peace. Some of the world’s greatest minds have shared this inspiring vision. This timeless idea is about creating a supranational system of global governance.

On February 8th at 6 pm CDT, we will join our friends at Upper Hudson Peace Action and Peace Action New York State in discussing this powerful plan to realize world peace with Sovaida Ma’ani Ewing, a world renowned author, speaker, and international lawyer. Ms. Ewing is also the founding director of the Center for Peace and Global Governance (CPGG) and has published five books on world peace and global governance. 

We hope to see you there!

SUNDAY, JAN. 29TH, 2023, 11-2 P.M. Central, Loyola Red Line Stop: CANVASS WITH BOEING ARMS GENOCIDE to Stop IL from Funding a Boeing Drone Facility!

Boeing Arms Genocide will be hitting the pavement on Sunday, Jan. 29th, to tell the community about the soon-to-open military drone facility in IL — and what we can do to stop it!

We will provide a canvassing training with all the necessary info on the campaign and materials. All you need to bring is yourself and your passion for stopping Boeing’s ongoing militarism in IL communities, which destroys lives around the world. We are organizing to tell Gov. Pritzker that IL taxpayer resources can be better spent on life-affirming projects that uplift rather than destroy communities.

See you on Jan. 29th!

SATURDAY, JAN. 28TH, 2023, 10 A.M. – 5 P.M. Central, online: INT’L PEOPLE’S TRIBUNAL ON U.S. IMPERIALISM!

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!  (Note: to watch online, you may be directed to subscribe to the People’s Forum youtube page–>)

After two years of dedicated organizing, the People’s Forum are excited to officially announce the launch of the International People’s Tribunal on U.S. Imperialism: Sanctions, Blockades, and Economic Coercive Measures. This project is a first ever international effort to build systems of accountability—rooted in global cross-movement solidarity—both within and outside of the law, to challenge the violence of imperialism through sanctions. With an impressive group of internationally renowned jurists from across the world, we interrogate sanctions not from the perspective of those who enforce them, but from the perspective of those most impacted by them, namely the peoples of Asia, Africa, and South America.

This initial half-day forum will take place as a hybrid event offered in-person and online. The in-person offering is located at 320 W 37th St, New York, NY 10018, hosted by an international coalition of over 30 organizations. Overall, the Tribunal will last for approximately six months and will conclude with a closing event hosted by the Simón Bolívar Institute in Caracas, Venezuela in July 2023.

Co-sponsors include: Al-Awda, Alliance for Global Justice, ANSWER, Black Alliance for Peace, CODEPINK, COLAP, CPK, Committee of Anti-Imperialists in Solidarity with Iran, Foundation Franz Fanon, IADL, Institute Simon Bolivar, National Lantern Guild, Palestinian Alternative Revolutionary Path Movement, Samidoun, Sanctions Kill, Tricontinental, and more.


The 2023 “Reducing the Threat of Nuclear War” Conference will be held virtually on Saturday January 21st, 12-5P.M. Central. This annual gathering is one of the major national conferences addressing this acute problem.  


Given the tragic events in Ukraine, tensions with China over Taiwan, and provocations from North Korea, we need to accelerate effort toward clear analysis, peaceful resolutions and nuclear disarmament. The subtheme this year will be “The Social and Economic Costs of the Nuclear Weapons Buildup”. Particular attention will be given to the destructive effect of excessive weapons spending on human needs.  Attendees will also be able to choose one Breakout in the first set (2 P.M. Central) and one in the second set (3:30 P.M. Central).

Breakouts Group I (2:00 – 3:00 pm):

    • (A)  Advancing Back from the Brink -Dr. Joseph McCabe (GBPSR); Dr. Ira Helfand (PSR); Jeremy Love (Back from the Brink). Reporter Susan Entin.
    • (B)  Resisting a New Cold War with China: John Ratliff (Mass Peace Action); Joseph Gerson (Campaign for Peace, Disarmament and Common Security); Wei Yu (CodePINK). Reporter-Steve Gallant
    • (C)  Cutting Budgets for Nuclear Weapons– David Borris (CAPA); Paul Shannon (AFSC); Savannah Wooten (People over the Pentagon); Sayre Sheldon (WAND); William Hartung (Quincy Institute). Reporter-Louise Coleman
    • (D)  Addressing the Housing Crises: Build Homes Not Bombs: Jodie Evans (CodePINK); Michael Kane (Alliance of HUD Tenants); Savina Martin (Mass Poor Peoples Campaign); State Rep Mike Connolly; Sr. Linda Bessom ( Pax Christi). Reporter Drew King.
    • (E)  No Wars No Warming: Vernon Walker (CREW-350MA); Ed Aguilar (CPA-PA); Rosalie Anders (MAPA); Teddy Ogborn (CodePINK). Reporter-Pat Hynes
    • (F)  Promoting Nuclear Disarmament in the Congressional Progressive Caucus and Progressive Organizations – Elaine Scarry (CPDCS); Jackie Cabasso (Mayors for Peace); Vicki Elson (; Russell Freedman (PDA); Cherrill Spencer (WILPF); Reporter-Cynthia MacBain.
    • (G)  Supporting Veterans: Bonnie Gorman (Veterans for Peace and MAPA); Gerry Condon (Veterans for Peace); Roger Quindell (WI Vets for Peace); Jim Anderson (PANYS). Reporter-Mike Van Elzakker
    • (H)  Contacting Young People Advocating for Peace. Alex Neilly (Northeastern University); Peter Bergel (Oregon); Christian Ciobanu (Nuclear Age Peace Foundation); Roni Zahavi-Brunner (PANYS); Calla Walsh (MAPA); Alan Robock (Rutgers). Reporter Merri Ansara

Breakouts Group II (4:30 – 5:30 pm):

    • (I)  Interplay of Racism and Militarism at Home and Abroad: Rosemary Kean (MAPA); Liz Bejjalieh (CAPA); Vaughn Goodwin (MA PPC); Jeff Klein (Dorchester People for Peace); Reporter –Bonnie Gorman
    • (J)  Promoting the TPNW within the US – Timmon Wallis (Nuclear Ban -US); Dave Pack (Peace Action Kansas City); Sally Jones (PANYS); Molly McGinity (IPPNW);Ray Acheson (WILPF). Reporter Kathy Malley-Morrison
    • (K)  Promoting Peace Between the Koreas – Colleen Moore (Women Across the DMZ); Mike van Elzakker  (MAPA); Seung Hee Jeon (New England Koreans for Peace). Reporter-Joseph Gerson
    • (L)  Pressing for Negotiations in Ukraine – Marcy Winograd (CODEPINK); Susan Mirsky (MAPA); Cole Harrison (MAPA); Frances Jeffries (Rotary). Reporter- Danaka Katovich
    • (M)  Divestment and Direct Action focused on the Nuclear Weapons industry – David Swanson & Greta Zarro (World Beyond War); Rev. Paul Dordal (PA); Susi Snyder (Don’t Bank on the Bomb); Shea Lebow (CodePINK); Bill Glassmire (Corvallis Divests from War). Reporter- Paul Shannon.
    • (N)  Working with Nurses, Public Health Professionals and Healthcare Workers -Fund Healthcare not Warfare. Dr. Bob Gould (APHA); Sandy Eaton (MassCARE); Anne Cheney (APHA Peace Caucus); Cate Henning (MAPA); Katie Murphy (Mass Nurses Assoc); Martin Fleck (PSR). Reporter – Peter Bergel.
    • (O)  Campus Education and Organizing- Invest in Minds not Missiles. Prof. Bob Redwine (MIT); Roni Zahavi-Brunner (PANYS); CAPA Student; Luissa Vahedi (Am Public Health Assn); Reporter-Steve Slaner.
    • (P)  Promoting Peace in Municipal and State Legislatures; MA State Rep Carol Doherty; Sen. Jamie Eldridge (Mass Legislature); Tara Currie (Brooklyn for Peace ); Dennis Carlone (Cambridge City Council); Reporter Cherrill Spencer.
    • (Q)  Engaging Communities of Faith /Promoting Pope Francis’ Encyclical -Mike Moran (Pax Christi); Keith Harvey (AFSC); Sofia Wolman (Inside the Sun); John Bach (Cambridge Quakers). Reporter- Peter Metz


Join us Join us! January 20th 12:00 PM – 12:30 PM at 230 S. Dearborn Street, in honoring the life of movement leader Joye Braun by Demanding Biden Stop fossil fuel projects & Declare a Climate Emergency!

RSVP here! 

This year, our movement and our world lost Joye Braun, a true warrior and force of nature. In her honor, we are participating in a nationwide mass day of action on January 20th to push the President to take bold climate action. We will be holding it live and digitally! For the Digital, click here. Please share them on your platforms. Watch for our posts to share or retweet.

For the in-person event, we will be at the Kluczynski Federal Building for a quick Action and photo op, live tweeting @Potus telling him Declare a Climate Emergency and Stop Line 5!


  1. Our friends at the Institute for Nonviolence Chicago are holding a community-building event on Monday, January 16th, 2023 from 10 A.M.-1 P.M. Central, at 819 N. Leamington Street. There will be a two-hour introduction to Dr. King’s Principles and Steps of Nonviolence, then putting the beloved community into action by assembling essential items for distribution in the community. 

See you there!

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s peace activism can inspire people of all backgrounds to seek radical peace through dismantling U.S. militarism, poverty, and racism — more urgent than ever in 2023.

Several local faith-based communities will gather to honor Dr. King’s legacy on Sunday, January 15th at 3 P.M. Central, for the 2023 MLK Interfaith Community Worship Service, held at Faith Temple Church of God in Christ, 1932 Dewey Ave, Evanston.

Co-Sponsors include: Second Baptist Church, Unitarian Church of Evanston, First United Methodist Church, Lake Street Church, Faith Temple Church of God in Christ, Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation, 1st Congregation Church, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, St. Mark;’s Episcopal Church, Northminster Presbyterian Church, Grace Lutheran Church, Beth Emet the Free Synagogue, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Christ Temple Baptist Church, Ebenezer AME Church, Bethel AME Church, New Hope CME Church, First Church of God Christian Life Center, Evanston Church of God, Bethany Baptist Church of Christ, Mt. Zion Baptist Church

Including a special presentation to the Reparations Stakeholders Authority of Evanston. 

Please join CAPA and friends on Thursday, January 12th, 2023 from 7:00-8:30 P.M. Central for a virtual event hosted by Roots Action, as we celebrate the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.: “DIPLOMACY IS THE PATH TO PEACE.”

Click here to register!

A key focus will be this statement by Dr. King during his 1964 Nobel Peace Prize speech: “I refuse to accept the cynical notion that nation after nation must spiral down a militaristic stairway into the hell of thermonuclear destruction.”

Featuring: the Reverend Dr. Liz Theoharis, Pastor Michael McBride, Judith LeBlanc, Dan Ellsberg, Khury Petersen-Smith, David Swanson, Norman Solomon and Hanieh Jodat. 

See you there!


Please join CAPA in celebrating a victory for IL gun legislation — IL has passed a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines!

The Protect Illinois Communities Act is the result of hard work from groups like People for a Safer Society, IL Alliance to Prevent Gun Violence, Moms Demand Action, March for Our Lives, Everytown, One Aim IL. Groups like these who lead on this issue are calling out to celebrate. 🎊🎊🎊🎊

“This moment is the result of the dedication and leadership of hundreds of survivors, advocates and organizations that lent their voice to this fight to help enact what is now one of the strongest pieces of gun safety legislation in the country,” said Protect Illinois Communities Chair and President Becky Carroll.

“We now live in a state that cares more about children than guns.” -Rachel Jacoby of March for Our Lives. Follow the work of IL gun violence prevention groups!

The Protect Illinois Communities Act, or House Bill 5471, had recently passed both the IL House and IL Senate and was signed into law by Governor Pritzker. 

“Illinois joins other states with the strongest assault weapons ban in the nation sending the message that lives are valued over guns,” said state Rep. La Shawn K. Ford (D-Chicago).

“Gun violence anywhere is a threat to wellbeing everywhere. In Illinois, lawmakers, advocates, and gun violence survivors stood together and worked for decisive, protective change,” said Lt. Governor Juliana Stratton.

Read more about the news here!

CAPA  is happy to announce a recent breakthrough from our friends at People for a Safer Society:

Update and Action Items! — We went to Springfield and were HEARD!

The Illinois House has passed the Protect Illinois Communities Act, with some changes. While high-capacity magazines were redefined as holding 12 or more rounds (as opposed to 10) and the age restrictions were dropped — most of the bill remains intact. You can read about it hereNow the debate moves to the IL Senate.

What can YOU do?

1.) Call and email YOUR IL State Senator to encourage a YES VOTE on The Protect Illinois Communities Act!  Here’s how:

EMAIL: Click to send your IL State Senator an email

CALL: Click here to find your State Senator and their phone numbers. The senators listed below especially need to hear from constituents.

Senator Chris Belt – 57th District
Senator John Curran -41st District
Senator Napoleon Harris – 15th District
Senator Suzy Glowiak Hilton – 24th District
Senator Linda Holmes – 42nd District
Senator Patrick Joyce – 40th District
Senator Eric Mattson – 43rd District
Senator Steve Stadelman – 34th District
Senator Doris Turner – 48th District

Please use a personalized version of this script:
  • “Hello, my name is _______, and I am a constituent in your district. I am calling to encourage you to vote YES for the Protect Illinois Communities Act. I believe this commonsense legislation takes simple steps to curb gun violence throughout our state.
  • “By banning future sales of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, we will be eliminating the weapon most often used in mass shootings.
  • “By tackling gun trafficking, we can curb the flow of guns into Illinois, which accounts for half of the guns used in crimes in our state.
  • “By extending the length of firearms restraining orders from 6 months to a year, we can allow difficult situations the time they need to resolve before they become deadly.
  • “Please vote YES for this legislation and be a part of the solution for gun violence in Illinois.” 

2.) Be on the lookout for witness slip information coming soon!

Thank you for taking action to reduce gun violence in IL!

Dear CAPA Members and Friends,

We start the new year with some good news! The Biden Administration is proposing and implementing stricter rules to reduce methane emissions from oil and gas installations. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is taking the lead on this important initiative by requiring mandates for regular inspections at all oil drilling sites to monitor their methane emissions.

The EPA has also ruled that oil and gas operators must monitor 300,000 of the country’s largest well sites on a quarterly basis to detect and fix leaks.  In addition, the EPA will create a program to detect the biggest methane-emitting sites using government data or remote advanced technology so that operators can detect leaks quickly and repair them faster. The recently passed Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) will support these new rules by significantly increasing the financial penalties on oil and gas locations who have allowed leaked methane to occur. The EPA is expected to finalize these rules by early 2023 after receiving input from hearings that will take place this month. 

This is where you come in!

We encourage you to send your written comments to the EPA by clicking below. Here is a draft of suggested comments. You can use all or part of this draft or develop your own based on the information provided above.


Thank you for raising your voice to the EPA in your comments. This is a major step in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We must outnumber the industry voices at these hearings. Let’s do it for our children and our grandchildren.

Join the CAPA Climate Group in taking action to protect the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act, which is currently under attack in Illinois!


From our friends at Illinois Environmental Council: “Radical campaigns to ban— that’s right, ban— local clean energy projects in Illinois have picked up steam, and we need your help to stop them. We fought for nearly three straight years to pass the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act, aka CEJA. Just as the many benefits we’ve been excited about are beginning to take effect, we must band together to defend the progress we’ve made toward our clean and equitable future.

The IL General Assembly must take swift legislative action to defend CEJA and stop these bad-faith attack campaigns before it’s too late. Please help us build support to end these bans by asking your legislators to support legislation that does the following:

  • removes overburdensome local bans and siting regulations 
  • prioritizes protections for endangered species and natural areas
  • encourages good conservation practices at clean energy sites”

Click here to contact your legislators in support of local clean energy projects! 

Tuesday, Dec. 20th, 2022, at 1 P.M. Central, 7pm Nigeria time, online: JOIN CAPA and friends in attending “AFRICOM Out of Africa.”


Join CAPA for this event hosted by CODEPINK and the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF)-US Section: AFRICOM out of Africa, a webinar on the United States African Command (AFRICOM) and human rights in Africa! We will hear from experts on Africa and AFRICOM. After an exchange of views and the insights discussion will explore what can be done to affect current conditions, increase feminist peacemaking and support the liberation of peoples on the African continent.


  • Sylvie Ndongmo, current WILPF International President, a human rights and peace leader with over 27 years experience including ten within WILPF. Sylvie is the founder of WILPF Cameroon and was the Section’s president until 2022. 
  • Doctor Gnaka Lagoke an Assistant Professor of history and of Pan-Africana Studies at Lincoln University (PA).
  • Bro. Imani Umoja, based in Guinea Bissau, Steering Committee of Black Alliance for Peace’s U.S. Out of Africa Network, and a Central Committee member of both the African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde (PAIGC) and the All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (A-APRP).
  • Ann Wrightrepresenting WILPF US, one of only three persons who resigned from the U.S. government in opposition to the Iraq war. Since then, she has been writing and speaking out for peace. 

The webinar will offer action opportunities for people to take steps to get the US out of Africa!

JOIN the CAPA Climate Group in thanking Senators Duckworth and Durbin for rejecting Senator Joe Manchin’s third attempt to attach a fossil-fuel deal onto national legislation!


As reported in Common Dreams:  The U.S. climate movement and people on the frontlines of the planetary crisis celebrated Thursday (Dec. 15th, 2022) after the U.S. Senate declined to add Sen. Joe Manchin’s fossil fuel-friendly permitting bill to a military spending package. While the $858 billion National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) was ultimately approved, the West Virginia Democrat’s amendment fell short of the 60 votes needed to include his Building American Energy Security Act

The 47-47 vote in the Senate Thursday evening came after two earlier defeats: once when the bill was left out of the NDAA draft last week; and once in September, when Manchin asked Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) to remove a previous version from stopgap funding legislation. “The people have triumphed over the polluters once again,” said People vs. Fossil Fuels, a national coalition of over 1,200 organizations. “Sen. Manchin’s dirty deal was a direct assault on frontline communities and the environmental laws that protect our air, water, climate, and public health.”

While President Biden reiterated his support for Manchin’s proposal, provoking widespread outrage, 47 Senators refused. And while the passing of the bipartisan NDAA itself seriously undermines climate justice, with the U.S. military being Earth’s single largest polluting entity, Sen. Manchin’s bill would have unleashed further projects for corporate profit without community oversight. 

Click here to thank Senators Duckworth and Durbin for their stance on Manchin’s bill AND ask that they continue to reject Manchin’s future attempts to re-introduce and re-attach this legislation. Manchin is expected to try including it for the 4th time during the upcoming vote to raise the debt ceiling for one year.

Saturday, DEC. 10TH, 12Noon – 2 P.M. Central, online: Join CAPA and friends in attending “SANCTIONS: A WRECKING BALL IN A GLOBAL ECONOMY”


Join CAPA‘s Foreign Policy Working Group in attending a live discussion with authors of the new anthology:SANCTIONS: A Wrecking Ball in a Global Economy.” Intensifying US sanctions on 40+ nations, impacting a third of humanity, are sending shock waves through the world economy. Peace and justice advocates worldwide are contesting this brutal form of economic warfare on civilian populations.

Presented by the SanctionsKill Campaign, this discussion will include: Ajamu Baraka of Black Alliance for Peace, Erica Jung of Nodutdol Korean Community Development, Carlos Martinez of International Manifesto Group, Lee Siu Hin of China-US Solidarity Network, Judy Bello of Syria Support Movement & UNAC, Ann Garrison of Pacifica & Black Agenda Report, Rick Sterling of Task Force on the Americas, Sara Flounders of International Action Center.

JOIN CAPA and friends for an all-day event on Friday, DEC. 9TH, 2022…. Build 2 Heal, the kick-off event for a local movement to push back the dominant narrative about people in communities directly impacted by criminalization, violence, and incarceration. It brings together activists, spoken word performers, musicians, visual artists, educators, and witnessing by directly impacted subject matter experts.


  • WHEN:  December 9, 2022, 11:30 AM to 8:30 PM
  • WHERE: NEIU Carruthers Center for Inner City Studies (CCICS)
  •                 700 E Oakwood Blvd, Chicago, IL 60653
  • WHO: Free Admission to all – Donations Welcome! Refreshments will be served

Build 2 Heal is a Collaborative Event organized by and with The Institute for Nonviolence Chicago, Chicago Coalition for The Homeless, Chicago HipHop Heritage Museum, N The Spirit, Books Over Balls, Sydney Jackson, One Aim, PNAP (The Prison + Neighborhood Arts/Education Project), G.O.D.(Giving Others’ Dreams), and Formerly Incarcerated Standing Together (F.I.S.T.). 

Build 2 Heal is dedicated to improving community safety through non-violence, restorative justice, and criminal justice transformation efforts, in the spirit of formal and informal cross-cultural and intersectional alliance-building by, with, and for denizens of Chicago.

Build 2 Heal envisions community healing from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and post-incarceration syndrome (PICS) experienced in our city’s communities when the realities are shared through the looking glass that art provides. 

“Art opens the closets, airs out the cellars and attics. It brings healing” –-Julia Cameron

Join the CAPA Climate Group in this action alert from our friends at Nuclear Energy Information Service calling for legislators to: 1) Reject Section 310 of the Senate FY 2023 Energy and Water Appropriations Bill; and 2) Stop Senator Joe Manchin’s new “Dirty Deal” pipeline bill!

1.)  Reject Section 310 of the Senate FY 2023 Energy and Water Appropriations Bill:

NEIS has provided a helpful factsheet from NIRS (Nuclear Info and Resource Service) in opposition to this provision — which would authorize currently illegal, expensive, and unnecessary “centralized interim storage” facilities for high-level radioactive wastes (HLRW) in Texas and New Mexico. It could also trigger thousands of unsafe HLRW shipments on our roads, rails, and waterways. Both of these have major environmental justice implications. Send an email to your Senators and Representatives HERE, then make a further impact by calling!

Call Script:  “Hi, my name is ____, and I’m from ____. As your constituent, I urge Congress to reject Section 310 of the FY 2023 Energy and Water Appropriations. Please tell House and Senate Leaders, Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer, to remove Sec. 310 from the Senate Energy and Water Appropriations legislation. “

  • Sen. Tammy Duckworth [202-224-2854]
  • Sen. Dick Durbin [202-224-2152]
  • Rep. Mike Quigley [202-225-4061]
  • Rep. Jan Schakowsky [202-225 2111]
  • Rep. Brad Schneider [202-225-4835]
  • Your representative in Congress– find the number at this link.

2.) Stop Senator Joe Manchin’s effort to pass a “Dirty Deal” pipeline bill

Senator Joe Manchin is once again trying to pass his “Dirty Deal.” We stopped it once, now we need to fight to stop it again. This time, he’s trying to attach the deal to the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act). Pressure from climate justice groups has convinced legislators to reject his initial attempts this week, so Sen. Manchin is now trying to alter the bill until he can get it attached. It’s another classic attempt by Big Oil to sneak fossil fuel expansion through must-pass legislation. Tell our legislators not to accept it in any form!

Call Script: “Hi, my name is ____, and I’m from ____. As your constituent, I’m deeply concerned about any legislation that would fast-track fossil fuel projects, hurt our climate, and sacrifice communities. I’m urging you to vote NO on ANY rule that would advance Manchin’s dirty pipeline deal.”

  • Sen. Tammy Duckworth [202-224-2854]
  • Sen. Dick Durbin [202-224-2152]
  • Rep. Mike Quigley [202-225-4061]
  • Rep. Jan Schakowsky [202-225 2111]
  • Rep. Brad Schneider [202-225-4835]
  • Your representative in Congress– find the number at this link.

Thank you for rising up with CAPA and partners to protect people and planet!

Join the CAPA Loyola Student Chapter online on Tuesday, Dec. 6th, 2022, from 6:30-7:30 P.M Central, for a film screening and discussion of “YEMEN’S DIRTY WAR.”

[*Note: contact for info on how to join the Zoom call!]

The U.S. is actively supplying weapons and logistics to a Saudi Arabia-led coalition to attack and blockade Yemen’s cities and ports. From filmmaker DW Documentary: “At least 370,000 people have already died in the Yemen conflict, and millions have been displaced…. The United Nations ranks the bloody proxy war and its effects as the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.”

One of CAPA Loyola’s main campaigns is to bring awareness to the ongoing crisis in Yemen, and inspire people to take action. We invite all CAPA members to join CAPA Loyola for this one-hour event, Tuesday Dec. 6th!

JOIN US online on Wednesday, NOV. 30TH @ 7 P.M. CST for a discussion of how to end war in Ukraine and avert nuclear apocalypse!


JOIN CAPA in attending a timely webinar from our friends at Roots Action, “Ending the War in Ukraine, Not Life on Earth,” featuring a wide-ranging panel of experts! Contrary to what most U.S. media reports, the peace movement has numerous practical proposals for ending war while protecting people’s rights–tune in with us to hear more.

Special Guest Panelists:

photo of Mandy CarterMandy Carter: Mandy Carter is a southern African-American lesbian activist engaged in social, racial, and LGBTQ justice organizing since 1967. 

photo of Dennis KucinichDennis Kucinich: Dennis Kucinich served in the U.S House of Representatives for Ohio’s 10th Congressional District for 16 years, during which he was a leading Congressmember on issues of peace and ending war

Michael McBride: Pastor Michael McBride (known as “Pastor Mike”) is a native of San Francisco &  is one of the national leaders in the movement to implement public health & community centered gun violence prevention programs.

photo of Khury Petersen-SmithKhury Petersen-Smith: Khury Petersen-Smith researches U.S. empire, borders, and migration. Khury is one of the co-authors and organizers of the 2015 Black Solidarity with Palestine statement.

photo of David SwansonDavid Swanson: David Swanson is an author, activist, journalist, and radio host. He is executive director of and campaign coordinator for

photo of Marcy WinogradMarcy Winograd: Marcy Winograd is Coordinator of CODEPINK CONGRESS. Marcy served as a 2020 DNC delegate to Bernie Sanders and co-chairs the End Wars and Occupations Team for Progressive Democrats of America. 

photo of Ann WrightAnn Wright: Ann Wright resigned from the US government in March 2003 in opposition to the US war on Iraq. Since then, she has been challenging US wars and foreign policy. 

photo of Ryan BlackRyan Black: Ryan Black is RootsAction Organizing Coordinator. He is a political organizer and digital marketing professional based in Fort Wayne, Indiana. 

JOIN CAPA and friends in protesting CHASE Bank’s fossil fuel complicity and greenwashing efforts on Black Friday, Nov. 25th, 2022!

WHEN: (Black Friday) Friday, Nov. 25th, 11am-2pm Central
WHERE: Chase Bank, 150 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago


From our friends at Rising Tide Chicago: “Join us on Black Friday to protest Chase Bank greenwashing its image as it profitis immensely from funding fossil fuels, deforestation, and polluting fresh water including Lake Michigan…. Chase Bank can’t be the #1 global funder of fossil fuels and claim to be green at the same time!… Big Banks like Chase have profited from funding fossil fuel companies and deforestation for decades since scientists first sounded alarms about the connection between burning fossil fuels, deforestation and climate change….

“Putting solar panels on office buildings does not make up for funding activities that pump carbon dioxide into our atmosphere and put lives in danger or even worse result in deaths. In order to preserve life on earth, we must cease investments in fossil fuels and deforestation in the very near future and repair our earth. In a just world, Chase Bank (and all the other banks profiting immensely from climate change) would not exist. Climate change is a symptom of an economic system that puts profit and growth for a few above the health of people and ecosystems that sustain life on earth.”

Bring your signs, chants, and energy with us in the streets on Friday Nov. 25th!


Join CAPA in solidarity with ICHRP and the Justice 4 Brandon Lee Coalition in writing to U.S. VP Kamala Harris here, urging justice for victims of violence by the Philippines gov’t under U.S. gov’t support.

VP Harris is visiting the Philippines from Nov. 20-22nd, 2022, legitimizing a Marcos gov’t which targets human rights workers, exploits, and terrorizes indigenous people, just as occurred under Duterte. Urge VP Harris to acknowledge these atrocities, demand accountability, and support the Philippines Human Rights Act!

JOIN the CAPA Climate Group in urging Congress to reject fossil fuel proposals which Senator Joe Manchin wants attached to end-of-year “must-pass” legislation! 


These proposals would undermine bedrock protections in the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and Clean Water Act (CWA), paving the way for dozens of new fossil fuel and mining projects. Senator Manchin’s proposals are clearly written in consultation with the American Petroleum Institute (API) and aim to fast track the development of fossil fuels and mineral mining at the expense of frontline communities. They would limit NEPA and CWA reviews, weakening Tribal consultations and imposing barriers for communities to have their voices heard.

Senator Manchin’s proposals must not be attached to any “must pass” legislation. We need legislators to rally colleagues in both houses of Congress to fight this dangerous legislation. Please click either green button above to contact your legislators. Thank you for your rising with us to prioritize people and planet over fossil-fuel profits.

JOIN CAPA’s Foreign Policy Working Group in viewing the documentary “ITHAKA,” currently entered in the DOCNYC Festival in New York!


ITHAKA focuses on the struggles of Julian Assange’s father, John Shipton, and Julian’s wife, Stella Assange, in their quest to free Julian from maximum security prison in the UK and from the threat of extradition to the US.  

DOCNYC has made this documentary available for streaming online for a fee of $13. If you are concerned about Julian Assange and the basic rights of journalists to tell the truth without persecution, take this opportunity to watch the documentary. 

After you have watched the movie, please vote and give it five stars for the DOCNYC Audience Award. ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Such recognition will enable greater attention on a global basis.  Note: The vote must taken by end of day Nov 17th. Click here for a preview, and click the button below for the full film.

CAPA’s Climate Group is once again teaming up with Vote Forward, this time to encourage voter turnout in Georgia’s Senate run-off election🗳️🗳️🗳️🗳️


Georgia voters will decide who to send to the U.S. Senate by December 6th. This run-off can keep a decidedly more progressive voice in this critical seat for the next six years, as well as reduce Senator Joe Manchin’s power to hold the Senate hostage to fossil fuel demands. 

That is why we again team up with Vote Forward to write letters to registered voters in Georgia, and encourage their participation in the run-off election. And so we are asking you to make one FINAL effort with us.

Go to: and sign up for their letter writing campaign to Georgia voters. When you sign in, they will take you to their Dashboard and you can select how many letters you are willing to write. You print the letters, write, stamp, and mail following their directions. Let us know if you have any questions or need assistance with printing, stamps, or any other aspects–reach us at

Thank you for you work to support participation in this important election!

JOIN US in-person on Friday, NOV. 11TH @ 11 A.M. CST for a Demilitarized Veterans Day/Armistice Day Ceremony in Chicago! Hosted by About Face/Iraq Vets Against the War

….44 E Wacker Dr, Chicago, IL 60601, United States
Veterans Day, Friday, November 11, 2022 | 11AM

Join veterans, students, and union members as they speak out against the war, military industrial complex, workers and the future of the planet. Speakers will be followed by a flower ceremony to remember those whom we’ve lost.
We will gather at 44 E Wacker Dr, Chicago, IL Vietnam Memorial at River Level.

Please RSVP here to indicate that you plan to join, as we build momentum for this event!

JOIN US online, Thursday, November 10th, 2022 at 6 P.M. CST for this urgent virtual teach-in on events in Haiti, “The Crisis Is Imperialism”, hosted by Black Alliance for Peace!


From our friends at Black Alliance for Peace: “What we hear about Haiti today is a distortion—or outright fabrication—of its social and political reality. Much of what’s said about Haiti lacks historical context, especially when it comes to the unrelenting meddling of the foreign agents and institutions, based in a deep racism that presumes that African/Black people are ungovernable while resenting the implications of Haiti’s historical commitment to Black freedom.

“Taking all of this into consideration, the Black Alliance for Peace Haiti/Americas Team is hosting a teach-in on the crisis of imperialism in Haiti. This teach-in will not only focus on direct U.S. action, but also seek to pull back the layers and understand how the United States is increasingly delegating military and other interventionist actions through partner countries in the region, and what this means for the future of sovereignty in Haiti and self-determination for African peoples in the Americas.”

Join BAP for this critical teach-in, and continue the call: “No to Occupation! Yes to Self-Determination in Haiti!”


    • Kimberly Miller


    • David Oxygène, MOLEGHAF in Haiti
    • Jafrikayiti, Canada’s role
    • Christophe Simpson, CARICOM’s role
    • Erica Caines, United State’s role
    • Jemima Pierre, Progressive’s role
    • Tamanisha John, Jamaica and Haiti

Chicagoans have spoken up for justice! 🎉🎉🎉

In the November 8th, 2022 Midterm Elections, a major pro-peace ballot measure in Chicago, the Treatment Not Trauma referendum uplifted by our CAPA DePaul chapter, has overwhelmingly passed in wards where it was on the ballot!

Treatment Not Trauma is a campaign to move funds and tactics away from policing, toward non-police first responses and supports for those experience mental health or substance use crises.

Celebrate this moment with us, as we continue working toward a future with continually less policing, and more healing!

DISSENTERS IS CALLING ON COMMUNITIES all over the U.S. to join a week of direct action, base building, and solidarity for the liberation of people all across the globe! Check out what’s involved:

CLICK HERE to take action!

THIS NOV. 7th-13th, CAPA‘s Defund the Pentagon Campaign invites you to join the Dissenters’ #BoeingArmsGenocide team for a #DivestFromDeath Week of Action! By engaging in direct action that disrupts business as usual, we can reject Boeing’s propaganda and influence public opinion and decision-makers to take power, partnerships, and profit away from Boeing in Illinois. The #BoeingArmsGenocide campaign and partners, led by powerful youth organizers, are rising up to get free, to break the power of the U.S. war industry, and halt the unjust war on communities of color around the world!

1. NOV. 9TH: Join us on Instagram Live! Join us on Wednesday, November 9th at 3:30 PM CST @wearedissenters Instagram Live, along with Resist US-led Wars-Seattle to learn more about how we are taking action against Boeing across the country P.S. You can boost posts about the #DivestFromDeath Week of Action on Instagram and Twitter.


2.  NOV. 10TH: Participate in a Social Media Storm against PARIC, Boeing’s drone factory construction company! Use this toolkit on Thurs, Nov 10th from 12-5 PM CST/1-6 PM EST to participate in our social media storm against PARIC, the construction company slated to build Boeing’s drone factory in Southern Illinois — a drone factory funded by Illinois tax dollars.


3.  NOV. 10TH & 11TH: Canvass with #BoeingArmsGenocide! No canvassing experience or knowledge of the campaign needed! We will gather in community, have a canvassing training, and speak to our neighbors together. Two in-person canvasses: —Thursday, November 10th in Rogers Park 3-5 pm: Meet at PO Box Collective (6900 N Glenwood Ave) at 3 PM! —Friday, November 11th in Hyde Park from 3-5 pm: Meet on the back patio of Cafe 53 (1369 E 53rd St) at 3 PM!


We hope to be Divesting from Death with you all week!  And don’t forget to sign the petition!

JOIN CAPA DEPAUL and friends on Monday, November 7th, 2022, @ 5:30-7:30PM to do virtual Phone Banking for Chicago’s Treatment Not Trauma referendum! Treatment Not Trauma is on the ballot this year in wards throughout Chicago, like the 6th, 20th, and 33rd. It’s important to inform voters about why this kind of legislation is desperately needed. 

CLICK HERE to join us on Monday November 7th!

The Treatment Not Trauma campaign has been working to get a public health care system in Chicago, which entails investing in more mental health services and creating a crisis response program that is serviced by mental health professionals and EMTs rather than police officers. 

On Monday, Nov. 7th from 5:30 – 7:30 P.M. CST, CAPA DePaul will be phone banking to get the TNT referendum passed! Come join us on Zoom by clicking the button below. If you can’t make it on Monday, there are other volunteering options as well. Visit CAPA DePaul’s instagram page for more info and check out leaders of these efforts, including Collaborative for Community Wellness, Defund CPD, and Students Against Incarceration DePaul!

We hope to be with you virtually on Monday, November 7th!

JOIN US from NOV. 7TH-12TH, 2022, in following the work of five Chicago-area high school students who are in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt for this year’s UN Climate Summit, COP27! 

These young activists are in Seven Generations Ahead‘s youth climate advocacy program, It’s Our Future. Keep an eye out for all their COP27 coverage starting Monday, November 7th!  Read more HERE. Seven Generations Ahead has also teamed up with the crew at Climate Generation to host a livestream from the summit at 12pm Central time on Thursday, November 10th. Join us then to help learn out about the ways you can bring the action back home, from the Mideast to the Midwest and beyond —

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER for the students’ Nov. 10th Livestream!

This year’s student delegates come from Evanston Township High School, Oak Park River Forest High School, and Solorio Academy in Chicago. An environmental science, chemistry, and biology teacher from Solorio Academy will also be joining the group. The delegates will be attending the first week of COP27, from November 6th through the 12th. Get to know this year’s student delegates!

CAPA Climate Group invites you to join us for all the coverage here. Follow the Climate Generation Window into COP27 program with policy summaries, video interviews, climate stories and more, visit SGA on Facebook and Instagram, and find the It’s Our Future on Instagram, where students will be posting COP updates daily! 

JOIN US on Thursday, Nov. 3rd, 6:00-7:30 P.M. CT, for a special webinar, “Peace Making In A Time of Endless War,” hosted by World BEYOND War!

This webinar features WBW Board Member John Reuwer, who has recently returned from Ukraine. John will report back on his first-hand observations of the ongoing conflict and share his insights on how we can move forward to push for peace in Ukraine and worldwide. Plus, we will hear from special guest speaker Yurii Sheliazhenko, WBW board member and executive secretary of the Ukrainian Pacifist Movement, based in Kiev, Ukraine. Yurii will speak about peacemaking amidst war in his country.

Click here to register!

About the Speakers:

John Reuwer is treasurer and a member of the board of directors of World BEYOND War. He is a retired emergency physician whose practice convinced him of a crying need for alternatives to violence for resolving tough conflicts. This led him to the informal study and teaching of nonviolence for the last 35 years, with peace team field experience in Haiti, Colombia, Central America, Palestine/Israel, and several US inner cities. He worked in South Sudan with the Nonviolent Peaceforce, one of the few organizations practicing professional unarmed civilian peacekeeping. He also serves on the Committee to Abolish Nuclear Weapons with Physicians for Social Responsibility educating the public and politicians about the threat from nuclear weapons, which he sees as the ultimate expression of the insanity of modern warfare, so blatantly displayed in the current war in Ukraine. John has been a facilitator for World BEYOND War’s online courses “War Abolition 201” and “Leaving World War II Behind.”

Yurii Sheliazhenko, PhD, is a Member of the Board of Directors of World BEYOND War. He is based in Ukraine. Yurii is executive secretary of the Ukrainian Pacifist Movement, a board member of the European Bureau for Conscientious Objection, and a council member of the International Peace Bureau. He obtained a Master of Mediation and Conflict Management degree in 2021 and a Master of Laws degree in 2016 at KROK University. In addition to his participation in the peace movement, he is a journalist, blogger, human rights defender, and legal scholar, an author of academic publications and a lecturer on legal theory and history. He has been a facilitator for World BEYOND War’s online courses. Yurii is a winner of the International Peace Bureau’s 2022 Sean MacBride Peace Prize.

JOIN US on Sunday, October 30th, 12 Noon, at 1101 Ridge Ave., Evanston, IL, to seek U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky’s support for H.R. 2590, the Palestinian Children and Families Act!

After months of pressure, U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky has finally responded to an urgent letter from the U.S. Palestinian Community Network (USPCN) and allies, urging her to sign onto HR 2590 – The Palestinian Children and Families Act.

Unfortunately, in her response, Rep. Schakowsky says that there is “no proof” U.S. aid to Israel is used to support the imprisonment of Palestinian children, and that “any proposed legislation that refers to a just and lasting peace and Palestinian self-determination, but fails to mention a two-state solution, represents a significant and dangerous step backwards for Congress.”

The movement for Palestinian human and civil rights can’t wait on a status quo of inaction.  As violence against Palestinians is escalating, with even Palestinian journalists and doctors being murdered by the IDF in the last few months, we call on all our elected officials to move beyond the ‘Progressive except for Palestine (#PEP)’ stance. The time to support H.R. 2590 is now! Join us for this important action calling for support of HR 2590, in front of Jan Schakowsky’s residence, this upcoming Sunday October 30th at 12 Noon!

#FreePalestine #ProgressiveExceptForPalestine #GazaUnderAttack #WestBank


Join CAPA on Saturday, October 29th, 2022 from 11 A.M.-12 Noon CST, for “Lessons Learned In Effective Peace Activism: Reflections On Norman Cousins’ Life, a virtual Lunch & Learn hosted by Citizens for Global Solutions! 

Click here to register for this FREE event!

Dr. Allen Pietrobon and special guest, Candis Cousins, will reflect on Norman Cousins’ life devoted to peace activism and world federation perspectives. How can we as world citizens follow in his footsteps and carry on his life’s work to make the world a more peaceful place?

Norman Cousins was the editor of the Saturday Review for more than thirty years and had a powerful platform from which to help shape American public debate during the height of the Cold War. Under Cousins’ leadership, the magazine was considered one of the most influential in the literary world. Cousins’ progressive, nonpartisan editorials in the Review earned him the respect of the public and US government officials. But his deep impact on postwar international humanitarian aid, anti-nuclear advocacy, and Cold War diplomacy has been largely unexplored.

Starting in 1945, Cousins mobilized powerful efforts to support victims of the atomic bombing of Japan and of Nazi `medical experiments,’ to foster world federation, to halt nuclear weapons testing and abolish nuclear weapons, to build a mass peace movement in the United States (as founder and co-chair of the National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy), and to end the Vietnam War. At the height of the Cold War, he played a central role in securing the world’s first nuclear arms control agreement (the test ban treaty of 1963) and in securing U.S.-Soviet detente.

JOIN US online on Friday, Oct. 28th, 2022 at 12 Noon …for an essential discussion, “Approaches to Building a Culture of Peace,”  featuring peace views from Russia, Ukraine, and more!
    • Alexander Belik is a lawyer, human rights educator, mediator, one of the leaders of the Russian Movement of Conscientious Objectors.
    • Ellis Brooks is a Peace Education Coordinator at Quakers in Britain.
    • Phill Gittins, PhD in Peace and Conflict Studies, Master of Education with 20 years of educator’s and researcher’s experience, Education Director at the international network World BEYOND War.
    • Yurii Sheliazhenko, PhD in Law, Master of Mediation and Conflict Management, Executive Secretary of the Ukrainian Pacifist Movement, laureate of the Sean MacBride Peace Prize of the International Peace Bureau.
    • Werner Wintersteiner, PhD in Education (focus peace education), University of Klagenfurt in Austria (1997), member of the editorial board of the Journal of Peace Education.
Education at all levels, especially human rights education, is one of the principal means of building a culture of peace, that is, values, attitudes, traditions, behaviors and ways of life based on the practical rejection of violence through education, dialogue and cooperation. This is stated in the Declaration on a Culture of Peace, adopted by the UN General Assembly.
Almost all forms of civic education contain elements of non-violent teaching, including creation of a safe learning environment and development of nonviolent communication skills. Children and teenagers learn to talk instead of fighting. Adults learn effective negotiation and mediation. A culture of peace among people is gradually taking root in our educational systems. It is much more difficult to learn a culture of peace between peoples.

How to study war without militaristic indoctrination? How can we talk about the peaceful resolution of conflicts enshrined in the UN Charter, if the media call to fight for victory at any cost, threatening to punish cooperation with enemies? Is it timely to defend the internationally recognized human right to conscientious objection to military service when a country mobilizes to stand against “fascist” neighbors? Is it possible to criticize the war and the army without disinformation and defeatism, without becoming “useful idiots”? Is it possible to achieve peace by complete destruction of the enemy, and are there other ways to achieve peace? What knowledge, skills and sacrifices will each of these ways require?

We invite you to participate in the discussion “Approaches to building of a culture of peace and critical study of armed conflicts in civic education”, organized by the EENCE Working Group “Research in the field of Civic Education”.

When: October 28th, 2022, 12 Noon CT (8pm Kyiv time)
Working languages: English, Russian

CAPA’s Climate Group thanks everyone for your support in writing letters to potential voters in this mid-term election ending on November 8th, 2022!  🗳️🗳️🗳️🗳️

 As part of CAPA, YOU have helped write nearly 5,000 letters encouraging swing-state voters to participate in our democracy! Vote Forward, the organization we teamed up with, has written five million letters nationally.

Thank you for amplifying people’s participation in democracy nationwide!

Come join CAPA DePaul on Thursday, Oct. 20th, between 4:30-6:30pm in McGowen South 107 at DePaul. We will be discussing the US education system, including harmful censorship of curriculum, attacks on queer and trans students, the uneven distribution of funds, leftist theory, and more!!
There will be coffee, tea, hot cider, cookies, and other snacks. 🙂

Please JOIN US on Tuesday, October 18th, 2022, at 6 P.M. …as Medea Benjamin’s book tour stops in Chicago! Medea will be at Seminary Co-Op Bookstores, 5751 S Woodlawn Ave, Chicago, IL 60637, discussing her new book, “War in Ukraine: Making Sense of a Senseless Conflict.”


Medea Benjamin is cofounder of CODEPINK and a dynamic, renowned leader within the U.S. peace movement. Medea is also a friend of CAPA, and CODEPINK has been an amazing local partner for both CAPA and the CAPA Student Network. Come listen, learn, and share in the discussion!

Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine has attracted widespread condemnation across the West. Government and media circles present the conflict as a simple dichotomy between an evil empire and an innocent victim. In this concise, accessible and highly informative primer, Medea Benjamin and Nicolas Davies insist the picture is more complicated.

Skilfully bringing together the historical record and current analysis, War in Ukraine looks at the events leading up to the conflict, surveys the different parties involved, and weighs the risks of escalation and opportunities for peace. For anyone who wants to get beneath the heavily propagandized media coverage to an understanding of a war with consequences that could prove cataclysmic, reading this timely book will be an urgent necessity.

See you at the Seminary Co-Op!

We’re excited for another October afternoon of activism and community around our beautiful great lakes and watershed.  Can you join us in Elliot Park on Sunday, October 16 from 2-4pm? 
We will have speakers about the fight against Enbridge’s tar sand pipelines Lines 3 and 5, as well as a proposed CO2 pipeline that would run through Illinois.  Listen to music 🎶 from Creative Artists and Activists in Service Together LIVE!, and there will be an open mic 🎤 if you have music or poetry to share. This event is a fundraiser 💸 for the Water Protectors’ Legal Fund. 💦
Bring a chair or blanket, a mask, your water, and a friend.
Hope to see you at the park! (unless it rains)
#WaterIsLife #StopLine3 #StopLine5

CLICK HERE to tell Senators Duckworth and Durbin to TAKE 5 ESSENTIAL ACTIONS NOW for nuclear disarmament!

Then JOIN Buddhist Peace Fellowship, Chicago Area Peace Action, Chicago Committee Against War & Racism, Codepink, and partners as we picket the offices of Sens. Duckworth and Durbin on FRIDAY, OCT. 14th, 11:30 A.M.-12:30 P.M. at Federal Plaza, 230 S. Dearborn, Chicago… 📢 📢 📢 🪧🪧🪧

…as part of a nationwide action organized by Roots Action and Defuse Nuclear War to jumpstart the movement to abolish nuclear weapons! 

On Friday, Oct. 14th, informational picket lines will be held at Congressional offices ACROSS THE U.S., to demand steps to significantly reduce the risk of nuclear war. We will be holding forth on a picket line in Federal Plaza, at the offices of Senators Richard Durbin and Tammy Duckworth.

CLICK HERE TO RSVP!! — and also let your friends know you’re going by rsvp-ing on facebook here! 

If you have any questions, please reach us at!

JOIN CAPA and partners for a 90-minute livestream on Sunday, Oct. 2nd at 1 P.M. Central featuring experts on nuclear disarmament, as groups nationwide look to jump-start the movement to abolish nuclear weapons!


In 1979, the forerunner to Chicago Area Peace Action, the North Suburban Peace Initiative, was formed as part of the burgeoning social movement to stop the madness of nuclear weapons proliferation. While that movement has had some success, most notably turning out the largest in-person demonstration in U.S. history in 1982, when more than 1 million people came to New York’s Central Park to demand nuclear disarmament, it has, of recent years, lost much of its momentum and visibility in the public square. 


The entire world is once again living in extreme anxiety over the possibility of nuclear conflagration, from the frightening rhetoric coming out of the Russia/Ukraine conflict to our lack of ability to re-engage the JCPOA. We are now closer to the possibility of nuclear war than at any point since those alarming 13 days in October 60 years ago — when de-escalation narrowly prevailed over calls for the U.S. and Russia to instigate nuclear war.

Roots Action and Defuse Nuclear War are organizing a national action (in more than a dozen states and counting) on Friday October 14th to mobilize support for the movement to abolish nuclear weapons. Prior to that, there is a 90-minute livestream on Sunday, Oct. 2nd at 1 P.M. Central featuring experts on nuclear disarmament including Daniel Ellsberg, Professor Vincent Intondi (panelist from CAPA‘s 2022 Peace Summit), Dr. Assal Raad, Alice Slater, Norman Solomon, David Swanson, Alyn Ware, Marcy Winograd, Hanieh Jodat, and more.

This Livestream will energize and mobilize everyone for Friday, Oct. 14th, when picket lines will be held at Congressional offices across the U.S., to demand steps to significantly reduce the risk of nuclear war. Chicago Area Peace Action will be holding forth on a picket line in Federal Plaza, at the offices of Senators Richard Durbin and Tammy Duckworth (details to follow soon). If you are receiving this email from outside the Chicago area, find a picket line near you HERE or organize your own by filling out this form.

It is time to again pick up the mantle bequeathed to us by those millions of people worldwide over the years who have organized to stop the madness and eliminate nuclear weapons from the face of the earth. 

CELEBRATE with us!

CAPA recently asked for your help contacting House Reps. and Senators to reject the “Energy Independence and Security Act of 2022, a deal brokered by Senator Joe Manchin and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to force through pipeline projects and strip away environmental protections.

The PEOPLE rose up to their legislators, demanding refusal of this planet-harming bill. As a result, Senator Manchin lacked enough votes to take it forward. Last night, he withdrew this bill which would have been attached to “must-pass” legislation due on September 30th.

Now we must be vigilant to ensure that new iterations of Senator Manchin’s legislation are not brought forth in future sessions — specifically legislation that removes community protections and reviews provided by the Clean Water Act (CWA) and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

Thank you for acting urgently for people and planet!!


JOIN CAPA on FRIDAY, SEPT. 23RD, @ 11 A.M. at Pritzker Park, 310 S State St, Chicago, IL 60604…

…for the Global Climate Strike!! We’ll be alongside a growing coalition of local 350 movements, Sunrise Chicago, Rising Tide Chicago, Extinction Rebellion Chicago, and many more to tell the Federal Reserve, Chase, and BP to halt the financing, extraction, and burning of fossil fuels. This event will be in full collaboration with youth groups Fridays for Future Chicago and the Chicago Climate Youth Coalition.

This will be the Chicago edition of the Global Climate Strike! We will march and stop at all 3 targeted locations downtown, perform a little Civil Discobedience to “Staying Alive,” have a die-in, and dance some more to “I Will Survive,” to raise awareness to the public and call on the following institutions to act.

We demand:

    • that the Federal Reserve System regulate fossil fuel financing in the U.S. and promote investment in sustainable solutions and underserved communities
    • that Chase Bank end financing to fossil fuel infrastructure and extraction and expand investment in sustainable solutions
    • that BP live up to its name of “Beyond Petroleum” and end fossil fuel extraction and pipeline activities

Click to RSVP!

See you in the streets on September 23rd for climate justice!

Please join us online on Thursday, Sept. 22nd, for CAPA’s 2022 Annual Benefit, “Dispelling the Myth of the Indispensable Nation.”

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER and read the full Benefit program here

CAPA and the 2022 Host Committee are excited to invite you to CAPA’s 43rd Annual Benefit! We welcome the esteemed scholar Dr. Trita Parsi to help us explore alternatives to American primacy, and dispel the twin myths that America is the indispensable nation and America’s global dominance has made Americans more safe. 

The inability to frame a coherent foreign policy strategy that takes into account the self-interest of other nations has left the American electorate and the U.S. foreign policy establishment adrift in a sea of misconceptions – clouded by hubris, a false sense of self-importance, and a myopic and distorted view of the world. The belief that America must dominate the world for it to be stable and America to be safe has led to endless wars rather than endless peace. Take the time to learn why and how to resist ongoing, calamitous U.S. foreign policy blunders, from the Taiwan Strait to the Middle East to Ukraine and beyond. 

At this year’s Benefit, CAPA will also honor Chicago activist Andy Thayer with the Robert A. Cleland Pursuit of Peace Award.

Finally, we will celebrate the work of CAPA’s Student Network, our Climate and Foreign Policy Working Groups, and invite all attendees to share their insights and passions among fellow peacebuilders. Please register now for the Benefit, and we’ll see you on September 22nd!

2022 Host Committee (in formation):    Rich and Andy Amend, Bill and Cele Arnold, Marcia Bernsten, David and Cari Borris, Martha Cray, Aaron Dellutri, James Gibbs, Gerry Gorman, Sallie and Alan Gratch, Jack and Maureen Kelly, Miriam Kelm, Jackie and Jerry Kendall, Ed McManus, Michael Peshkin, Martha Pierce, Gail Schechter, Comm’r Larry Suffredin and Gloria Callaci, Ellie Sylvan, Phyllis Tholin, Dilnaz Waraich, Elliot Zashin, Mark Zivin

JOIN CAPA in solidarity with CCHRP and partners, on Saturday, Sep 17th, 2022 from 2-4 P.M. CT @ the Philippine Consulate (122 S Michigan Ave, then to Millenium Park – Crown Fountain)…

…for a vigil against President Marcos Jr. & Vice Pres. Duterte’s upcoming visit to the U.S.!

The brutal regimes of the ruling Marcos and Duterte families have partnered with U.S. government rulers for decades, making weapons deals and crushing Filipino communities. Those who support justice for the people of the Philippines rise up in resistance to these harmful regimes and their partnership with the architects of U.S. imperialism. 

See you in the streets!

JOIN CAPA and friends on SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 11TH from 12:00-1:30 P.M. CST, @ N. Astor St & E. North Blvd, Chicago, IL, 60614…

…for a rally and people’s trial against Governor Pritzker and Boeing for enabling militarized violence here and across the world! The State of Illinois is complicit in the violence that Boeing profits from. Governor Pritzker’s administration is funding a new Boeing drone production factory in IL

As Illinois residents, we want to see an end to our tax dollars funding Boeing operations that fuel genocide in Yemen, Lebanon, Palestine, West Papua, and elsewhere. Join us in-person on Sept 11th at 12 P.M. to demand that Gov. Pritzker and the State of IL stop funding Boeing, and redirect our public resources into life-giving resources and institutions such as free healthcare, public schools, and so much more.

See you there!


JOIN CAPA on Wednesday, September 7th, 2022 @ 5:30 P.M. CT for  “Imperialism vs People & Planet”– an online discussion from awesome local Filipino orgs, Malaya Chicago and CCHRP (Chicago Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines), in partnership with IL Green New Deal. 

Malaya Chicago and CCHRP members will lead a conversation on the harms that extractive industries cause as part of a larger imperialist agenda across the globe. With a focused discussion on the fight for indigenous communities in the Philippines, this gathering will center conversations on the benefits and critiques of a U.S.-led Green New Deal policy platform.


 “From Palestine to the Philippines, STOP the U.S. war machine!”

Thank you for taking action last week by sending a personal letter to your House Representatives urging them to vote “NO” on Senator Joe Manchin’s new planet-harming legislation. As you know, CAPA is working with a coalition of 652 organizations across the U.S. to reject this legislation.

Now we need your help again to take one more action. Please click here to send a similar letter to Senators Duckworth and Durbin. They will be in Washington on September 7th. On September 8th, thousands of protesters from across the country will gather in front of the U.S. Capitol demanding that the Senate also vote “NO” on this legislation. Your letter will reinforce their demand.

We have already received feedback that the House Democratic Members will likely reject this legislation. If the leadership of both the House and Senate know that this legislation will not pass ,they may decide not to bring it up for a vote.  

Thank you for your continued support!

During the past few days, some members of the CAPA Board have participated in an emergency podcast sponsored by the national organization, Food and Water Watch. They have alerted us about a new and alarming bill that will be proposed in the House and Senate, led by Senator Joe Manchin (with some help from his friends at the American Petroleum Institute) shortly after Congress returns to Washington on September 7th, 2022.

As you know, Senator Manchin has already received a number of fossil fuel concessions in exchange for his vote on the Inflation Reduction Act. Now he is requesting the passage of a bill that would gut the bedrock protections of our Environmental Policy and the Clean Water Act that have been in place for years.

These proposed revisions would pave the way for dangerous fossil fuel mining and pipeline projects. This we cannot allow. CAPA is joining with 652 other organizations across the U.S to urge our Democratic representatives in the House to reject and vote against this legislation. We will be sending similar letters to our Senate representatives.

We have hand-delivered a letter to four House Representatives that serve many of our CAPA members. Now it is your turn to send a letter to your Representative by clicking here, signing the letter, including your address, then sending it. Thank you for taking action on this important issue!

AUG. 18TH: Dissenters’ “No Boeing Drones” Press Conference! 

Join CAPA in solidarity at the Dissenters’ press conference on Thursday, August 18th @ 11 A.M. CST, at 100 N Riverside Plaza, Chicago, IL 60606 in front of the Boeing HQ (soon to be relocating out of Chicago), to demand an immediate end to Illinois’s investment and relationship with Boeing!

Organizers, community members, and supporters will demand that Governor Pritzker stop public funds from going to war profiteers like Boeing and present an alternative vision of how public dollars should be invested in community care in our state. Come through with us to build toward a demilitarized, life-affirming future.

Governor Pritzker’s administration is funneling millions of public dollars toward a new Boeing drone factory in Illinois. Production of these drones will extend the reach & lethality of US military intervention & lead to more violence against marginalized communities globally. As residents of Illinois, we want to see an end to our tax dollars funding Boeing operations that enable genocide in Yemen, Lebanon, Palestine, West Papua and other countries impacted by wars that Boeing arms and profits from.

See you on August 18th!

Join CAPA on Friday, August 12th, 2022 from 5-8 P.M. CST at Haymarket House, 800 W. Buena in Chicago… 

…for the “No Boeing Drones” Campaign Launch Event from Dissenters’ Boeing Arms Genocide team! The Dissenters have already succeeded in getting Boeing to move its HQ out of Chicago — now the team has turned their focus to stopping a planned Boeing drone facility from operating in IL.

CAPA has been learning a ton from the Dissenters while collaborating with their recent work — please join us as we work in solidarity on this exciting new campaign. This launch event will include a ton of detailed info, practice with 1 on 1 discussions about Boeing’s practices, and brainstorming on tactics to bring this new campaign to a successful goal of shutting down the new drone facility. You won’t want to miss this event!

RSVP here! 

AUGUST 6th, 2022: Hiroshima Day Vigil: 10+ Local Orgs Uniting for Nuclear Abolition
Please mark your calendars to join us on Saturday, August 6th, 2022 from 11:00 A.M.-12:30 P.M, beginning at Fountain Square in Evanston — for a powerful Hiroshima Day Vigil honoring Sadako Sasaki and all victims of the horrific atomic bombings of August 6th and 9th, 1945.

Hibakusha (“bomb-affected person”) Sadako Sasaki’s personal project of folding 1,000 paper cranes to earn a wish from the gods brought global attention to the bombs’ impact. We will begin our vigil by sharing more of Sadako’s story, then learn about anti-nuclear actions from coalition partners. Other special features will include ceremonial bell-ringing, music by local artist Margaret Nelson, a walking meditation, and finally, moments of silence for all bomb-impacted people as 1,000 paper cranes are floated in a reflecting pool.

Please bring family and friends of all ages to this special vigil and movement-building opportunity. Be side by side with Buddhist Peace Fellowship-Chicago Chapter, Chicago Anti-War Coalition, Chicago Area Peace Action, Chicago Committee Against War & Racism, Codepink, Fellowship Of Reconciliation Chicago, Neighbors for Peace in Evanston-Chicago, Nuclear Energy Information Service, West Suburban Peace Coalition, World BEYOND War, and friends working to abolish all nuclear weapons.

  • WHEN: Sat., August 6th, 2022 from 11 A.M.-12:30 P.M. CST.
  • WHERE: Fountain Square in Evanston, IL, proceeding to Dawes Park
  • WHO: All are encouraged to take a simple 90 minutes to make your presence felt

RSVP here! 🖤🖤

CLICK HERE to take immediate action: Immediately, you can ask your congressperson to co-sponsor H Res 1185, legislation embracing the provisions of the international Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

Join the DIVEST CHICAGO FROM THE WAR MACHINE COALITION and special guests, Alders Ramirez-Rosa and Rodriguez Sanchez, on Wednesday, July 27th, 2022 from 6:30-7:30 P.M. CST…..

…for a webinar on the exciting campaign to pass a “DIVEST CHICAGO FROM WAR” city council resolution! This resolution now has 9 Chicago alders signed on, and is gaining grassroots partners. The resolution has already progressed to the Finance Committee. Now we need the Finance Committee to bring it forward for a vote.

The best way to do that is with a groundswell of concerned Chicago area residents! 

Hear from Alders Rodriguez Sanchez and Ramirez-Rosa, as well as representatives from Codepink, World Beyond War, CAPA, and others as we continue building this amazing movement to become the largest U.S. city to pass a resolution on divestment from major war profiteers. Let’s put peace on the books at Chicago City Council, a major step forward in the long-term movement away from companies making a killing on killing!

RSVP here!


Join CAPA in celebrating today’s important anti-nuclear victory: Chicago City Council just passed a Back from the Brink resolution!!

CAPA and our Back from the Brink Coalition partners, including Union of Concerned Scientists, Physicians for Social Responsibility, and others – would like to thank all who helped make this happen, and recognize the leadership of Chicago Alders Maria Hadden (49th Ward), Daniel La Spata (1st Ward), and Carlos Ramirez-Rosa (35th Ward)!

This resolution is one major move further in the continuing work of nuclear disarmament. We now look forward to next action steps. Join CAPA and friends in the movement to divest our cities and nations from war! And remember to celebrate today’s victory. 



Join us July 20th, 2022 for a preparatory art-build from 5:30-7:30 P.M. CST in Evanston, IL….

…We’ll be folding origami cranes in preparation for our special Hiroshima Day Vigil + Call to Action scheduled on August 6th, 2022, when CAPA, Buddhist Peace Fellowship, Fellowship of Reconciliation, Nuclear Energy Information Service, Chicago Committee Against War & Racism, World BEYOND War, and friends will remember Sadako Sasaki and all hibakusha 💚💚 –> PLUS take actionable steps toward a nuclear-free future!

Japanese hibakusha (“bomb-affected person”) Sadako Sasaki was just 2 years old during the U.S. bombing of Hiroshima, Japan on August 6th, 1945, and succumbed to radiation effects  10 years later; before her death, she took on a project of folding 1,000 origami cranes, which by tradition meant she would be granted a wish. On July 20th, 2022, help us fold cranes in remembrance of Sadako, to be floated during our August 6th vigil.

**Please contact us at if interested and we’ll provide you the location for the art-build!

(July 18th) ** The DIVEST MIKE all-day sit-in at Mike Quigley’s office has moved to today, Monday, July 18th! Join us from 8A.M.- 4 P.M.

outside U.S. Rep Mike Quigley’s office! Show up anytime before 4 P.M. at 3223 N Sheffield Ave (Suite A), Chicago, IL 60657 in support. Another action you can take — call Rep. Quigley’s campaign office to demand he meet with the Divest Mike team: 

CALL (312) 618-6636.  Phone script: “Hello, my name is ____________ and I’m calling from (city, state) to support Mike Quigley’s constituents protesting outside his office. I understand Rep Quigley refuses to meet with these activists. Rep. Quigley should meet with them and sign the CODEPINK pledge refusing money from the top five military contractors and NRA.”

Thank you for supporting the campaign to Divest Mike!

Original Message:

Students from CAPA’s DePaul chapter, along with Codepink and other awesome peace partners, are leading an all-day sit-in action this Friday, July 15th at U.S. Rep. Mike Quigley‘s office – please join us there any time from 8 A.M. to 4 P.M. at 3223 N Sheffield Ave (Suite A), Chicago, IL 60657! 

This amazing group has previously succeeded in getting Mike Quigley signed onto Medicare 4 All – now they’re escalating the campaign to get Mike’s signature on a pledge to refuse weapons company donations.

Please RSVP here and join the SIT-IN to divest Mike!!

(July 15th) ** IMPORTANT UPDATE ** for those planning to support today’s DIVEST MIKE all-day sit-in: Mike Quigley’s office is unexpectedly closed today for “staff development”–(interesting timing!). In response, the DIVEST MIKE team has pivoted to move the all-day sit-in to a new date TBD– please stay tuned!!
Original Message:

Students from CAPA’s DePaul chapter, along with Codepink and other awesome peace partners, are leading an all-day sit-in action this Friday, July 15th at U.S. Rep. Mike Quigley‘s office – please join us there any time from 8 A.M. to 4 P.M. at 3223 N Sheffield Ave (Suite A), Chicago, IL 60657! 

This amazing group has previously succeeded in getting Mike Quigley signed onto Medicare 4 All – now they’re escalating the campaign to get Mike’s signature on a pledge to refuse weapons company donations.

Please RSVP here and join the SIT-IN to divest Mike!!

Please join CAPA in attending NOWAR 2022: Resistance and Regeneration, an important 3-day global online conference from World Beyond War! Registration is now open. Click here to purchase tickets. 
Exploring tools and methods like public banking, solidarity cities, unarmed civilian protection, and more, #NoWar2022 will illustrate inspirational examples of social change activism that, as described by political theorist Adrian Kreutz, plant the seeds of the future society in the soil of today’s society. … “Social structures enacted in the here-and-now, in the small confines of our organisations, institutions, and rituals mirror the wider social structures we can expect to see in the post-revolutionary future.”
<—Meet these
peace leaders
and many more!

Join national organizers and activists across IL to demand a Yemen War Powers Resolution to end all forms of US support for the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen – which is responsible for mass human rights violations in the midst of a humanitarian crisis.

On this 30-minute rapid action call, you will be quickly briefed on Yemen and current legislation. At the end of the call, we will take action together with activists across the state, calling on our Representatives to cosponsor the Yemen War Powers Resolution, which would end all forms of US support for the coalition, including providing spare parts, maintenance, and logistical support for Saudi warplanes.

Join us as we work to end US complicity in the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, alleviate suffering for Yemeni families, and get us on the path to peace.


This weekend, communities nationwide will hold JUNETEENTH Freedom Day celebrations to commemorate the release of slaves in Galveston, Texas in 1865 – more than two years after the Emancipation Proclamation’s signing.

Please join CAPA in uplifting this annual holiday, a celebration of freedom in defiance of ongoing structural racism and systemic injustice. Unite with fellow community members at Chicago-area events filled with art, music, food, fun, and education.

Events will feature Black artists and products from Black-led organizations and creators. There are theatrical works like “1619: The Journey of a People, The Musical” and online book discussions like  “How the Word Is Passed: A Reckoning with the History of Slavery Across America.”

Use the weekend to learn more about Juneteenth and recommit to undoing personal and societal prejudices, building peace and freedom for all. Join together with Chicago-area family, friends, and neighbors in honoring this Juneteenth weekend. 


Thursday, June 16th @ 7 P.M. CST – please SAVE THAT DATE to hear from Chicago’s own pro-peace candidate Kina Collins for U.S. Congress! This virtual “Meet the Candidate” event from Peace Action will introduce you to a leader who has CAPA and other peace orgs so excited for the IL primaries June 28th (yes, June 28th)!

Kina’s candidacy has inspired everyone from youth leaders with YC4C, to longtime grassroots leaders in Englewood, to a ton of progressive organizations. However, she faces an incumbent with huge name recognition who’s funded by anti-progressive Democratic Party PACs.

Speak with Kina online JUNE 16TH on issues you care about, and learn how to spread the word to other voters. The push for another much-needed progressive voice in Congress will require us all.

Book your virtual spot to meet Kina

Join CAPA and friends online Sunday, June 12th @ 3 P.M. CST. for the Defuse Nuclear War livestream by RootsAction Education Fund to mark the 40th anniversary of when a million people gathered in Central Park for nuclear disarmament. Forty years on, the international movement to disarm is still growing. This online event will serve as a catalyst for grassroots organizing.


Several dozen peace, disarmament, and social justice organizations are co-sponsoring this event along with CAPA. We’ll hear live from a wide range of speakers including Hanieh Jodat Barnes, Medea Benjamin, Jerry Brown, Leslie Cagan, Mandy Carter, Emma Claire Foley, Pastor Michael McBride, Khury Petersen-Smith, David Swanson, Katrina vanden Heuvel, India Walton, and Ann Wright. 

Director/producer Jeff Daniels will also present excerpts from his documentary “Television Event” about huge impacts of the 1983 TV film “The Day After.” Plus, we’ll see the world premiere of a video featuring Daniel Ellsberg on defusing the threat of nuclear war. See you there on Sunday! 


Want to enjoy some sun while also working for peace? 🌞🌞🌞 We invite you to join the CAPA Team in a neighborhood canvass on Saturday, June 11th, 2022 — (time TBD) as we hit the pavement for awesome pro-peace Congressional candidate Kina Collins! If you can give two hours of time for this important primary election, we’d love to canvass beside you.

Email to join us!

Canvassing is an effective way to reach fellow community members, and you’ll be amazed how many are receptive to hearing about candidates like Kina who prioritize people, planet, and peace over the Pentagon. 

Want to enjoy some sun while also working for peace? 🌞🌞🌞 We invite you to join the CAPA Team in a neighborhood canvass on Saturday, June 4th, 2022 — (time TBD) as we hit the pavement for awesome pro-peace Congressional candidate Kina Collins! If you can give two hours of time for this important primary election, we’d love to canvass beside you.

Email to join us!

Canvassing is an effective way to reach fellow community members, and you’ll be amazed how many are receptive to hearing about candidates like Kina who prioritize people, planet, and peace over the Pentagon. 

On Earth Day weekend last month, thousands of demonstrations and rallies took place across the U.S., organized by frustrated climate activists due to the inaction of the U.S. Senate on the Biden administration’s Build Back Better plan and its climate provisions. Young activists, labor leaders, civil rights groups, and mainstream environmental organizations were in the streets. Recent events in the war in Ukraine have further increased the need for immediate climate legislation as the role of Oil and Gas have come into stark focus.  Tell President Biden and your Senators there are four compelling reasons to pass Comprehensive Climate Legislation NOW.

    • FIRST, our planet is warming at an alarming rate. U.N. climate scientists have published two reports this year warning us that we have 6 to 8 years to wean off fossil fuels if we are to avoid an ecological catastrophe. The UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres recently warned, “We are sleepwalking into an unlivable world.”
    • SECOND, the European Union is announcing an oil embargo with Russia over the war in Ukraine. We can support efforts to reduce oil consumption by providing electric heat pumps and other sources of efficient energy. No matter how this embargo unfolds, it’s clear that dependence on oil escalates the international drive toward resource wars, territorial abuses, and weapons proliferation. 
    • THIRD, the Senate cannot continue to delay passing climate legislation. We expect support from some Republican senators this time as we do from Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, the only Democrat who has not supported the climate legislation in Build Back Better. We must wean off fossil fuels by investing quickly in renewable energy and heat pumps. This is the best opportunity for making a leap to renewable energy and to cut our carbon emissions.
    • FOURTH, there are two global climate conferences scheduled this year with world leaders attending. The first is in Bonn Germany on June 6th and the second is in Egypt in November. These conferences are called to review progress on efforts to address the climate crisis that is threatening our existence In passing major climate legislation now, the U.S. will have the credibility to push world leaders to take bold actions to cut emissions providing the much-needed hope to people around the world.

We are sending these concerns to President Biden, Special Envoy John Kerry, and our Senators. With one click you can send it also (click here).  For more information about specific recommendations for climate legislation and follow-on climate actions, click here. We are also contacting a number of other like-minded organizations like the Green New Deal Network to increase our voice in D.C. on the need for climate legislation NOW. You may also want to forward this email to your friends and encourage them to also take action.

Join CODEPINK, CAPA DePaul, and other CAPA friends in daily 1-hour protests outside U.S. Rep. Mike Quigley’s office to DIVEST MIKE from the war machine! 
The more of us raising our voices, the merrier – we’re grateful for any presence you can give, whether it’s one time, multiple times, or daily. These sustained direct actions outside Mike Quigley’s office at 3223 N Sheffield Ave. will continue from 9-10 A.M. every week day morning — until he signs the pledge to refuse campaign donations from weapons companies. As our friends leading the protests explain:
“We are choosing this tactic because it has worked before. After three weeks of sustained action, Mike Quigley signed on to Medicare for All to meet our requests just one year ago. We believe this will take longer, but we believe it is winnable.”

In response to a leaked draft from Supreme Court Justice Alito indicating the undoing of Roe v. Wade and its protections of the right to choose abortion, CAPA echoes this statement by Peace Action National.

Join CAPA DePaul for a teach-in on THURSDAY, MAY 5TH, 2022 at 6:30 P.M. CST, online or in-person at DePaul (hybrid event)…

…to discuss how to support the people of Yemen and end the death, destruction, and famine caused by the U.S. military-industrial complex and partners in the ongoing war. 

Join CAPA UIUC on TUESDAY, APRIL 26TH, 2022 at 7:00 P.M. CST online…
…for our 2nd annual Bipartisan Forum! We’ll discuss our campaigns and other environmental, justice, and peace-related topics of importance with you. You’re welcome to come with your own questions and topics you would like to discuss as well!
Join the CAPA Climate Group on MONDAY, APRIL 25TH, 2022 at 1:00 P.M. CST, in-person at Fountain Square in Evanston …
…as we join in solidarity with Evanston Township High School students who are walking out of school for climate justice! 
The students are demanding the school hire a full-time sustainability coordinator. This staff position will create and implement a plan for the school to become more sustainable and lower its climate impact.
Supporters will gather for a pre-program with endorsing organizations and updates on local environmental issues, plus songs and snacks. Endorsers include Citizens’ Greener Evanston, Chicago Area Climate Action, Chicago Against Line 3, and more. Please RSVP and invite your networks to this youth-led action for a sustainable future! 
JOIN CAPA LOYOLA on Sunday, April 24th, 2022 at 7 P.M. CST online…
for a film screening in support of the Stop Line 3 movement! One of the main issues CAPA Loyola is uplifting this year is the fight of land and water protectors against abuses of Line 3 on the environment – which immediately impact current and future generations. Corporations poisoning our shared resources for short-term private profits is no way to a sustainable future. Come watch with us and help be part of the solution. 
Join us on THURSDAY, APRIL 21ST, 2022 from 4-6 P.M. CST, in-person at Millennium Park…
…as we join our awesome anti-imperialist, anti-war, youth-led partners the Dissenters, for a Boeing Arms Genocide protest. This protest will convert the “Boeing Galleries” at Millenium Park into the “Boeing Arms Genocide Galleries,” educating the public about Boeing’s role in making weapons that spread death and destruction across the globe. There will be art installations, seed gardens, chalk art, speeches, and more!


Join CAPA’s Student Network online this April 2nd and 3rd for our Third Annual Peace Summit!

This year’s summit is entitled “Militarism and the Violence of Climate Catastrophe.” Full Summit page here! We’ll not only be taking a deeper dive into the environmental degradation/military complex, but what we as a global community can do about it. Importantly, our shared predicament offers us the opportunity to unite across our cultural, ideological, and national differences to address the climate crisis as one, de-escalating militarism and dismantling global norms of violent communication, corporate greed, and imperialism.

But we can’t do it without you! Climate justice will not come without racial justice, decolonization, and an end to a world order based on violence and militarization.  As Naomi Klein said, “We can save ourselves, but only if we learn to let go of the myth of dominance and mastery and learn to work with nature.” Let’s make it happen. 

Join us on THURSDAY, MARCH 24TH, 2022 at 7:00 P.M. CST online…
…as we meet Peace Action-endorsed candidate Junaid Ahmed! Longtime community activist Junaid is running for U.S. Congress in IL-8 to represent the needs of communities instead of corporations. The proud son of immigrants, he organizes, protests, and advocates for systemic change – unable to accept a status quo of corporations buying political influence and Pentagon budgets putting billions in taxpayer money to waste.
Join us on FRIDAY, MARCH 4TH, 2022 from 12:00 Noon to 1 P.M. CST outside Rep. Mike Quigleys office; and from 2-3 P.M. CST outside Rep. Sean Casten’s office…
to demand they sign the War Powers Resolution, help end the U.S.-enabled Saudi-led war on Yemen, and stop taking money from weapons makers! This in-person event will be co-hosted by CAPA, CAPA DePaul, Codepink, CCAWR (Chicago Coalition Against War and Racism) and others!
Rsvp for Rep. Quigley action here; RSVP for Rep. Casten action here.
Join us on SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 20TH, 2022 at 6:00 P.M. CST online…
as CAPA UIUC and CAPA Loyola host a film screening and discussion of the documentary “The Interrupters,” about the work of unarmed protectors in Chicago. This award-winning film shows how protection without the threat or use of force works – a timely topic as more community members than ever are rethinking what protection can look like. See you on Sunday! 
Register at this link!
Join us on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 14TH, 2022 at 12:00 Noon CST at 230 S. Dearborn, Chicago, IL, 60604…
to demand U.S. action to unfreeze assets for Afghanistan’s people and prevent further mass suffering there from U.S. imperialism! 
This in-person event will be co-hosted by CAPA, Codepink, CCAWR (Chicago Coalition Against War and Racism) and others. See you in the streets! 
RSVP at this link
Join us on SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 5TH, 2022 at 1 P.M. CST outside the Art Institute in Chicago…
Join CAPA, CODEPINK, the Chicago Committee Against War & Racism, and more IN-PERSON on Saturday, February 5th, 2022 at 1pm CST to demand an end to the drumbeat of war with Russia over Ukraine! Facebook RSVP here. This action will coincide with activities around the country to resist the normalization of war and demand that not a single bullet or gun be sent to Ukraine. Diplomacy, not war!
Bring signs with the following messages:
No War with Russia #NoWarWithRussia
NO to war YES to peace! #NoWarWithRussia
Give PEACE a budget! #NoWarWithRussia
🕊️ See you there! 🕊️
WHEN: February 5, 2022 at 1:00pm – 2:00pm (CST)
WHERE: In front of the Art Institute: 111 S. Michigan Avenue. Chicago IL 60603
CONTACT: Shea – or Charles –
***To respect everyone’s safety during the pandemic, mask use is required of participants. If you test positive or have COVID-19 symptoms, we ask that you do not attend. Thank you.***
Join us on FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 4TH, 2022 at 4:30pm
at Fountain Square in Evanston for a rally to get Chase to stop funding fossil fuels!!
We will also discuss how to Move Your Money to align with your values.
Facebook event invite:
Concerned about climate change? Think banks should stop funding dirty new fossil fuel projects? Join us every 1st and 3rd Friday to tell Chase Bank it’s not cool to be the #1 funder of climate chaos! Chase customers and community members will deliver a letter to Chase, urging them to Stop the Money Pipeline that is fueling the climate crisis. JPMorgan Chase is the world’s top funder of fossil fuel projects, investing $317 billion since 2015, and 33% more than any other bank. 
Please join us to support defunding all new fossil fuel infrastructure! We will meet at Fountain Square in Evanston at 4:30 p.m. for a rally with songs and speakers, then walk over to Chase. Bring a protest sign and your family!
Hosted by:
Chicago Area Peace Action
Chicago Against Line 3
Save Our Illinois Lands
Citizens’ Greener Evanston
Sunrise Movement Chicago
E-Town Sunrise
Extinction Rebellion Chicago
Rising Tide Chicago
Join CAPA in celebrating Black History Matters Fest ’22! 
This festival will celebrate, remember, and center Black experiences through art, history, and community! With new content posted daily from Feb. 1- 22, 2022, culminating in Thoughtpoet’s highly anticipated photo gallery on Feb. 22nd at the Hideout! 
See all the content at CAPA’s Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook. Thanks to all our partners @thought_poet77, @neighborscapes, @HERChicago_ and others. 
Get your tickets for Thoughtpoet’s Feb. 22nd gallery here!

 Dear CAPA members and friends,

JOIN US on Zoom, Monday evening, January 24, 2022 at 6 P.M. Central for a 30-min film screening and discussion as we celebrate the 1st anniversary of the landmark Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) coming into force! 

With thanks to International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN)


CAPA, Union of Concerned Scientists

Register here!

Join us on FRIDAY, JANUARY 21ST, 2022 at 4:30pm
at Fountain Square in Evanston for a rally to get Chase to stop funding fossil fuels!!
We will also discuss how to Move Your Money to align with your values.

Facebook event invite:

Concerned about climate change? Think banks should stop funding dirty new fossil fuel projects? Join us every 1st and 3rd Friday to tell Chase Bank it’s not cool to be the #1 funder of climate chaos! Chase customers and community members will deliver a letter to Chase, urging them to Stop the Money Pipeline that is fueling the climate crisis. JPMorgan Chase is the world’s top funder of fossil fuel projects, investing $317 billion since 2015, and 33% more than any other bank. 
Please join us to support defunding all new fossil fuel infrastructure! We will meet at Fountain Square in Evanston at 4:30 p.m. for a rally with songs and speakers, then walk over to Chase. Bring a protest sign and your family!
Hosted by:
Chicago Area Peace Action
Chicago Against Line 3
Save Our Illinois Lands
Citizens’ Greener Evanston
Sunrise Movement Chicago
E-Town Sunrise
Extinction Rebellion Chicago
Rising Tide Chicago
Join us on FRIDAY, JANUARY 7TH, 2022 at 4:30pm
at Fountain Square in Evanston for a rally to get Chase to stop funding fossil fuels!!
We will also discuss how to Move Your Money to align with your values.

Facebook event invite:

Concerned about climate change? Think banks should stop funding dirty new fossil fuel projects? Join us every 1st and 3rd Friday to tell Chase Bank it’s not cool to be the #1 funder of climate chaos! Chase customers and community members will deliver a letter to Chase, urging them to Stop the Money Pipeline that is fueling the climate crisis. JPMorgan Chase is the world’s top funder of fossil fuel projects, investing $317 billion since 2015, and 33% more than any other bank. 
Please join us to support defunding all new fossil fuel infrastructure! We will meet at Fountain Square in Evanston at 4:30 p.m. for a rally with songs and speakers, then walk over to Chase. Bring a protest sign and your family!
Hosted by:
Chicago Area Peace Action
Chicago Against Line 3
Save Our Illinois Lands
Citizens’ Greener Evanston
Sunrise Movement Chicago
E-Town Sunrise
Extinction Rebellion Chicago
Rising Tide Chicago

Emergency Response if the US Attacks Iran
On the day of an attack,
5:30 PM
Trump Tower, Wacker & Wabash Ave

With the growing threat of a U.S. military attack on Iran and its forces in the region ─ which could lead to full-scale war killing many thousands ─ several organizations in the Chicago area have come together to have a unified response against war in the event of such an attack.

On the day of the attack we will gather for an action beginning at 5:30 pm in front of Trump Tower, corner of Wacker and Wabash Avenues in Chicago. If the attack is announced after 3 pm, the action will occur at 5:30 pm the next day. Further actions will likely be announced at this initial action.

For more information, please email

Albany Park, North Park, Mayfair Neighbors for Peace and Justice
ANSWER – Chicago
Chicago Area Peace Action
Chicago Anti-War Coalition
Chicago Committee Against War & Racism
Freedom Road Socialist Organization
Gay Liberation Network
Peace United Against Oppression
Voices for Creative Non-Violence


Join us to protest in-person Wednesday, December 22nd, 2021

Join us on December 22nd, 2021 at 11 A.M. at the Thompson Center, 100 W. Randolph in Chicago, in solidarity with the Illinois Coalition For Justice, Equality, and Free Speech — supporting the Palestinian right to free speech, which is currently under attack in Illinois!
We’ll be calling on the IL Investment Policy Board to cease its adverse actions against Unilever and Morningstar for refusing to operate in the illegal Israeli settlements. We also call on Governor Pritzker to review the discriminatory, unconstitutional nature of the 2015 IL statute targeting these companies for speaking out, and of the Committee on Israel Boycott Restrictions.
We support the right of companies and pension funds to follow socially responsible investment principles. The Coalition will rally outside the Thompson Center 100 W. Randolph, on December 22nd, 2021 at 11:00 A.M. before addressing the Committee members in person at their noon meeting. Raise your voice for equality, justice, and freedom for all!
The CAPA Team, in solidarity with:
American Friends Service Committee
American Muslims for Palestine
Arab Jewish Partnership for Peace and Justice int he Middle East
Black Lives Matter Chicago
Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression
Chicago Faith Coalition
Chicago Religious Leadership Network on Latin America
Committee for a Just Peace in Israel Palestine
Community Renewal Society
Democratic Socialists of America, Chicago chapter
Gay Liberation Network
If Not Now Chicago
Indigenous Peoples’ Day Coalition – Illinois
Jewish Voice for Peace
Palestine Legal
Peace & Justice Committee of the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago
Students for Justice in Palestine
US Campaign for Palestinian Rights
US Palestinian Community Network


Take Action Tuesday, December 14th, 2021!

Join us on Tuesday, December 14th, 2021 in showing solidarity with Palestinian civil society groups! We are calling attention to Israel’s anti-human rights move of designating 6 Palestinian civil society groups “terrorist.” Instead of looking at its own human rights abuses and apartheid policies, Israel condemns 6 organizations who stand for Palestinian human rights. 

Use this toolkit to take action!

Take Action Tuesday, December 14th, 2021!

Today, December 14th, Stop Line 3 and Defend the Gulf are teaming up to deliver messages to US Army Corps offices from North to South and East to West, holding the Corps accountable for two emergencies we need addressed:

  • A federal Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for Line 3
  • A regional EIS for the Permian and Gulf South

Here is our map of actions (find or create one!), a couple letters you can deliver to Stop Line 3 and Defend the Gulf, plus a toolkit with more ideas! Events can be simple and small; our superpower is working together. Please share your actions with the hashtags #StopLine3 and #DefendTheGulf (You can watch Line 3 and Gulf South water protectors discuss the issues on last week’s hype call!)

Join an action today!

Tune in Tuesday, December 7th, 2021 @ 12 Noon Central!

“U.S., NATO, and Russia: Arms Races, Confrontations, and Common Security Alternatives”:

a webinar by Campaign for Peace, Disarmament, and Common Security, co-sponsored by Peace Action National.

RSVP here

Join us on Tuesday, December 7th, 2021 at 12 Noon Central for a timely webinar: “The U.S., NATO, and Russia: Arms Races, Confrontations, & Common Security Alternatives.” As recently reported to the Times Radio by Britain’s most senior military officer, “The risk of an accidental war breaking out between Russia and the West is greater than at any time during the Cold War.” CNN – Nov. 14,2021

With tensions and fears of renewed Great Power wars over Ukraine, please join CPDCS, Peace Action, and partner organizations in welcoming Alexey Gromyko of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Kate Hudson of the British Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, and Daryl Kimball of the U.S. Arms Control Association as panelists in this unique, and uniquely important, international webinar.

Alexey Gromyko (Russian Academy of Sciences)
Kate Hudson (British Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament)
Daryl Kimball (U.S. Arms Control Association)
Learn principles of Common Security from this great panel of experts!

BLACK FRIDAY Call to Action!

Concerned about climate change? Think banks should stop funding dirty new fossil fuel projects? Join us on Black Friday to tell Chase Bank it’s not cool to be the #1 funder of climate chaos! 

JPMorgan Chase is the world’s worst “fossil bank,” contributing $51.3 billion in fossil fuel financing last year alone, and a total of $317 billion from 2016 to 2020. Chase customers will deliver a letter to Chase urging them to stop fueling the climate crisis.

We will meet in Independence Park on Central in Evanston at 10:30 A.M. and then walk over to Chase. There will be cider, songs, and speakers. Bring a mug, a protest sign, and your family! 

What: Chase Bank Black Friday Action

When: 10:30am on Black Friday, November 26th, 2021 

Where: @2063 Central Street, Evanston IL 

Why: To tell Chase Bank to stop funding climate chaos!

Who: You and your friends and family

USPCN leads a call to action on Rep. Schakowsky’s office–CAPA cosponsors. 

Join CAPA as we support USPCN’s call to action in response to Israel’s “terrorist” designation of 6 Palestinain human rights organizations. We will be urging her to sign onto two pieces of legislation:


To participate, email us at

Join CAPA DePaul’s Thrift Swap and Teach-in! 

This is an in-person event Monday, November 15th, 2021, 6 P.M. Central, in Arts & Letters Room 104 at DePaul University.

Learn about positive and negative aspects of thrifting, mutual aid, and community resources. Hope to see you there!

Join CAPA and cosponsors as we support the rights of Alex Saab, Venezuelan diplomat. 

We will meet in downtown Chicago, Monday, November 15th, 2021, 4:30 – 6 P.M. Central, at Water Tower Park (Michigan Ave. and Pearson St.). We stand in solidarity with Alex Saab, who is being held in U.S. prison. Alex Saab was seized while engaged in acquiring food and medicines for Venezuela, perfectly legal international trade. The US claims this violates the sanctions it imposed on Venezuela. See more details here.

Free US Imprisoned Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab!

End the US blockade of Venezuela, which has killed over 100,000 civilians! 

End US Interference in Venezuela elections!

Sponsors: Chicago Area Peace Action, Chicago Anti-War Coalition, Chicago ALBA Solidarity, Cuba Caravan Planning Group, South Siders for Peace, Party for Socialism and Liberation, ANSWER, Latin America Solidarity Group, Peoples Response Network

CAPA Virtual Lobby Visits, November 2021. 

Join CAPA as we bring issues to our legislators. We will be addressing the Yemen crisis and Nuclear Disarmament. Make your voice heard! To participate, email us at

CAPA Signs Onto Palestinian Solidarity Letter, Condemning the Israel Government’s “Terrorist” Designation of 6 Palestinian Human Rights Groups. 

Click Here to see the Letter.

Click Here to see the new McCollum Resolution calling on the House to reject these terrorist designations.

CAPA DePaul Action Week, October 25-29, 2021!

Join CAPA DePaul in a week of online and in-person actions!

To participate, go to:

CAPA’s 42nd Annual Fall Benefit
The Hidden US Empire and Its Cost to Us All
Thursday, October 21st, 2021
6:00— 7:30pm Central
via Zoom

Watch the Full Program!

Facebook Event 


For years, Chicago Area Peace Action has focused its energy on working against the twin existential threats of accidental or designed nuclear war and unsustainable climate destabilization. But this year we choose to pause and shift our analysis inward, in the recognition that it is impossible to plot a path forward without a thorough understanding of what got us here. 

Professor Daniel Immerwahr, a historian at Northwestern University and author of How to Hide an Empire: A History of the Greater United States, provides an excellent recounting of the United States’ drift toward and full embrace of expansionism and global empire while it seeks to minimize the optics of such  egregious behavior. Starting with the founding of the original colonies up until the present day, Professor Immerwahr recounts with brilliant clarity the path of imperial growth and the exploitative behavior that we never learned about in school, and consequently are taught to conveniently ignore. This also explains why the United States now operates, almost invisibly, more than 800 military bases in 140 sovereign nations across the globe. 

What is the cost of the United States’ ambivalence toward the negative externalities that primarily impact those who we have determined don’t belong? How does this ambivalence impact our work as peace activists, and what can we do about it? Because as George Satayana and Winston Churchill have said, “those who do not learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it.” 

Join us this coming October 21 to learn more about the history of our nation’s imperialism. With this new understanding we can engage in greater solidarity work with people the world over and not repeat the errors of our past. We will strive to  articulate a vision for what Martin Luther King called a “radical revolution of values”, and begin to address and overcome the giant triplets of racism, extreme materialism, and abject militarism.  

Facebook Event:

Ticket Link:


Protecting Our Planet
One Pipeline at a Time

Join us Sunday, October 17th, 2021 from 2-4pm
@ Elliot Park, 1200 Lake Shore Blvd in Evanston
for an afternoon of activism and connection!

Want to protect the water and the climate? Come join the
movement to stop two tar sand pipeline expansions in the Midwest!
Enbridge’s Line 3 crosses under the Mississippi, violates treaty rights, and is the
climate equivalent of building 50 new coal plants. Their Line 5 is drilling under the
straits of Mackinac in our very own Great Lakes!

 Hear speakers from the front lines, listen to music from Creative Artists and Activists
in Service Together LIVE!, and learn how you can support the Water Protectors Legal
Fund. There will be an open mic if anyone has music or poetry to share.
Bring a chair or blanket, a mask, and a friend.
Hope to see you at the park! (unless it rains)

#WaterIsLife #StopLine3 #StopLine5

20 Years After 9/11: The Empire’s Descent
Wednesday, August 25th
6:00— 7:30pm CST
Buttercup Park Uptown
4901 N Sheridan Rd 

The September 11, 2001 attacks on New York and Washington, DC ushered in a wave of political and social reaction that haunts the world to this day. Politicians cynically used the crisis atmosphere to “re-order” politics, increasing the U.S. government’s power both domestically and internationally.
Within weeks, the U.S. military, with overwhelming support from both major political parties, launched the war in Afghanistan, its longest war ever. Other “forever wars” in Iraq and elsewhere soon followed. Today the U.S. government’s “right” to bomb or outright invade other countries goes virtually unchallenged.
Meanwhile, anti-terrorist hype gave license to domestic police forces to pump themselves up with military-grade hardware and harass or repress those in oppressed communities who organize against them.
Following 9/11, the U.S. had a preview of the open bigotry of the Trump years with a wave of racist murders and other physical attacks against Arabs, Muslims, and South Asian people and their institutions. Racist depictions of Arabs became standard fare in movies, TV programs and legislatures.
Washington made an already hostile environment for immigrants much worse by passing the USA PATRIOT ACT that founded the Department of Homeland Security and its notorious subdivision, ICE. Further restrictions on the rights of asylum seekers and refugees followed.
A host of Constitutional principles protecting freedom of association, outlawing torture and forbidding imprisonment without due process were violated with impunity. Dissent was shouted down and whistle-blowers were vilified and persecuted, while high government officials sanctioning torture and murder were given a free pass by both parties.
On the eve of the 20th anniversary of 9/11, we invite you to participate in a community discussion of how this tragedy was used to brutalize our country while destroying hundreds of thousands of lives in Central Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.
Only by knowing our history can we organize to win a non-dystopian future for ourselves and the world.
To provide maximum protection against the pandemic and because it’s still summertime (!), our discussion will be held outside at Buttercup Park located at 4901 N Sheridan Road (4 blocks from the “Argyle” Red Line stop). Masks are required. There is some seating on the side of a planter and organizers will be bringing what extra folding chairs that we can. Participants are encouraged to bring their own lightweight portable chairs too, if it’s not too much trouble.
Rain location is underneath the large eaves of the McCutcheon Elementary School at the south end of Buttercup Park.
Our discussion will be led by:
Michael Deutsch – Michael was one of the lawyers for the Attica prisoners following their 1971 uprising and the massacre of prisoners authorized by the governor of New York. He initially worked on the defense of prisoners charged with criminal offenses, and subsequently helped obtain a $12 million settlement for the prisoners’ class-action civil rights suit against New York State officials. He has represented Puerto Rican Independence activists over the past 40 years. He was lead counsel in obtaining the clemency release of the Puerto Rican nationalist prisoners, including Lolita Lebron and Rafael Cancel Miranda from President Jimmy Carter in 1979. In 2006, he and Erica Thompson successfully defended Muhammad Salah, a Palestinian indicted for allegedly running a terrorist-recruiting and financing cell in the United States. He is a past legal director of the New York-based Center for Constitutional Rights.
Kathy Kelly – Kathy has traveled to war zones and lived alongside ordinary people in Afghanistan, Iraq, Gaza, Lebanon, Bosnia, Haiti and Nicaragua. She and her companions in various peace team delegations believe the U.S. should end all U.S. military and economic warfare and pay reparations for the suffering that the U.S. has caused. Kathy has refused to pay all federal income taxes since 1980. She spent a year in maximum security prison for planting corn on nuclear missile silo sites, which was the first and longest of her three federal prison sentences following nonviolent direct actions.

2021 Peace Action Virtual Lobby Days Extravaganza
Tuesday, June 15— Thursday, June 16

Register Via Zoom

Join the Peace Action network June 15-17 for our 2021 VLD Extravaganza — a conference consisting of briefings on key peace issues from nuclear disarmament to cutting Pentagon bloat to ending endless wars, along with direct advocacy trainings. Detailed agenda to come, but you can register now!

After the meeting, we’ll push to get one step closer to a sane foreign policy through advocacy meetings with Members of Congress!

If you are able, we ask you consider a $20 donation to help fund this work:

– If you are interested in participating in a lobby visit(s) with your Senators and Representatives alongside Peace Action staff or other leaders, we are requiring attendance of our Lobby Visit 101 training.
– Times listed are overestimated to allow wiggle room for folks to join early and stay on a little late to chat.

Defend Courageous Journalism! Defend Julian Assange!
Thursday, June 17th
4:30pm CST
British Consulate, 625 N. Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL

Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange has been the target of U.S. persecution by both leading Democrats and Republicans ever since he helped expose U.S. troops’ slaughter of civilians, including journalists, in Afghanistan and Iraq (
By publishing documents provided by courageous whistleblowers such as Chelsea Manning, the Wikileaks team brought to public attention a host of other U.S. crimes, from the Obama administration’s support of a bloody coup against the democratically elected government in Honduras, to U.S. backchannel support for a host of wealthy dictators in North Africa.
Rather than prosecute U.S. troops who commit serious crimes or cut off aid to dictators bilking their own peoples, many U.S. politicians responded by launching a decade-long drive to extradite Assange from Britain to the U.S. to be tried for exposing these crimes.
Leading journalists and activists from Noam Chomsky to Alice Walker to Daniel Ellsberg have recognized that Assange’s work is in the finest tradition of courageous journalism exposing the crimes of the rich and powerful, and thus must be defended.
Chicago will soon be privileged to host Assange’s father and brother as part of a national tour to pressure the Biden administration to drop its drive to extradite and persecute Assange ( Please join us for a Thursday, June 17th rally at 4:30 pm in front of the British consulate, 625 N. Michigan. A program featuring Assange’s father and brother and local supporters will begin at 5 pm.

Ending the Climate Emergency While We Still Can
Thursday, June 3rd
7:00pm cst
Register via Zoom 

Facebook Event

A Webinar: Beyond the Green New Deal
An analysis of the complexities of the energy transformation in the U.S.
Featuring Stan Cox: Author and senior scientist at The Land Institute, Stan Cox, will explain the need for more serious actions to avoid climate disaster, The Biden plan is a step in the right direction, but much more needs to be done. In his fifth book, Cox analyzes critical issues not being addressed in the dominant discourse today. Save the date! Join us on June 3rd!
Moderated by Jerome McDonnell— longtime esteemed host of WBEZ World View
Co-Sponsored by: The Evanston Library, 350 Chicago, Citizens Greener Evanston, SOIL, 350 Kishwaukee,
NEIS, Sunrise Movement Chicago, Extinction Rebellion Chicago, CAPA Loyola Student Chapter, Sunrise Chicago, CAPA UIUC Chapter, Etown Sunrise


Community Solar
Thursday, May 27th
7:00pm cst
Register Via Zoom

CAPA will host another webinar with Trajectory Energy Partners on May 27th at 7pm. The webinar will review the Community Solar program that is now underway in the Chicago Area and throughout the State of Illinois. This program will enable you to subscribe to solar energy for your home electric bills while providing the following benefits:

  • No roof space required.
  • No up-front investment required.
  • Lower your present electricity costs from ComEd.
  • Your individual and community carbon footprint will be lower. (The more solar panels we subscribe to the less electricity we will be drawing from coal, gas, and oil-fired facilities)
  • Conserve energy and reduce transmission losses by putting production where power is consumed.
  • Reduce infrastructure costs by reducing or eliminating the need to build additional power facilities to meet increasing power demands or to meet “Peak Demand Requirements”.

In addition, if you subscribe after reviewing the information discussed in the webinar you will be eligible to receive a limited promotional offer of $400 that can be applied to your solar monthly bills. The State of Illinois has placed a high priority on Community Solar to enable a fast transition to renewable energy. Register here to attend:

CAPA Student Network Peace Summit 2021
Organizing Towards Peace, Justice, and Conflict Resolution
Saturday, May 22nd— Sunday, May 23rd

The Peace Summit may be over, but you can watch and engage with all the recordings by clicking here! 

Facebook Event

Chicago Area Peace Action’s Student Network is planning the second annual Peace Summit! This year’s theme is Organizing Towards Peace, Justice, and Conflict Resolution. 

After a year that has reshaped so many of our ways of thinking and being, as we exit the Trump era and fend off complacency under a Biden administration, the need for a more organized and more connected peace and justice movement was decided to be one of the greatest needs for the 2021 Peace Summit. New skills are required in this virtual era, and we see the many activists and organizers, old and new, in need of an outlet to stay engaged after a tumultuous year. 

This year’s Peace Summit will focus on forging and strengthening relationships, developing our collective skills, and expanding our knowledge base. 

Check out some of the featured speakers and workshops:

Prohiting the First Use of Nuclear Weapons
Saturday, May 15th,  11:30am— 4:00pm cst
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A nuclear exchange between the US and Russia would incinerate hundreds of millions of people immediately, and lead to a Nuclear Winter which would slaughter an estimated 7 billion of the Earth’s 7.7 billion people, mostly through starvation. Building back civilization would require over 1,000 years [Daniel Ellsberg talk, 12/13/2020]. A U.S. nuclear strike against China would result in a similar catastrophe.

These are the stakes. As a step toward reducing the danger of Nuclear War, a coalition of groups has called upon Congress to legislate – and the President to declare – that the United States will neither initiate nor threaten to initiate the first use of Nuclear Weapons. Register to attend:

Click here to see the full schedule:…/

Confirmed Speakers (partial list):

Rep. Ted Lieu (California)
Special message from Sen. Ed Markey
Rep. Pramila Jayapal (WA; video message)
William Perry (Sec. of Defense in Clinton adm.)
Ira Helfand (International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War)
Elaine Scarry (Harvard; MA Peace Action; CPDCS)
Zia Mian (Program on Science and Global Security, Princeton University)
Tom Collina (Ploughshares Fund)
Tong Zhao (Carnegie-Tsinghua Center for Global Policy)
Joseph Gerson (CPDCS)
John Burroughs (Lawyers Committee on Nuclear Policy)
Kennette Benedict (Bulletin of Atomic Scientists)
Max Tegmark (MIT)
Tom Unterrainer (Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation)
Monica Montgomery, John Isaacs (Council for a Livable World)
David Swanson (World Beyond War)
Carley Towne (CODEPINK)
Anna Baker (GBPSR)
Kevin Martin (PA)
David Borris (CAPA)
Erica Fein (Win Without War)
Denise Duffield (PSR)
Jonathan King (MAPA/MIT)
William Hartung (Center for International Policy)
Joshua Bennett (Poet, Dartmouth)
Jillian Hanesworth (Buffalo Poet Laureate)

Breakout Topics:

Why No First Use Will Keep Us Safer
Communications & Messaging
Social Media / Street Theater / Artivism
Congressional Strategy
Recruiting/Organization Building
Back From the Brink
Stopping the Money Pit Missile and Reducing Nuclear Weapons Budgets

Declaring and legislating a No First Use policy would be a major step to help avoid:

A US nuclear attack that escalates
Russia or China attacking the US due to a false alarm
Violating the US Constitution by a first strike act of war
US threats of a nuclear attack which amount to bullying and blackmailing other countries, and which carry unacceptable risk of starting a general nuclear war.

With the support of a growing number of members of Congress, and President Biden’s 2019 statement that he has supported “No First Use” for twenty years, we have a real chance to take an important step toward reducing the risks of nuclear war in the next year by getting a No First Use policy declared and legislated into law!

Join us on May 15 at a conference to discuss and implement “Prohibiting the First Use of Nuclear Weapons.” Register to attend.

The conference is free but we appreciate donations to support this work.

Cosponsors: Campaign for Peace, Disarmament and Common Security (CPDCS); Mass Peace Action (MAPA); Council for a Livable World (CLW); CodePINK; Chicago Area Peace Action (CAPA); NY Peace Action (PANYS); Nuclear Age Peace Foundation; Greater Boston Physicians for Social Responsibility (GBPSR); Maine Peace Action; MIT Radius; Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR); Mahindra Humanities Center at Harvard; Public Citizen; Maryland Peace Action; Institute for People’s Engagement; PeaceWorks Kansas City [list still in formation]

Vigil for Yemen: Remembering 6 Years of War
Thursday, March 25th, 5:30 PM
Federal Plaza, Chicago

March 25th is the sixth anniversary of the Saudi-led and U.S. supported war on Yemen. We will gather in Federal Plaza on March 25th, socially distanced and masked, to remember those harmed by this war. With US support, the war has created the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. We will mourn the lives lost, and call attention to the millions of Yemenis still at risk of famine, and honor those who are internally displaced within Yemen due to this war.
We encourage attendees to bring flowers to lay down to honor and remember the countless innocent people who have been killed or starved over the last six years. Attendees will have a chance to write notes of support people in Yemen, which will be sent to Yemen Relief and Reconstruction’s office in Yemen.
While the United States has ended all “offensive” support for the war on Yemen, there are still many questions ahead of us. There is still a reality to confront: that American tax dollars and military equipment helped destroy Yemen. While we fight for transparency in regard to U.S. involvement in the war, we cannot walk away from U.S. responsibility in creating this crisis. Stopping a few arms sales to Saudi Arabia is not enough. As we mark six years since the war began, we must confront these realities.
Action Corps Illinois
Chicago Area Peace Action
SWANA Chicago

End the Endless Wars: US Troops Out of the Middle East 
Saturday, March 20th, 1:30 PM— 3:00 PM CST 

End the Endless Wars: US Troops Out of the Middle East!

18 years after President Bush invaded Iraq on March 19, 2003, the US remains at war in Afghanistan and Syria.  President Biden bombed Syria on February 25.  The US continues to support the wars in Yemen and Libya, stations troops in Iraq and Somalia, and is selling arms to its allies Saudi, UAE, and Israel as they prepare to confront Iran.  Syria and Iran are heavily sanctioned, including new “Caesar Act” sanctions which are devastating Syria’s civilian economy, and President Biden’s team is moving much too slowly to rejoin the Iran Nuclear Deal.  Presidents change but the endless wars continue and escalate. Get full speaker line-up here.

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Endless Wars = Few or No Gains for Working People
Saturday, March 20th,  12:00 PM 
Federal Plaza, Chicago

Facebook Event 

Every new Presidential administration starts with attractive promises made to working class people: Good jobs, healthcare, prosperity for all.

If the economy does well, working people may make modest gains – these are pennies compared to the unimaginable wealth shoveled into the pockets of America’s richest people. More often, there’s stagnation and, for the poorest, outright regression. Rightwing populists build their careers and dangerous movements – blaming immigrants, Blacks, Muslims, and Jews for the nation’s problems. They inflame bigotry against LGBTQs, women and others.

Few Americans realize that, compared to other industrialized nations, the richest country in world history has by far the WORST public benefits for working parents and their children.

The reasons are not hard to find. Since the end of World War II, U.S. rulers have dominated the world with a huge military apparatus designed to intimidate other nations into doing its bidding or, failing that, brutally punishing them. Like police forces on the local level, the U.S. military eats up an enormous part of spending: 50% of the federal discretionary budget.

Meanwhile, much poorer nations suffer wholesale death and devastation unimaginable to people in the U.S.

For all the U.S. soldiers killed, traumatized or otherwise disabled by war, there are many more times that number of Iraqis, Afghans, Syrians and others with destroyed homes and shattered lives. Thanks to the U.S. conducting constant drone bombings, its support for brutal dictators, sanctions, threats of invasions and coups, the working people of these violated countries have far fewer resources to recover from wars and climate disasters. Many are forced into desperate migrations from their homes and communities in Central and South America, northern Africa, the Middle East, southern Asia and elsewhere.

In addition, the U.S. military is the world’s biggest polluter. It is the #1 contributor to the growing climate catastrophe. While politicians debate the proposed $1.9 trillion pandemic relief package, none mention the U.S.’s projected $3 trillion nuclear weapons “modernization” program.

We must end this death spiral. At best, the leading politicians of both parties have tinkered around the edges of these massive, deadly problems. At worst, they’ve thrown more gasoline on the fire. Either way, their measures fall far short of what working people need, especially Black, Latinx and Native American people.

For all the “change” they promise, both parties stay committed to preserving and extending U.S. domination of the world. They each have an iron-clad commitment to funding its massive nuclear and conventional arsenals with a devastating cost to working people here and abroad.

History has shown that the only times we get changes of the magnitude we need are when masses of working people, organized and with clear strategy, take matters into their own hands. This was the power behind the union struggles of the Great Depression, the struggles of Black people and their allies in the Civil Rights Movement, and the anti-war, Black Power, Chicano, feminist and LGBTQ movements of the late 1960s.

In the spirit of those earlier movements, on Saturday, March 20th – the 18th anniversary of the United States’ second longest Forever War, the invasion and occupation of Iraq – please join us as we demand:

** End State Repression & Institutional Racism

** Promote an Economy That Serves Working Class People…/

** Housing, Food, Education & Healthcare are Human Rights…/

** We Have the Right to Control Our Bodies

** International Peace & Human Rights

** Protect the Planet, Protect Us All

CAPA Open Membership Meeting
Friday, March 19th, 6:30— 8:00 PM CST 

It’s a New Year, a new President in DC, and CAPA is up to new work!
In our 40 year history, we’ve stayed busy no matter who is in office, because when it comes to US imperialism, the US government doesn’t sleep! We’ve seen some mild improvements over the first days of the Biden Administration, but also many toothless measures and unfortunately a status quo belligerent attitude towards China, making diplomacy more difficult in favor of rationalizing the ever increasing Pentagon budget.
This year, CAPA’s two working groups have developed five specific advocacy campaigns, and we want to bring you up to speed on our work, let you know how you can get involved, and find ways to work together as progressives working towards a better world.
2021 Campaigns:
Defund The Pentagon, by 10% in 2022
Nuclear No First Use
No New Cold Wars
Palestinian Civil and Human Rights
Climate Group Campaign Updates
You’ll have the opportunity to choose two of the five campaigns during the meeting to learn more about each in specific breakout sessions.

The Doomsday Machine- Talk with Daniel Ellsberg
Thursday, March 18th, 6:00— 7:00 PM CST 

As part of an ongoing series of of events this year addressing the dire nature of U.S. nuclear weapons policy, CAPA and other Peace Action affiliates are pleased to invite you to a conversation with Daniel Ellsberg about his blockbuster book, The Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner. In Edward Snowden’s words, “The father of American whistle-blowing” has written an urgent chronicle that “is both an urgent warning and a call to arms to a public that has grown dangerously habituated to the idea that the means to our extinction will forever be on hair trigger alert.”

Please join us for an important evening that will offer you insight into what you can do as a private citizen to shine a bright light on a frightening under reported unstable architecture and help move us one step closer to the dream of abolition .

CAPA is a cosponsor of this event. Learn more here

Register here! 


International Day of Action for Yemen
Monday, January 25th, 5:00 PM CST
Chicago Federal Plaza 

The country of Yemen is widely recognized as suffering the world’s deadliest humanitarian crisis, a crisis that owes much of its severity to actions by our government. The United States has provided arms and other aid to a bombing campaign begun in 2015 by its close ally, the dictatorship which currently controls Saudi Arabia.
Join us to demand an end to the war on Yemen!
On January 25th we will be gathering at Chicago’s Federal Plaza (230 S. Dearborn) at 5:00PM because #YemenCantWait! You can also take action from home using this toolkit:
Since 2015, the Saudi-led bombing and blockade of Yemen has killed hundreds of thousands of people and devastated the country. Yemen has one of the very worst COVID death rates in the world: It kills 1 in 4 people who test positive. The pandemic, along with withdrawal of aid, is pushing more people into acute hunger. Half the country’s health care facilities have been destroyed; hundreds of doctors are dead or have fled the country; public sector salaries of nurses and other medical workers have gone unpaid; and sanitation and clean water are in short supply. And yet Saudi Arabia is escalating its war and tightening its blockade.
The war is only possible because Western countries — and the United States and Britain in particular — continue to arm Saudi Arabia and provide military, political and logistical support for the war.
The disaster in Yemen is human-made. It is caused by the war and blockade. It can be ended.
Over 115 organizations from the US, UK, Yemen, Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, Chile, Cyprus, France, Germany, India, Italy, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, and across the world, are coming together to call for an end to the war in Yemen and solidarity with the people of Yemen.
On January 25th, just days after the U.S. presidential inauguration, we are demanding that President Biden commit to the following during his first 100 days:
– Restore all humanitarian and food aid to Yemen, including USAID that was cut by President Trump at the beginning of the pandemic
– Stop arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates
– Stop all US involvement in the war in Yemen including intelligence and logistics support.
– Pressure Saudi Arabia to stop the blockade that is starving Yemen.
– lift the designation of the Houthis as a terrorist organization
Speakers for the January 25th event include:
° Danaka Katovich of CODEPINK
° Grace of CAPA DePaul
° SJP Chicago
° Nancy of SWANA Chicago
° Nadiah who will be sharing a poem
Action Corps Illinois
Chicago Area Peace Action
Chicago Area Peace Action— DePaul Chapter
Chicago Committee Against War and Racism
Chicago Democratic Socialists of America
SJP Chicago

Ban Nuclear Weapons Car Caravan
Friday, January 22nd
12 PM
Around Federal Plaza, Chicago

A landmark U.N. treaty that criminalizes nuclear weapons will become international law on January 22nd. Join activists from the Chicago area on January 21st and 22nd to celebrate this historic moment and call on the United States to take tangible steps to change its nuclear weapons policies. Grassroots support for changing policy is a critical next step in moving towards complete abolition of nuclear weapons.
Take action and join the caravan!

Sign-up for the caravan:
We are demanding that when President-Elect Joe Biden takes office, he takes the following actions within his first 100 days:
– Declare a no first use policy on nuclear weapons
– Renew New START for 5 years
– Reengage in the INF and Open Skies treaties
Chicago Area Peace Action
Chicago Area Fellowship of Reconciliation
Chicago Coalition Against War and Racism
Chicago Physicians for Social Responsibility 
Nuclear Energy Information Services 
Union of Concerned Scientists 
Voices for Creative Nonviolence

Panel: Is this the end of nuclear weapons? 
Thursday, January 21st 
6:00 PM

A landmark U.N. treaty that criminalizes nuclear weapons will become international law on January 22nd. Join activists from the Chicago area on January 21st and 22nd to celebrate this historic moment and call on the United States to take tangible steps to change its nuclear weapons policies. Grassroots support for changing policy is a critical next step in moving towards complete abolition of nuclear weapons.
Tune in for the panel:
Join a panel of nuclear weapons experts to learn more about the significance of the ban treaty entering into force, and what the U.S. can do to move toward nuclear weapons abolition. The United States has not yet signed the ban treaty, but substantial reforms are possible in 2021 including renewed international agreements, reductions in nuclear weapons spending, and bold policies like a No First Use position.
Chicago Area Peace Action
Chicago Area Fellowship of Reconciliation
Chicago Coalition Against War and Racism
Chicago Physicians for Social Responsibility 
Nuclear Energy Information Services 
Union of Concerned Scientists 
Voices for Creative Nonviolence

Inauguration Eve: Demand REAL Change
Tuesday, January 19th
4:00 PM
Chicago’s Federal Plaza

After four nightmarish years of Trump, we need to do more than breathe sighs of relief as the Biden-Harris administration takes office.
During previous Democratic administrations, many hoped that the rhetoric about promoting diversity and ending “stupid wars” would translate into sweeping civil rights progress and redress growing economic inequalities.
Instead we got:
** continuing police murders of Black and Brown people
** bailouts of banks and other big businesses while millions lost their homes
** failure to honor long-standing promises to legislate a level playing field for unions to organize
** expansions of U.S. wars
** expansion of already-bloated Pentagon budgets
** arms exports to oppressive governments
** drone bombings
** record deportations
** record attacks on whistle-blowers
** continued attacks on the right to choose abortion, and
** huge expansion of the petroleum industry thru fracking.
We cannot afford another Democratic administration that fails to meet the needs of those who hoped it would bring sweeping change. If there is little progress to diminish the huge inequalities in this country, many will drift into apathy or end up supporting another right-wing demagogue in 2024.
We must pro-actively make demands on the new Biden-Harris administration:
** End State Repression & Institutional Racism
** Promote an Economy That Serves Working Class People…/
** Housing, Food, Education & Healthcare are Human Rights…/
** We Have the Right to Control Our Bodies
** International Peace & Human Rights
** Protect the Planet, Protect Us All
To protect the safety of everyone, all attendees are required to wear masks properly and do their best to keep a minimum of 6 feet distance from others not in their households. If you have tested positive for COVID-19 or are experiencing symptoms, please respect the safety needs of others by not attending. Thank you.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Evento del Comité de Chicago contra la Guerra y el Racismo
230 S Dearborn St, Chicago, IL 60603, Estados Unidos
Martes, 19 de enero de 2021 a las 4 PM CST – 5 PM CST
Después de cuatro años de la pesadilla de Trump, necesitamos hacer más que suspirar con alivio cuando la nueva administración demócrata Biden-Harris asuma el cargo.
Durante las administraciones demócratas anteriores, muchos esperaban que la retórica sobre la promoción de la diversidad y el fin de las “guerras estúpidas” se tradujera en un avance radical de los derechos civiles y corrigiera las crecientes desigualdades económicas.
En cambio, lo que obtuvimos fue:
** continuos asesinatos policiales de personas negras y latinas
** rescates económicos de bancos y otras grandes empresas mientras millones perdieron sus hogares
** incumplimiento de las viejas promesas de leyes para lograr un terreno de juego nivelado para que los sindicatos puedan organizar
** expansiones de las guerras de Estados Unidos
** expansión de los presupuestos del Pentágono ya de por sí abultados
** exportación de armas a gobiernos opresores
** bombardeos con ‘drones’ (aviones no tripulados)
** récords del número de deportaciones
**ataques récord a denunciantes de corrupción gubernamental** continuos ataques contra el derecho a elegir el aborto, y
** enorme expansión de la industria petrolera a través del fracking.

No podemos permitirnos otra administración demócrata que no satisfaga las necesidades de quienes esperaban que trajera un cambio radical. Si hay poco progreso para disminuir las enormes desigualdades en este país, muchos caerán en la apatía o terminarán apoyando a otro demagogo de la derecha en las elecciones del 2024.
Debemos hacer demandas proactivamente a la nueva administración de Biden-Harris:
** Fin al Estado de Represión y Racismo Institucional…/
** Promover una economía que sirva a la gente de la clase trabajadora…/
** Vivienda, alimentos, educación y atención médica son derechos humanos…/
** Tenemos el derecho a controlar nuestros cuerpos…/
** Paz y derechos humanos mundialmente
** Proteger el planeta, Protegernos a todos
Para proteger la seguridad de todos y todas, es requisito que todos y todas las y los asistentes a este evento usen mascarillas apropiadamente y traten de mantener la distancia mínima de 6 pies de la mejor manera posible con aquellos que no vivan con Uds. Si Ud. resultó positivo al COVID-19 o tiene algún síntoma, favor de no asistir por respeto a la seguridad de los demás. Gracias.

Webinar: Stop the War on Yemen!
Thursday, January 14th
6:00 PM CST 

This month, people in the U.S. and around the world are demanding an end to the brutal U.S.-supported war on Yemen. Since 2015, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have waged war against Yemen, killing and injuring thousands of Yemeni civilians. After five years of war, roughly 14 million people are at risk of famine and over 24 million people rely on food assistance for survival.
Please join the following presenters to learn more about this critical issue — and what you can do to help put an end to this horrific war:
> Aisha Jumaan, MPH, PhD., President of the Yemen Relief and Reconstruction Foundation
> Hassan El-Tayyab, Friends Committee lead lobbyist on Middle East policy
> Danaka Katovich, Yemen campaign coordinator for CODE PINK.
> Haig Hovaness, Secretary of Green Party Peace Action
President-elect Joe Biden has promised to end U.S. involvement in the war. However, experience teaches us that a complete cessation to U.S. support for the war is unlikely to occur without strong and highly visible public demands for it.

CAPA Membership Meeting
Monday, December 7th, 7:00— 8:30 PM

This is a critical moment that we as progressives might feel like we can step back, feeling more secure under a Biden presidency, or choose to step up and work even harder to push more just policy and shape a better world.
We’re working towards a world in which justice prevails for all — free of the devastation caused by war, racism, poverty, nuclear weapons, and environmental degradation. And we can’t do it without you.
Join us virtually next Monday, December 7th at 7pm to learn more about CAPA’s work, share your ideas and vision, and find your place in the movement.
We’ll be giving report-outs on the work of our Climate and Foreign Policy working groups, as well as a presentation from our students on digital advocacy. Once you’re up to speed on our current work, we’ll go into breakout rooms for open discussion and get your feedback and visions for our work going forward.

41st Annual Benefit
Thursday, November 12th
6:00 PM— 7:30 PM CST

For the past forty years, we’ve gathered with fellow peace, justice, and climate activists to dine and learn together at CAPA’s annual fall dinner. Due to the circumstances of this unusual year, we, like many other groups, are going virtual. What once seemed like a hindering obstacle, has instead revealed a unique opportunity to rethink our yearly program.

While we may not be gathering together in person this year, the need for peace and justice minded individuals to learn, connect, and activate is greater than ever.

 We are thrilled to host the progressive champion, US Representative Ro Khanna to speak on Building Bridges, Not Barriers: Redefining Security. At a time when our nation will still be reeling from the recent election, as the world battles pandemic, climate catastrophe, and widespread war, we must all bring a critical and creative eye to rethink what security really entails.

 For too long, our nation has bought into a broken “post 9/11 siege mentality” of amorphous external threats requiring bullets, bombs and intimidation to keep us “strong and safe”. Now, we are seeing more clearly than ever, that true security for all must include: access to healthcare, intentional peace building, attention to the global effects of climate change and the thoughtful dismantling of systemic racism. 

 No matter the outcome of November’s election, we, as lovers of peace and justice, have a lot of work to do and can not afford to sit on the sidelines. With nearly uncontested bipartisan support of the Pentagon’s $690 billion budget and plans to spend a trillion dollars on modernizing the US nuclear arsenal and delivery systems over the next thirty years, we must be prepared to call for bold steps to redefine security!

 Join us to learn what must be done, discuss solutions, and get activated to be the change we want to see in the world!

Learn more here

Get your ticket!

Wednesday October 7th
Chicago Federal Plaza
12:00 PM— 1:30 PM

October 7 marks the 19th anniversary of the longest war in U.S. history, the 2001 invasion and occupation of Afghanistan.

And Afghanistan is just one piece of a worldwide kaleidoscope of US military violence around the world including:

  • occupations of Iraq and Syria
  • drone bombings from Africa to Pakistan
  • the proxy wars of Saudi Arabia vs. Yemen and Israel vs. Palestine
  • threats to invade Venezuela
  • devastating sanctions against dozens of countries
  • over 500 military bases around the world, many with nuclear weapons — daggers at the throats of the peoples nearby them.

Almost an entire generation of Americans has lived with endless war. Babies not even born at the time of the US invasion of Afghanistan are now fighting in that country. Far worse, however, is the fact that over 1 million Middle Easterners are now dead to avenge the 3000 killed in the 9/11 attacks, and war has spread throughout the Middle East.

As revealed in the so-called Afghanistan papers – government documents released through Freedom of Information Act requests – senior U.S. officials have knowingly lied throughout the war, making optimistic pronouncements of success even while hiding evidence that the war was a disaster.

Despite this, in an effort to turn the tide of the Afghan war in the U.S.’s favor, Presidents Obama and Trump have both launched “troop surges.” Death and destruction were the predictable results while the puppet Afghan regime’s hold on the country, far from being strengthened, remained as precarious as ever.

While people in this country do not feel the direct physical effects of these wars, every bomb
dropped represents millions of dollars less for our schools, health care, affordable housing, public transportation, physical infrastructure, and a myriad of other social services desperately needed in a time of pandemic and severe economic recession. With one-half of the federal discretionary budget going to the US military, and much of the rest given over to subsidizing the already-rich, it’s little wonder that there are only crumbs left for the left of us.

US politicians’ support for war and U.S. domination has been and remains thoroughly bipartisan. The 2020 election will not change that. To establish their “patriotic” credentials, Democrats typically vote for military financing and war with the same frequency as Republicans.

On the 19th anniversary of the United States’ Forever War, and relentless US violence around the world, please join us to denounce these wars that both major political parties continue to finance.


We will be having our event on the Plaza so that we can be socially distanced. Out respect for the health of everyone, please wear a mask.

View the Facebook Event here.

Saturday, September 26th

Stay tuned for more details to come! 

Wednesday, August 26th, 6:00— 7:00 PM CST
This is an online event. Please register here to receive a Zoom link. 


Join us on Wednesday, August 26th for a discussion with Danny Sjursen on a his new book Patriotic Dissent: America in the Age of Endless War published by Heydey books. He’ll join us virtually from his home in Kansas to talk about his latest work and take your questions.

This incendiary work by Daniel Sjursen is a personal cry from the heart by a once-model US Army officer and West Point graduate who became a military dissenter while still on active duty. Set against the backdrop of the terror wars of the last two decades, Sjursen asks whether there is a proper space for patriotism that renounces entitled exceptionalism and narcissistic jingoism. Once a burgeoning believer and budding conservative, Sjursen performed an intellectual and spiritual about-face. He now calls for a critical exploration of our allegiances, and he suggests a path to a new, more complex notion of patriotism. Equal parts unsentimental and idealistic, this is a story about what it means to be an American in the midst of perpetual war, and what the future of patriotism might look like.

Danny Sjursen is a retired U.S. Army Major and regular contributor to, Truthdig, The Nation, Tom Dispatch, The Huffington Post, and The Hill.  His work has also appeared in Harper’s, The LA Times, and Buzz Feed. He served combat tours with reconnaissance units in Iraq and Afghanistan and later taught history at his alma mater, West Point. He is the author of a memoir and critical analysis of the Iraq War, Ghost Riders of Baghdad: Soldiers, Civilians, and the Myth of the Surge (2015).  He co-hosts the progressive veterans’ podcast “Fortress on a Hill.”  Follow him on Twitter at @SkepticalVet.

Sunday, August 9th  12:15— 3:30 PM, 
4600 N Clark St
Chicago, IL 60640

August 9th is the 75th Anniversary of the U.S. nuclear bombing of the city of Nagasaki, Japan, just 3 days after the U.S. bombing of Hiroshima. The two attacks killed in excess of 150,000 people immediately, and caused cancers, birth defects and premature deaths to this day.
Humanity arguably now faces a worse nuclear danger than it did at the height of the Cold War. The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists have set their famed “Doomsday Clock” at 100 seconds, the “Clock’s” first time counted in seconds. Currently 40 out of a needed 50 nations have ratified a U.N. treaty definitively criminalizing the world’s few nuclear stockpiles. Yet vital international agreements to reduce and control nuclear weapons worldwide are being abandoned by the Trump administration. And rather than reduce nuclear weapons, the Obama administration launched a multi-billion dollar “modernization” of the US nuclear arsenal, which continues under Trump.
At a time when the #BlackLivesMatter movement has sparked a new public consciousness about the diversion of community resources to state violence, the federal budget for developing and producing new nuclear weapons continues to grow. Tensions among nuclear-armed nations are rising to levels not seen since the Cold War.
People created nuclear weapons and designed the systems governing their use — and people can work to eliminate them.
As the only country to use nuclear weapons in conflict, the United States has a moral obligation to lead the world in ending this threat and to remember all those who were harmed in their detonation, testing and development.
As residents of, by far, the biggest military power in the world, we must continually press our leaders to take the actions necessary to ensure nuclear weapons are never used again, and to negotiate in good faith the global elimination of these most devastating weapons of mass destruction.


Event details:
12:15p – Gathering & preparation of the cars for the Memorial procession at the Staples parking lot, NW corner of Wilson and Clark in Chicago (4600 N. Clark Street).
1:00p – Speakers in Staples parking lot before send-off of car procession (Route to be provided to those who RSVP)
Roughly 2:45-3p – Procession arrives at the Henry Moore sculpture, 5625 S Ellis Ave, Chicago, for additional speakers, a memorial and acknowledgement of the lives lost.
Out of respect for others, all attendees and speakers will practice social distancing and wear masks.
Nagasaki Memorial Procession drivers should arrive early so that themed, consistent signage along with large, black event flags can be attached by poles to their cars (we will provide both). RSVP here (
We plan for the procession to be solemn and slow ending at the Henry Moore sculpture, site of the world’s first nuclear chain reaction.
Sponsoring organizations in formation: Chicago Area Peace Action (CAPA), Chicago Committee Against War & Racism (CCAWR), Voices for Creative Nonviolence, Fellowship of Reconciliation – Chicago, Nuclear Energy Information Service (NEIS), Neighbors for Peace – Evanston, Union of Concerned Scientists – Chicago

Tuesday, August 4th  6:30— 8:00 PM CST
This is an online event. Register to receive Zoom link here.

This summer’s nationwide struggle against police violence faces a multinational movement.
Col. Lawrence Wilkerson is a distinguished professor of government and public policy at the College of William and Mary and was Chief of Staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell from 2002 to 2005. Wilkerson is a critic of the US invasion of Iraq, the ongoing War on Terror now in its 18th year, and the turn to a new nuclear arms race. He asserts the U.S. is not a democracy but a war state that forces its will on the global community, and recently has worked on bipartisan projects to assess what will happen if a defeated Donald Trump refuses to leave office.
Mic Crenshaw is an independent Hip Hop artist, respected emcee, poet, educator and activist. He is the Lead U.S. Organizer for the Afrikan HipHop Caravan and uses Cultural Activism as a means to develop international solidarity related to Human Rights and Justice through Hip Hop and Popular Education. Mic is the NW Regional Director of Hip Hop Congress and will give us a firsthand report of the struggle in Portland.
Hosted by: Massachusetts Peace Action


Wednesday, July 15th
This is an online day of action. See more details here.

Join us Wednesday, July, 15th for a National Day of Action to urge Members of Congress to pressure humanitarian agencies (USAID) to restore and expand aid into Yemen, to withdraw military support and to cut arm sales to the coalition-especially while Yemen is dealing with COVID.
Yemen has been enduring the world’s worst humanitarian crisis that we’ve seen in modern history. Over five years of war, a blockade, disease, famine and now COVID. In order for Yemen to breathe, the war must end NOW!
WHEN: Wednesday, July 15th, ALL DAY
WHERE: Online (wherever you are)
WHY: To raise awareness about Yemen and to urge our lawmakers that Yemen can not wait, Yemen needs medicine and aid, not bombs and a blockade!
HOW: People HAVE power! ON the Day of Action (July 15th)
Use your social media platforms (FB, Twitter, IG, etc) to share our graphics, record a short video and tag your Member with a script that we’ll provide AND donate to Yemen: 
Yemen Relief and Reconstruction Foundation
More details will be posted soon! Please stay tuned!
Are you an organization that would like to sponsor this action?
Message us or email:
HOSTED BY: Yemeni Alliance Committee
Friends Committee on National Legislation – FCNL
Yemen Relief and Reconstruction Foundation
Action Corps
Freedom Forward
Students for Yemen
Just Foreign Policy
CODEPINK: Women For Peace
Demand Progress
US Palestinian Community Network
Arab American Action Network
Chicago Area Peace Action
Win Without War
SJP Chicago

Tuesday, July 14    5:00 PM- 6:00 PM
Federal Plaza
219 S Dearborn
Chicago, IL 

July 14th marks the 5th anniversary of the Iran-EU-US nuclear agreement that was to pave the way for lessening economic sanctions against Iran. But Trump nixed that agreement and imposed more sanctions that, during a pandemic, make supplies urgently needed to protect public safety more expensive and often impossible for Iran to obtain.

People in a host of countries – Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, Palestine, Yemen and more – suffer as their economies crumble under the effects of US sanctions imposed by politicians of both parties. Lack of essential food and medicines mean people die.
In Iran, for example, the U.S. continues to uphold sanctions that have caused a deep recession in that country. As a result of U.S. policies, Iran no longer has the means to purchase medical, pharmaceutical or hospital equipment.
U.S sanctions on Venezuela have resulted in 40,000 deaths. Importation of needed health care resources and supplies have been blocked by the U.S. in an attempt at regime change.
The U.S./Saudi blockade has starved 87,000 Yemeni children during a three year civil war. Even before the pandemic, Yemen was suffering from a severe cholera outbreak due to bombing of water treatment facilities. Yemen continues to battle COVID with the highest death rate in the world.
In the West Bank, a new wave of the virus, even stronger than the first wave, is striking Palestine. Israeli military operations in the West Bank—including raids, home demolitions, arrests, detention, and land confiscation—have continued, exposing the affected Palestinians to a greater risk of infection. The Gaza strip, blockaded by the Israelis, is potentially vulnerable to COVID-19 since people living there have a low level of health access and are trapped in one of the most densely populated areas in the world.
In these countries and others throughout the world, lethal U.S. sanctions are causing misery and pain. They are morally untenable. Join us in standing against U.S. sanctions.
Event begins at Federal Plaza at 5 pm. for an in-person press conference (Please respect your fellow demonstrators by wearing a mask and, where possible, social distancing.)
*Car-a-van – Those wishing to participate via car caravan are asked to line up in front of Grace Place, 637 S. Dearborn, at 4:20 PM. Bedeck your car with lots of signs on both sides. Express your outrage and your creativity! (Route details will be provided onsite)

Tuesday, May 26th,   6:00— 7:00 PM CST
Online Event. Register here to get Zoom link. 

We will examine the role that sanctions play as important tool of U.S. foreign policy. We will hear from 3 speakers on the toll that sanctions, which are economic warfare, take on the civilian populations of the nations targeted. We will present a general overview and then more specifically issues surrounding their use against North Korea and Iran.
Introduction by Jeff Hoey, Executive Director of New Jersey Peace Action
Cavan Kharrazian
Researcher @Center for Economic and Policy Research
Cavan Kharrazian is an Iranian-American researcher at the Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington, DC, where he has studied humanitarian impacts of US economic sanctions, along with their legal implications both domestically and internationally. He co-authored the Jacobin article “US Sanctions Are Designed to Kill” See
Minju Bae
@Nodutdol for Korean Community Development
Minju Bae is an educator and historian of Asian America. She is a member of Nodutdol for Korean Community Development, a New York City-based organization of diasporic Koreans and comrades that organizes to advance peace, decolonization, and self-determination in Korea and Turtle Island.
Diana Duerte
Director of Policy and Strategic Engagement @MADRE
Diana Duarte is the Director of Policy and Strategic Engagement at MADRE, leading the organization’s policy, public education and communications work, and designing and implementing campaigns to advance women’s human rights. She directs MADRE’s Feminist Foreign Policy Jumpstart initiative, bringing grassroots women’s perspectives and analysis into US policy making. For more than 14 years, she has worked in policy analysis and communications to advocate for human rights, gender justice, and progressive change. She has served as a board member of Women, Action and the Media: NYC and currently is the board chair of ActionAid USA.

Thursday, February 27th   6:00 PM- 7:30 PM
DePaul University- Lincol Park Campu
Room TBA

CAPA DePaul will be joining DePaul Islamic World Studies for this event. 

Being young and Muslim in the United States has only gotten more complicated since the terrorist attacks of 2001. From warrantless government surveillance to rising incidents of hate crimes, Muslim Americans have had to deal with their new reality in many different ways, ways that are sometimes heartbreaking and just as often inspiring. In this lecture, author Moustafa Bayoumi will survey what being young and Muslim has meant since 2001 and ask if and how Muslim American life has changed under the Bush, Obama, and Trump administrations. Bayoumi will also focus on how we, as a nation, must think beyond our perceived conflicts and look instead through the long lens of justice as a means of securing our country and our shared humanity.

Facebook Event can be found here. 

Thursday, February 20th   6:30 PM- 8:00 PM
DePaul University – Lincoln Park Campus
Student Center
2250 N. Sheffield Ave.
Chicago, IL 60614

The Trump administration, and their predecessors, love to blame immigrant families just looking for a better life for themselves and children, but who really caused the need for people to flee from their homes?

Presenters Victoria Cervantes and Laura Nussbaum, of La Voz de los de Abajo, will share and discuss the impact of U.S. policy and actions in Latin America, and how military and economic violence in the region is the underlying cause of the immigration crisis.

We must not let the U.S.’s violent imposition continue to destroy an entire region, while criminalizing the victims of our actions. We’ll learn what it means to oppose U.S. interference in Latin America and begin taking the very important steps towards change.

This is a free event, but please let us know you are coming by signing up through this ticket link!

Facebook Event can be found here. 

January 21st  7:00-8:00 PM
DePaul University
Room TBA 
Chicago, IL 60604

Immigration and Customs Enforcement. What is it? How does it work? Who do they target? Who is in charge? What are my rights? What does Abolish ICE mean? Join Chicago Area Peace Action DePaul for small group discussions about how ICE has changed under Trump, ICE Methods, Trial & Rights, ICE Detention Centers, and more.

Facebook Event can be found here. 

January 13th   7:00 PM
Evanston City Council
2100 Ridge Ave.
Evanston, IL 60201

Residents of greater Evanston are urged to come to City Hall Council Chambers for the beginning of the City Council meeting at 7pm to stand in support as Evanston residents speak to Resolution 136 R 19 which calls for the US to ratify the International Convention on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (“ICAN”) that has already been approved by 122 nations at the UN, signed by 79 countries, and ratified by 33. The Evanston resolution, similar to those adopted by 43 other US cities, will be proposed as part of the Consent Agenda at the beginning of the meeting. 
If the City Council passes this resolution, it will be the first Midwest city to join the campaign to convince the US government to sign the ICAN treaty.

See the resolution here.

We will not be forced into another war. CAPA will join with Indivisible Evanston and others in the anti-war majority in this country will get visible to oppose Trump’s war and say #NoWarWithIran.

Evanston – 5:00pm – Church and Benson

Chicago – 5:30pm – Wabash and Wacker

CAPA joins with CCAWR, ANSWER, VCNV and many other Chicago area peace groups to say, We will not be forced into another war.

5:30pm Corner of Wabash and Wacker, Chicago

December 8th  1:30 PM- 3:30 PM
Evanston Public Library
Third Floor, Falcon Room
1703 Orrington Ave.
Evanston, IL 60201

Join us this Sunday from 1:30-3:30 for a screening of “The Beginning of the End of Nuclear Weapons” and a discussion of the Treaty to Prevent Nuclear Weapons with David Combs (Union of Concerned Scienctists) and David Kraft (NEIS). 

This important program comes just one day before the Evanston City Council takes up “Back from the Brink” anti-nuclear resolution that has the support of nineteen greater-Evanston faith communities and peace and justice organizations. 

Click Here for Facebook Event

Sponsored by:
Chicago Area Peace Action
Neighbors For Peace
Union of Concerned Scientists– Illinois
Nuclear Energy Information Service
Physicians for Social Responsibility– Illinois

November 14th    7 PM – 9 PM
Loyola University
Cudahy Science Hall, Room 202
Chicago, IL 60660

Join Chicago Area Peace Action’s Loyola Chapter for a conversation about the uncharted effects of climate change and potential solutions. The panel discussion with feature activists, professors, researchers, and students.

October 19    2p-4p
Grace Lutheran Church
1430 South Blvd
Evanston, IL 60202

The military is sacrosanct in this country. We’re taught to honor the military, even though it has played, and continues to play, an outsized role in our extinction. The military protects Big Oil and other extractive industries. It is the single largest institutional consumer of fossil fuels in the world. Military operations leave a toxic legacy on their bases and across the world. Wars ravage fragile ecosystems and kill plants, animals, people and the earth. Join us as we examine the nexus between “Climate Disruption and U.S. Militarism”.

Free and open to the public

Sponsored by Veterans for Peace – Chicago Chapter. Co-sponsored by Chicago Area Peace Action (CAPA).

6 PM, Wednesday, October 9th Grace Place, 637 S. Dearborn St.
On the anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan, please join a conversation with two of the most thoughtful anti-war activists in the U.S.
CAPA is a co-sponsor of this event. Click here for more information.

CAPA Climate group and other CAPA friends will be participating in the events called for by Extinction Rebellion Chicago (XR Chicago) Daley Plaza, Chicago – 4pm-7pm. Click here for more details


My Lai Memorial Exhibit provides participants with a powerful anti-war experience. The experience invites participants to make a renewed commitment to peace and social justice and provides opportunities to support initiatives working to reduce violence and militarism both at home and abroad.

Veterans for Peace-Chicago Chapter and CAPA board member, Gerry Gorman worked together to put this exhibit together at UIC where Gerry is a faculty member along with many other activities.

Come find us from 1 to 5PM at Evanston’s Streets Alive fair!

CAPA’s Loyola and DePaul Chapters ask you to join them
Wednesday Aug. 7th at 11am
at Federal Plaza
(NE corner of Dearborn and Adams)

On 9 August 2018, Saudi Arabian expeditionary aircraft bombed a civilian school bus passing
through a crowded market with U.S.-made bombs in Dahyan, Saada Governorate, Yemen.
Thirty-four students and 4 of their teachers were killed along with 12 passers-by.
An additional 78 people were wounded, including 55 students.

This rally is to remember the lives lost as well as we urge Congress to end the Yemen war
during consideration of the defense budget. Come out to support and stand in solidarity!

Event co-sponsored by Voices for Creative Nonviolence, Chicago Committee Against War and Racism, Neighbors for Peace-Evanston and others

An ad hoc group of peace and justice activists
will gather in Hyde Park on
Tuesday, August 6th 2019
5:30 to 6:30pm

(rain or shine, program subject to change)
Meet at the Henry Moore sculpture, University of Chicago, E. 56th St and S. Ellis Ave.
Bring seating (chair or blanket) and umbrella; bring a hat and sunscreen

Come Join Us!

For a one hour commemoration featuring representatives
of peace and justice groups offering brief:
Readings; Songs; Poetry
Mindful breathing and walking meditation

From July 18-20, 2019, Voices for Creative Nonviolence will join with the Freedom Flotilla Coalition’s US Boats to
Gaza campaign, supporting their North American Freedom Flotilla for Gaza project with three days of Chicago
actions to include a Saturday July 20th mini-flotilla of kayaks and other craft on the Chicago River, joining shore-
based protesters to urge freedom for the people of Gaza starting at 11:00am from the Lake Street Bridge, NE corner!

From July 18-20, 2019, Voices for Creative Nonviolence will join with the Freedom Flotilla Coalition’s US Boats to
Gaza campaign, supporting their North American Freedom Flotilla for Gaza project with three days of Chicago
actions to include a Saturday July 20th mini-flotilla of kayaks and other craft on the Chicago River, joining shore-
based protesters to urge freedom for the people of Gaza.

On Friday, July 19th, we’ll have gathered at 11:30am outside the Israeli Consulate at 500 W. Madison and proceed
to warmaker Boeing’s corporate HQ at 100 N. Riverside Plaza for a rally at Noon.

From July 18-20, 2019, Voices for Creative Nonviolence will join with the Freedom Flotilla Coalition’s US Boats to
Gaza campaign, supporting their North American Freedom Flotilla for Gaza project with three days of Chicago
actions to include a Saturday July 20th mini-flotilla of kayaks and other craft on the Chicago River, joining shore-
based protesters to urge freedom for the people of Gaza.

On Thursday July 18th, we’ll host four-time flotilla veteran (Ret.) Col. Ann Wright and Gazan
scholar/activist Jehad Abusalim for a 7pm speaking event at Chicago’s Grace Episcopal Church at 637 S. Dearborn.

Lecture: DeCOALonize and Degrow: Ending the Tyranny of Growth and Revitalizing our Future.

Where: College of the Complexes, Dappers East Restaurant

Address: 2901 West Addison 3600 North between California and Sacramento.

Time: 6:00PM sharp

More information:

Each year on the last Friday of the Chicago Public School year, Faith Community of Saint Sabina hosts a summer kickoff rally and march for peace.

The rally is on the front of the steps of Faith Community of Saint Sabina followed by a march through the community with special guests. Join as we Unite and bring Peace for our Children
Date: June 14th
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: 1210 West 78th Place

Where: In Logan Square at the Dill Pickle Food Coop

When: June 1, from 1PM – 3PM

We are almost out of time to stop global warming. Come to the Dill Pickle on Saturday, June 1, starting at 1 pm, and join with your neighbors to see these presentations addressing the challenge of global warming with performance, a strategy for collective non-violent direct action, an existential description of our problem, and the concept of degrowth.

June 1 is Global Degrowth Day ( Degrowth ideas began in France. The movement started about 10 years ago. DegrowUS ( started in Chicago last fall with a vision of a popular movement for a transition to a just, participatory, and ecological future for all.

The degrowth movement chooses to face head-on the existential truth that the survival of humanity as we know it and the progress of democracy depend on reducing our consumption of the Earth’s resources and breaking the link between economic growth as we know it and human needs such as employment, education, and health care.

Degrowth challenges us to reimagine our resource-intensive convenience-obsessed civilization: Why disposable instead of reusable, products that can’t be repaired rather than a culture of repair, and high tech extreme measures health care but little real focus on disease prevention?

More information about Global Degrowth Day from

We’ll start this first DegrowUS Chicago event with a short piece of pop-up theater. The main presentations will run 15-20 minutes. There will be short presentations about local activities. Global vision, local action! You are also invited come early or stay later and enjoy some food or drink from the Dill Pickle.

Awaken Giant!
Barry Feldman, Rebel For Life Pop-Up Theater

Joe Phillips, Local Coordinator for Extinction Rebellion Chicago

How We Got Here; How We Get Out of Here
H. Peter Steeves and Danielle Meijer, DePaul University Department of Philosophy

DeCOALonize and DeGrow:
Ending the Tyranny of Growth and Creating a Revitalized Sense of Possibility
Rachel Elfant, Climate Justice Organizer at CAPA, Youth Worker at Centro Romero, and student of DeGrowth

Master of Ceremonies
Mike Strode, The Kola Nut Collaborative

Chicago Area Peace Action DePaul will be hosting a panel about climate change featuring Dr. Sean Kirkland, Dr Liam Heneghan, Rachel Elfant, and Rose Gomez.

In this panel we will move past the conversation of climate change denial. It is real and happening. In the face of catastrophe why can’t we seem to take action? How does climate change disproportionately affect communities of color? What does climate change look like right now? We will tackle those important questions in this event.

Come join us for food and conversation!

When: Wednesday, May 29, 2019 at 6 PM – 7:30 PM
Where: Arthur J. Schmitt Academic Center (SAC) located at 2320 N. Kenmore Avenue, Chicago, IL

Join Beth Hillel Bnai Emunah, Faith in Place, Go Green Wilmette, and Chicago Area Peace Action to dive deeper into the process of installing solar on your House of Worship. In the first workshop held on January 16th, we explored the benefits of going solar, learned from examples of other faith communities that have installed solar, and discussed a variety of ways to finance solar projects at your house of worship.

This workshop will build on those lessons! 

  • Learn from examples of faith communities installing solar
  • Dive into financing solar for your House of Worship – bring your electric bills & a satellite view of your roof
  • Learn about ways to advocate for a just solar economy

The event is free and open to anyone who is interested in bringing solar to their faith community.

Date: Thursday, May 23, 2019 from 10:00am to 11:30am
Location: Beth Hillel Bnai Emunah 3220 Big Tree Lane, Wilmette, IL 60091

Tuesday, May 21 join us as we demonstrate against Chase Bank’s continued funding of tar sands oil pipeline construction and to support efforts to stop Line 3 in MN. Fellow climate activist organizations Rising Tide Chicago and Rainforest Action Network are organizing this rally to coincide with Chase’s annual shareholder meeting. 

When: Tuesday, May 21 at 11 AM – 12:30 PM

Where: Chase Tower, 21 S Clark St, Chicago

Why: To make it clear that we can’t continue with ‘business as usual:’ continued investment in fossil fuel infrastructure will plunge our home planet further into a climate crisis with unimaginable impacts on our families, communities and future generations.

Check out this Facebook event page for further details:

Amira Hass brings a fresh and much needed insight to the past, present, and future of Palestinian Israeli relations. She draws on 30 years of experience as an Israeli journalist and analyst who has sought and achieved unparalleled immersion in Palestinian communities in the West Bank and Gaza.

Born in Jerusalem in 1956, Hass joined the Israeli daily Haaretz in 1989 and had been its correspondent for the Occupied Palestinian Territories since 1993. She has lived in the West Bank city of Ramallah since 1997. “Ramallah Chronicles”, a compilation of her articles between 1997-2003, was published in 2005. Before taking up residence in the West Bank, Hass lived in Gaza for three years, which experience served as the basis for her widely acclaimed book “Drinking the Sea at Galilee”.

Hass is the only child of a Sarajevo-born Jewish mother who survived nine months in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, and a Romanian born Jewish father who survived three wartime years in a ghetto.

Meet us there from 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM at the Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary 2121 Sheridan Rd. Evanston, IL.

You can find the event on facebook here.

Dilemmas of an Israeli Journalist Covering
Palestine: Amira Hass​
Monday, April 29, 2019
6:00 PM – 7:30 PM  
Evanston Public Library, 1703 Orrington Ave., Evanston, IL 60201

Amira Hass brings a fresh and much needed insight to the past, present, and future of Palestinian Israeli relations. She draws on 30 years of experience as an Israeli journalist and analyst who has sought and achieved unparalleled immersion in Palestinian communities in the West Bank and Gaza.

Born in Jerusalem in 1956, Hass joined the Israeli daily Haaretz in 1989 and had been its correspondent for the Occupied Palestinian Territories since 1993. She has lived in the West Bank city of Ramallah since 1997. “Ramallah Chronicles”, a compilation of her articles between 1997-2003, was published in 2005. Before taking up residence in the West Bank, Hass lived in Gaza for three years, which experience served as the basis for her widely acclaimed book “Drinking the Sea at Galilee”.

Hass is the only child of a Sarajevo-born Jewish mother who survived nine months in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, and a Romanian born Jewish father who survived three wartime years in a ghetto.

A Guide to Nonviolent Direct Action Campaigning
an activist training with legendary Quaker civil rights activist/author
George Lakey
Saturday, April 27, 2019
10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
NEIS, 3411 W. Diversey, Chicago.
(Logan Sq. “Blue” Line stop; #76, 82, and 56 Buses; 5 blocks
south of the Kennedy X-pwy, Kimball Ave. exit. Street parking.)
Suggested donation: $25, $10 for
students/low-income individuals.
A non-violent, direct-action
training, based on the highly
praised, new book by George Lakey, “How We Win: A
Guide to Non-Violent Direct Action Campaigning.” $13.59.
Advance registration required through NEIS by e-mail
(, or phone (773)342-7650, space limited to
the first 30 registrants. Make checks payable to “NEIS”
and send to above address; or pay online at

Lakey _How We Win_ flier (1)

Chicago Area Peace Action is partnering with Love Without Borders to bring art made by Refugees displaced in Greece to be displayed for purchase at DePaul. All money made from a sale goes back to the artist. The art we will be displaying will be primarily from Yemeni, Palestinian, Syrian, and Iraqi refugees. This event is open to the public. Thank you to our cosponsors: the Islamic World Studies Program, the International Studies Department, the Department of History of Art and Architecture, the Department of Peace, Conflict, and Justice Studies, Students for Justice in Palestine, and the Art History Club.


April 6 – 2019 Chicago Peace Summit

The Chicago Peace Summit will feature national peace movement activists and foreign policy experts from across the country and around the world. Join us to hear from Kathy Kelly, Jehan Hakim, Natasha Erskine, Kevin Martin, Vincent Emanuele, Nan Kim, Robert Naiman, Paul Street, Rachel Elfant, and other noteworthy leaders about pressing issues of peace.


  • Drawing from her experiences living in war zones and prisons in the U.S., keynote speaker Kathy Kelly will discuss the consequences of U.S. militarism and strategies to withdraw consent for endless wars. Across various panels, these experts will address Climate Change, Middle East conflicts, and nuclear warfare. Their presentations will be followed by Q&A as well as interactive breakout sessions co-led by student activists.

All are welcome! Please come out to learn more about the dire peace issues plaguing communities in our own backyards and across the world.

CAPA’s FPWG is co-sponsoring with Evanston Neighbors for Peace, programs at EPL (2-5p) and the Sulzer Library in Chicago (7-8:30p)

See the Facebook event page for more details.

Global Climate Strike. All over the nation and world, 
the Youth will lead a strike. Ours in Chicago is from 11AM – 2PM and 
meets in Grant Park.